Season 1 Episode 25

The Pond Couple / Who's Afraid of Walter Wolf?

Aired Daily 6:00 AM Jan 28, 2002 on Disney Channel



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    • Walter: What? I'm the new kid at school. You guys are old friends. I'm the one that nobody knows.
      Stanley: But we know you now. And now you know us. So we can all be friends. Hey guys, go out long. (He tosses a football.)
      Lester: I got it! I got it! I-- oh! (He crashes into Walter.)
      Walter: A-a-awoo!
      (All laugh and make the "awoo" noise.)

    • Walter: I don't have any friends here yet. I was-- I was kind of scared of you guys when I first got here.
      Marci: Really? We were a little scared of you.

    • Harry: So what's the deal on big, bad, scary wolves?
      Stanley: They're not big or bad or scary. We were wrong.
      Dennis: Cheer up, Stanley. We learned something new today.
      Stanley: Yeah, but I still feel bad. We made up our minds before getting to know them.
      Lester: Just like we did with Walter.

    • Dennis: This is a family of wolves, also called a pack.
      Mimi: A family? Wolves don't have families. They're too mean.
      Dennis: (to the viewer) Do you think they look mean?

    • Dennis: Wolves smell about a hundred times better than human beings.
      Lester: (sniffing under his armpits) Do I smell that bad? I just took a bath.
      Dennis: Uh, no, Lester. Sorry. I meant that wolves can smell something faster and more easily than people can.

    • Marci: Where are we?
      Dennis: This is Alaska, where many gray wolves live.
      Lester: Wolves are from Alaska, Walter's from Alaska. Coincidence? I think not.
      Dennis: Not all wolves are from Alaska, Lester. At one point, wolves lived all around the world. But now they mostly live in North America.

    • Lester: He's a werewolf!
      Dennis: Walter's not a wolf. Those are just stories. And stories aren't always true.
      Stanley: Hmm. I hadn't thought of that. Hey, I know a book that always gives the true story, The Great Big Book of-- Harry and Elsie?
      Harry and Elsie: (singing) It's The Great Big Book of Everything with everything inside / See the world around us, this book's the perfect guide!
      Dennis: Must be a full moon.

    • Stanley: Lester, are you okay? Say something!
      Lester: Wo-wo-wolf!
      Dennis: Did somebody cry "wolf"?
      Lester: Yeah. Walter is a big, bad, scary wolf.
      Dennis: A big, bad, scary-- Lester, are you sure?
      Lester: He sure acts like one.

    • Ms. Diaz: Okay. Good morning, class. Today we'll work on your macaroni art projects. But first, I want you to meet our newest student. This is Walter. He just moved here. All the way from snowy Alaska.
      Stanley: Cool wolf shirt, Walter. Where'd you get it?
      (Walter stands still and silent.)
      Marci: Maybe he doesn't know.
      Ms. Diaz: Why don't you tell the class something about yourself, Walter?
      Walter: (extended silence, then...) I like wolves. That's it.

    • Dennis: But the one bad thing about becoming Oscar's friend again is... now I miss him, even his special stink.
      Stanley: Cheer up, Dennis. Oscar needs a place to stay this summer.
      Dennis: He can live right here with us. Good night, musk turtle Stanley.
      Stanley: Good night... Dinky.
      Dennis: Oh.

    • Oscar: Dinky?!
      Dennis: Oscar?! Oscar, how are you, old chum? Stanley, this is my old friend Oscar! Can you believe it? We grew up in the same pet store when we were babies.
      Stanley: Wow! But... "Dinky"?
      Dennis: (blushes) Yes, well, that was my nickname back then, Stanley. I was just much smaller. Let's not talk about it.

    • Stanley: It looks like goldfish and musk turtles like living in the same kind of pond.
      Dennis: You mean we share the same habitat. Fresh, cool water with plenty of plant life. I suppose we do, Stanley.

    • Dennis: Stop tapping my bowl, Oscar.
      Oscar: Ee-oop, ee-oop, ee-oop.
      Dennis: Oh, you're impossible.
      Elsie: You okay, Stanley?
      Stanley: The weekend's half over and they still don't like each other. It's all my fault.

    • Dennis: Bottom line-- I'm a goldfish, he's a turtle. We are different.
      Stanley: Hmm, I'm not so sure about that, Dennis.
      Elsie: Let's look it up.
      Dennis: Oh, please. Don't sing the--

    • Elsie: I'll let you in on a little secret, Stanley. At first, Harry and I didn't get along either.
      Stanley: You didn't?
      Harry: We didn't?
      Elsie: Nope. He's a dog and I'm a cat.
      Harry: You're a cat? I thought you were a chihuahua.

    • Dennis: (reading) " an unusual animal because it has no mouth, digestive tract, or apparent way to eat. Instead, the riftia allows bacteria to live--" Oh my, what is that awful smell? (Oscar grins and winks.)
      Stanley: Hey, guys. How's it... ew!
      Harry: Oh! What happened, dude?
      Elsie: Gad, Dennis! It smells like my litter box in here!
      Dennis: Me?! I didn't do it!

    • Stanley: (lifting something up next to Dennis's fishbowl) Guess what I have, Dennis. (He pulls off a cloth.) Ta-da! Oscar! He's our class pet! Miss Diaz said I could take him home this weekend.
      Dennis: That's quite an honor, Stanley.
      Stanley: Yeah. I learned a lot about him. So I know how to take care of him. But you know why I really wanted to bring Oscar home? To meet you.
      Dennis: Really? Is he a goldfish?
      Stanley: Nope, he's a musk turtle. See?

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    • The storyboards for "The Pond Couple" are credited to a company, Barking Bullfrog Cartoon Company Inc., rather than a person.

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