Season 2 Episode 8

Woodpecker Woes / P.U. Pup

Aired Daily 6:00 AM Oct 21, 2002 on Disney Channel
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Woodpecker Woes / P.U. Pup
Woodpecker Woes: Stanley's father is trying his best to work on a new comic, but finds himself faced with a noisy problem. A woodpecker has stationed itself in a tree just outside his home office and won't stop pecking. Wanting to help his dad, Stanley tries his best to get the woodpecker to be quiet. When he finds that simply asking it to quiet down won't work, he realizes that it might be helpful to learn more about the reason why it's pecking on the tree. P.U. Pup: Stanley and his family are going on an overnight camping trip and Mrs. Griff agrees to let Dennis and Harry come along. Stanley is told that Harry is his responsibility, but when Stanley briefly lets Harry off the leash, Harry ends up having a close encounter with a skunk. As Harry undergoes a tomato bath, Stanley wonders just a why a skunk would want to spray Harry. A trip into The Great Big Book of Everything provides him with a lesson in responsibility.moreless

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      • Stanley: I know the skunk musk smelled really awful, but skunks are pretty cool animals, aren't they?
        Dennis: Absolutely. Today I learned that skunks are a gentle kind of weasel with a very effective defense.
        Stanley: And I learned that responsibility means looking after someone and making sure they don't get into trouble. Just like a mother skunk looks after her babies. Boy, I feel a lot better now that we got rid of Harry's skunk smell.
        Dennis: Me too. Especially since we're all sleeping in the same tent.

      • Dennis: If they're attacked, skunks can bite, but even better, they can spray a horrible-smelling oil called musk out of glands near the base of their tail. A skunk can hit a target six to ten feet away.
        Stanley: Great. So they just run around spraying everybody, making them smell bad?
        Dennis: On the contrary. Skunks aren't vicious at all. They're actually very shy and gentle. And they'll almost always give you all kinds of warning.

      • Lionel: Ew! What stinks?
        Mr. Griff: It smells like a skunk. I just hope one hasn't sprayed...
        Lionel: Oh, no... it got Harry. Ew! He smells like sweaty socks a-and moldy cheese and stinky old sneakers all rolled together, only a million times worse.

      • Stanley: Hey, mom? How about I bring Dennis and Harry camping with us?
        Mrs. Griff: Hmm.
        Stanley: He could be our watchdog and bark real loud if anything happens. Right, Harry?
        Harry: (wearing a lampshade on his head and giving one of his goofiest expressions) Ruff! Pant, pant, pant, pant, pant.

      • Stanley: I guess dad didn't mind the pecking too much, Dennis.
        Dennis: Oh? Why do you say that?
        Stanley: He made his comic all about woodpeckers.

      • Stanley: So woodpeckers peck trees because they're hungry.
        Lester: Hungry for bugs? Yuck!
        Dennis: Well, they don't only eat bugs. Many woodpeckers also eat acorns, nuts and fruit. In fact, red-headed woodpeckers would rather find food off the ground than work hard pecking at trees. That is, if they can find any.

      • Harry and Elsie: (singing)) Poor old dad is such a wreck / Because woodpeckers like to peck, peck, peck.

      • Mr. Griff: Stanley! Stanley!!
        Stanley: Yeah, dad?
        Mr. Griff: What are you doing?
        Stanley: Making a lot of noise.
        Mr. Griff: Please don't. It's hard enough to work with the woodpecker pecking.
        Stanley: This wasn't such a great idea.
        Dennis: No. I don't think more noise is the answer.

      • Lester: (after Stanley's first attempt at silencing the woodpecker fails) Maybe you should keep it simpler. You know, smaller words?
        Stanley: Okay. Shh! Shh!
        Lester: Is shush a word?
        Dennis: It's one of my favorites.

      • Stanley: Wow, we have a woodpecker! Cool!
        Mr. Griff: (nonplussed) Yeah, cool.

      • Mr. Griff: (upset that the pecking of a woodpecker is disturbing his work) Why me? Why now?
        Stanley: Uh, dad? Why are you talking to that window?

      • Dennis: Stanley... Oh, I'll never live this down. Well, here goes. (sings) It's The Great Big Book of Everything with everything inside / See the world around us / This book's the perfect guide / Let's find the cause of Harry's smell / The answer here is plain to tell!
        Stanley: Wow! I can't believe you actually sang it.
        Dennis: Yes, well, just don't tell anyone. Now will you please look it up?

    • NOTES (2)

      • The storyboards for the first story are credited to a company, Barking Bullfrog Cartoon Company, Inc., rather than a person.

      • In "P.U Pup", Dennis sings "The Great Big Book of Everything" for the first time. Though he loathes the song, he reluctantly performs it because Elsie is at home, Harry is having a tomato bath and Stanley is out of sorts, so he thinks it might cheer him up a bit.

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