Season 1 Episode 26

Valentine's Day: A Little Squirrel Music / A Boy's Best Friend is His Fish

Aired Daily 6:00 AM Feb 04, 2002 on Disney Channel
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Valentine's Day: A Little Squirrel Music / A Boy's Best Friend is His Fish
A Little Squirrel Music: Lionel hears an advertisement on the radio promising a lifetime supply of peanut butter to the winner of a "nutty" songwriting contest. He decides to create a song about Stanley and squirrels and heads to the garage to try to keep it a secret from Stanley. As he munches nuts for inspiration, he leaves the shells in the backyard, leading Stanley to believe that there's a mystery animal in the background. A trip into The Great Big Book of Everything ultimately provides valuable inspiration. A Boy's Best Friend is His Fish: When Stanley keeps visiting the fish shop, but won't tell Dennis anything other than that it's a big surprise, Dennis becomes convinced that the worst is happening. He thinks that Stanley is replacing him with a new best friend fish, one with more "pizazz." Remembering the good times that he had with Stanley, Dennis prepares a special gift, not realizing that Stanley has actually been planning a special gift for him all along.moreless

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    • TRIVIA (3)

      • This episode features two songs -- "Nuts About Nuts" and "Good as Gold," both written by Joe Carroll and Peter Thom. "Good as Gold" is featured as Track 23 on the second Playhouse Disney music album.

      • Viewers learn in this episode that Dennis is a comet goldfish. Additionally, goldfish have been raised for over one thousand years, longer than any kind of pet in the world.

      • The proprietor of the fish shop that Stanley visits is Mr. Finn. He speaks with a Scottish accent, and a Scottish theme is played whenever he is heard speaking.

    • QUOTES (22)

      • Dennis: I'm sorry I ever doubted you, Stanley. I should have known we'd always be friends.
        Stanley: That's okay. Sometimes I jump to conclusions, too. But everything's all right now, right Dennis? Or should I say your royal majesty Dennis, king of the fishbowl?
        Dennis: Just peachy, Sir Stanley. Or should I say best friend ever? (both giggle)

      • Stanley: Wait till you see this. It's a castle for your fishbowl and I can put it in the water for you to play with anytime you want.
        Elsie: Ooh.
        Harry: Nice parapets, dude.

      • Stanley: Mom, look. It says that people have had goldfish as pets longer than any other kind of fish in the whole world.

      • Stanley: You see, this present is for my goldfish Dennis. He's the best goldfish ever. So it's gotta be just right.
        Mr. Finn: Well, Stanley, you just take your time. It's not easy findin' the right gift for a best friend.

      • Dennis: I got this seashell from my mother back when I was just a guppy. It's still the nicest one I've ever seen.
        Elsie: Neat, Dennis.
        Dennis: You know, this would make a perfect going away present for Stanley.

      • Harry: But Dennis, just because Stanley's been taking all his money to the pet shop doesn't mean he's gonna buy a new fish.
        Dennis: Perhaps, but whenever I ask him why he keeps going to the pet shop, all the says is that it's a big surprise. What could be a bigger surprise than being replaced by another fish?
        Harry: A bicycle.

      • Dennis: Stanley is shopping for a new best friend fish.

      • Mrs. Griff: Don't worry, honey. I'm sure you'll find just the right thing for Dennis.
        Stanley: I've got to, mom. Dennis is my best friend in the whole world.

      • Stanley: Boy, oh boy, won't Dennis be surprised when I give him the best goldfish present a fish ever had. It's gotta be just the right gift.
        Mrs. Griff: Well, this will be our third trip to look at the fish accessories at the pet shop.

      • Lionel: So you still wanna throw around the old, uh, coconut?
        Stanley: Cool.
        Lionel: Hey, after, we can get some peanut butter ice cream.

      • Stanley: Are you going to use my rhyme in your song, Lionel?
        Lionel: What makes you think I'm writing a song?
        Stanley: Ha ha. I heard you, silly. And you've got a guitar behind your back.

      • Elsie: So, watchdog Harry, has anyone else been eating peanuts in the backyard?
        Harry: Just Lionel.
        Stanley: Lionel? But he doesn't even like peanuts.
        Harry: Yeah. I know. I could tell because he was tossing 'em all over the yard.

      • Stanley: No elephants and no gorillas. In fact, except for you two, the only other animal I've seen back here was a squirrel.
        Elsie: A squirrel. Do you think?
        Harry: Could it be?

      • Stanley: What kind of animal eats peanuts and could be hiding in our backyard?
        Elsie: I've got it. Elephants eat peanuts. There must be an elephant hiding in the backyard.
        Harry: Whoa. Good thinking, Elsie. Let's go find it.

      • Stanley: Aw, the great outdoors. So, what do I want to play first this morning? Hey, I know, I'll play leopard and creep through the quiet jungle at dawn.

      • Lionel: Maybe I should write a song about Stanley and squirrels. I could surprise him with the song and maybe even win him a lifetime supply of peanut butter. Awesome!

      • Radio Announcer: Send in your song to the King Squirrel Nut Corporation today!
        Lionel: Yes! How could I lose?

      • Radio Announcer: You heard right, lucky listeners. The King Squirrel Nut Corporation is offering a lifetime supply of peanut butter to the winner of our songwriting contest. Write a song about something nutty, or someone you're nuts about.

      • Harry and Elsie: (singing) Now we're going online to find out everything / We'll surf the Internet for the answers it can bring!
        Elsie: Oh yeah. Uh huh.
        Harry: You go, girl.
        Harry and Elsie: Stanley it's our wish / That you learn about the goldfish!
        Mrs. Griff: Stanley, doesn't that look just like Elsie and Harry? Nah, couldn't be.

      • Dennis: (singing "Good as Gold" song) When you walked through that door / Way back at the pet store / That was my lucky day / But stiff upper-lip, and on with the trip / It's time for me to hit the highway / Oh yeah, Stanley / You've always treated me so grandly / Now it's time for me to / Whoa, Stanley, you've made this fish feel just like family / Your friendship's good as gold.

      • Dennis: Ahoy there, mateys. Let's batten down those hatches and all that nautical talk.

      • Harry: Hey, do squirrels live in our backyard?
        Stanley: Yeah. They must live in the trees, I guess.
        Dennis: We never guess, Stanley. We look it up.
        Stanley: You mean in--
        Harry: -- The Great Big Book of Everything?
        Harry and Elsie: (singing) It's The Great Big Book of Everything with everything inside / See the world around us, this book's the perfect guide!
        Dennis: Why don't you two peanuts get back in your shell?
        Harry and Elsie: Squirrels do more than just eat nuts / Let's open up and find out what!

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