Season 1 Episode 22

Worms at Work / Caterpillar Countdown

Aired Daily 6:00 AM Dec 28, 2001 on Disney Channel
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Worms at Work / Caterpillar Countdown
Worms at Work: Mimi has taken up flower gardening and is grossed out when a worm appears in her garden. She begins to panic when more and more worms start popping up, but her friends feel that there's nothing to worry about. Mimi is convinced that worms are gross, but reluctantly agrees to a trip into The Great Big Book of Everything to learn more about them. Caterpillar Countdown: When Elsie first learns about caterpillars, she finds them boring and wants nothing to do with them. After being told that caterpillars turn into butterflies, she is at first disbelieving, even going so far as to say that she'll take a bath should the caterpillar fly. A visit to The Great Big Book of Everything sets her straight and she finds herself eager for the butterfly to hatch-- overeager, in fact. In the process, she and the others learn about patience and about fun ways to pass time.moreless

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      • Stanley: You said you were so sure that the caterpillar wouldn't become a butterfly that, if it did, you'd take a bath.
        Elsie: Oh, right. I think, um-- I think I was just kidding about that.

      • Elsie: Ooh. It's a butterfly.
        Marci: Happy birthday, butterfly.
        Mimi, Marci, Harry and Elsie: Happy birthday.

      • Elsie: It's the day! We counted them all off. The butterfly is coming out today!
        Stanley: I know, I know. But you've still gotta be patient.
        Elsie: Row! (grabs Stanley and starts shaking him) You are driving me crazy with this patience business!
        Stanley: Elsie.
        Elsie: Okay. I'm under control now.

      • Elsie: (standing outside in the rain, talking to the monarch chrysalis) Okay, what do you like? You like chocolate? I'll get it for you. I'll get you anything you want if you just come out right now! Oh, it's getting pretty wet out here.
        Stanley: I told you. You've gotta be patient.
        Elsie: I am being patient. I'm trying to make a deal with it!

      • Elsie: It's really taking its time, isn't it? (whispers) Come on out, butterfly. (groans, then speaks in her normal voice) When is this butterfly gonna come out? It's been, like, forever!
        Dennis: I think it's been about ten minutes, Elsie.
        Elsie: Ten minutes? Ugh. How much longer?
        Dennis: Well, let's see, uh... Well, it says here about 14 days.
        Elsie: Oh! I don't even have enough claws for that.

      • Stanley: Caterpillar starts with "C." A, B and C!
        Elsie: Hmm. Just a lot of worms.

      • Elsie: If that thing flies, I'll-- I'll take a bath in that birdbath.
        Harry: But, Elsie, you're a cat.
        Elsie: I'm aware of that, Harry.
        Harry: But cats hate taking baths.
        Elsie: Well, that's how sure I am that that chubby worm will never fly.

      • Stanley: That's a caterpillar.
        Elsie: Cat-o-what? I'm a cat and I'm certainly not related to that thing.
        Stanley: No, it's not a cat and it's not a worm. It's a caterpillar.
        Harry: It's got little, tiny feet. I've never seen a worm with little, tiny feet.
        Elsie: Okay, so it's not a worm and it's not a cat. It's a cater-- cater--
        Dennis: Caterpillar.
        Elsie: Right. Caterpillar. So who cares? One more time, Harry.
        Harry: Nah, I'm too tired. (yawns widely) Maybe later. Why does everything have to be right now with you. You're so impatient.

      • Dennis: It's good to know about earthworms.
        Stanley: And it's good Mimi isn't so grossed out by earthworms anymore.
        Dennis: Indeed.
        Stanley: But you know what would be really good right now?
        Dennis: No, what?
        Stanley: Sleep. (yawns)
        Dennis: Ah, yes. I couldn't agree with you more, sleepyhead.
        Stanley: Good night, Dennis.
        Dennis: Good night, earthworm boy Stanley.

      • Dennis: Do you have any idea what eh world would look like if there weren't any worms?
        Mimi: Hmm. Prettier?
        Dennis: I'm afraid not. Without worms, the flowers wouldn't get the nutrients they need and would shrivel up.

      • Dennis: The earthworm really is the gardener's best friend.
        Mimi: You've gotta be kidding. Worms help my flowers grow?

      • Dennis: Don't worry, Mimi. The worm isn't going to hurt you. Look at what it does when it crawls through the dirt. See how it moves it all around?
        Marci: Oh yeah. Kind of like it's plowing it.
        Dennis: That's why the earthworm is called nature's plow. The worm's crawl in. The worms crawl out. They move the nutrients all about.

      • Mimi: Ew! They're all over the place. My garden's full of yucky-ucky worms. What am I gonna do?
        Dennis: Well, you might calm down, for one thing. Every animal on Earth has a reason to be where it is.

      • Mimi: Worms are gross! It's wrecking my flowers.
        Marci: No, it's not. It's just crawling around in the dirt. It's kind of cute.

      • Mimi: Ew!
        Stanley: What's the matter, Mimi?
        Mimi: Look! (She points, indicating a worm in her garden.)
        Dennis: What do you think is scaring Mimi?

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