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Season 1 Episode 1

Up the Apple Tree / Kangaroo Clean-Up

Aired Daily 6:00 AM Sep 15, 2001 on Disney Channel
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Up the Apple Tree / Kangaroo Clean-Up
Up the Apple Tree: Stanley is surprised when Lionel wakes him up looking for tape to wrap a birthday present for Mom. It seems Stanley's completely forgotten his mother's birthday and now he's in serious need of a present. He knows that she likes apples, but has trouble getting one down from a tree. He decides to summon a giraffe from The Great Big Book of Everything for help. Kangaroo Clean-Up: When Stanley messes up his parents room, they declare that he'll have no dessert unless he cleans it up. Stanley doesn't want to miss out on banana whammy, but doesn't know how he can possibly clean up the giant mess he's created. Thinking he can get an animal to do it for him, he looks up kangaroos in The Great Big Book of Everything. He discovers some important facts about kangaroos and also stumbles upon an idea for cleaning.moreless

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      • Stanley: My favorite animal is you.
        Dennis: (blushes) Oh.
        Stanley: Good night, Dennis.
        Dennis: Good night... kanga-rooma-cleaner.

      • Lionel: Hey, dessert-less! You still trashin' the place?
        Stanley: No. I'm a kanga-rooma-cleaner!

      • Dennis: The female kangaroo has a pouch and this pouch is not a place to throw your toys while you're cleaning your room.
        Stanley: (hit by a toy thrown by the baby kangaroo) Ow! Hey, look, a baby kangaroo!

      • Stanley: What a great kangaroo!
        Harry: Hey, look. It's got a pooch.
        Elsie: I think you mean a pouch, Harry.
        Harry: Oh yeah. That's what I meant.

      • Stanley: Hmm, I bet I could hop a lot if I was a frog... Or a rabbit... Or a kangaroo. Hey, that's it! That's what I need to clean up my room. A kangaroo.
        Dennis: Oh no. Here we go again.

      • Mr. Griff: I want you to clean up this mess right now, or, uh, or...
        Mrs. Griff: Or...
        Mr. Griff: Or...
        Mr. and Mrs. Griff: No dessert tonight!
        Lionel: Ooh. Guess who's gonna miss out on banana whammy.
        Stanley: But that's my favorite.
        Lionel: Ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha!
        Mrs. Griff: Lionel, that's enough.

      • Mr. Griff: That's my good tie.
        Stanley: No, Daddy, that's my python. See? Sss. Sss.

      • Mrs. Griff: You're just like a baby giraffe with that, aren't you?
        Stanley: And you're just like a mommy giraffe. And guess what I got for your birthday, mommy giraffe. I got this apple, just for you.
        Mrs. Griff: Why, thank you, Stanley. You remembered that I love apples and this is the nicest apple ever.
        Stanley: Happy birthday, Mom.

      • Dennis: Giraffes can be as tall as three people.
        Stanley: Great. The giraffe can reach up to the top of this tree and get my apple present.
        Elsie: Good idea, Stanley.
        Harry: Unless the giraffe is, you know, hungry for apples.

      • Harry: It's time to open up the big book, right dude?
        Dennis: Yes, that's right... dude.

      • Dennis: How about an animal that's good at climbing trees, like a cat?
        Elsie: Oh no. You're not getting me up that tree.
        Dennis: Yeah. She's good at getting up trees, but she's not so good at getting back down again. It's tough being little in a big world.

      • Stanley: If I can't go to the apple, maybe I can make the apple come to me.

      • Stanley: I wish I could get Mom the best birthday present ever.
        Dennis: Mm! Well... what does she like?
        Stanley: Gee, I don't know. Dad, I guess. And she likes being a dentist.
        Dennis: How about food? What's her favorite food?

      • Lionel: Who would've thought I'd be the one to remember Mom's birthday while you slept through it?

      • (Stanley an d Dennis are snoring when Stanley's door opens.)

        Stanley: Mnh...
        Lionel: Hey, Stanley, have you seen the tape? I'm trying to wrap Mom's present.
        Stanley: Wha... present?
        Lionel: Yeah, you know. For her birthday.
        Stanley: (gasps) Mom's birthday?! Today?!
        Lionel: All day.

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