Season 2 Episode 12

Web Weavers / Muddy Buddies

Aired Daily 6:00 AM Nov 25, 2002 on Disney Channel
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Web Weavers / Muddy Buddies
Web Weavers: When Marci and Mimis' grandma sends them a potholder making kit, they and Stanley decide to make potholders for their moms, but ignore the included directions. Soon stymied in their efforts, they wonder if perhaps they could learn something about weaving potholders from the way that spiders weave webs. They hop into The Great Big Book of Everything, where they learn some surprising facts about spiders. Muddy Buddies: On a hot day, Stanley and Marci jump in mud puddles and get so muddy that Their moms insist they head inside for baths, but the two wish they could spend all day playing in the mud. Thinking that this is just what pigs do, they decide to look up pigs in The Great Big Book of Everything to find out how.moreless

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    Marci and Mimis' Mom

    Guest Star

    Khylan Jones

    Khylan Jones

    Mimi and Marci

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    Philece Sampler

    Philece Sampler

    Lester Goldberg

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      • Stanley: Mmm, clean sheets feel really good when you wiggle your toes.
        Dennis: Huh, I can imagine. There's nothing like going to sleep in a bowl of clean water.
        Stanley: That sounds pretty good, too. Good night, Dennis.
        Dennis: Good night, little piglet Stanley.

      • Dennis: Now, pigs like to stay clean and prefer to cool off by splashing in water, but when there's no water around, they'll settle for a mud puddle.

      • Marci: I like this baby pig. She's really smart. (The piglet squeals happily as Marci pets it.)
        Dennis: Oh, absolutely. Pigs are one of the most intelligent animals around and good at communicating too.

      • Dennis: Look, I'll pay you not to say it. See. You can have this lovely piece of gravel as long as you don't mention The Great Big Book of... oops.

      • Marci: I wish we could play in the mud all day long like pigs.
        Stanley: Hey, what a great idea. Maybe if we could meet some pigs, we could figure out how they get to play in the mud all the time.

      • Lester: Hey, guys, watch it!
        Marci: Look at you. You look funny.
        Stanley: So do you. You have mud all over your hair and in your ears.
        Dennis: Uh... heh... ahem! Ahem! Red alert! Red alert! Mothers on the horizon!

      • Mimi: Hey, we did it!
        Stanley: That's because we did it like a spider-- a step at a time. And if we keep going, I bet we'll have a potholder in no time.

      • Mimi: How do spiders learn to weave webs? Do they go to spider school?
        Dennis: No, they're born knowing how. Just like you're born knowing how to smile or eat.

      • Dennis: Spiders have more than one kind of silk gland in their bodies and each makes a different kind of silk. Some spider silk is dry and strong, some is wet and sticky. And when a spider makes a web, it uses both kinds.

      • Stanley: "S" is for spiders.
        Marci: Wow. I never knew there were so many different kinds!
        Stanley, Mimi and Marci: 5 4 3 2 1, into the book to have some fun!

      • Stanley: Don't worry, Dennis. Harry and Elsie are outside. They won't hear me if I say The Great Big Book of Everything.
        Harry and Elsie: (lifting the roof off of a dollhouse that they were hiding in) Harry and Elsie are in the house!
        Dennis: Oh no! Here we go again!

      • Marci: Do you think maybe we could find a spider and it could give us weaving lessons?
        Dennis: I don't see why not.

      • Stanley: (regarding making potholders) But, how does it work?
        Dennis: Well, I think if you look on the back of the box, there are instructions that tell you what to do.
        Marci: Instructions are boring.
        Mimi: (carelessly tosses the back of the box on top of Dennis's fish bowl) Yeah. All we have to do is just kind of stick all those stretchy things on that metal thingy, right?

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