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Season 1 Episode 16

You've Got Pigeon Mail / It's a Prarie Dog's Life

Aired Daily 6:00 AM Nov 05, 2001 on Disney Channel
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You've Got Pigeon Mail / It's a Prarie Dog's Life
You've Got Pigeon Mail: When Mrs. Griff travels to Feather Springs for a dental conference, Stanley is devastated. She's going be gone for three whole days, and she's never been away that long before. Stanley can't get to sleep, but then gets the idea to send her a picture to express how much he misses her. After drawing the picture, he realizes that he needs a way to deliver it, but that postal mail is too slow. Thinking that an animal could solve his problem, he looks up homing pigeons in The Great Big Book of Everything. It's a Prairie Dog's Life: Stanley, Mimi and Marci are upset when they lose a baseball across the street. They want to go get the ball, but aren't allowed to cross the street on their own. They nearly decide to break their parents' rule, until Lionel notices what they're about to do and stops them. Tired of having to follow safety rules that they feel are ruining their fun, they decide that they want to become prairie dogs. Dennis, however, suggests that they study prairie dogs before committing to becoming them.moreless

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      • Stanley: That was close. There are dangerous things in the prairie.
        Dennis: That's why they have safety rules. When a prairie dog sees something dangerous, it always tells everyone else, and when a prairie dog hears a warning, it always comes straight home, where it's safe.

      • Stanley: That's the great thing about being a prairie dog. Their parents don't make safety rules for them.
        Dennis: I'm not so sure about that, Stanley.

      • Dennis: Prairie dogs aren't really dogs, Harry. They're more like squirrels.
        Marci: Why don't they call them prairie squirrels, then?
        Dennis: Because they bark like dogs.

      • Harry and Elsie: (singing) Prairie dogs are wild and free / And that's what Stanley wants to be!

      • Marci: But Dennis was looking out for us.
        Lionel: Newsflash -- Dennis is a fish.
        Stanley: He's a pretty smart fish.
        Lionel: My little brother's getting safety tips from a goldfish? I don't believe this. What's up with you, Stanley? You know the rules.

      • Lionel: (putting his arm on Stanley's shoulder) Stanley!
        Stanley: I didn't do it, dad! I'm sorry! I was just -- we were just -- oh, it's you. We were just gonna get our ball back, that's all!

      • Stanley: I've just gotta go across the street to get it. Maybe if I run really fast.
        Dennis: Stanley. You know you're not allowed to do that. You're not old enough.
        Stanley: What if we all go together? Don't you think three kids put together make at least one grownup?
        Dennis: No, I don't.
        Stanley: Not even a little grownup?

      • Stanley: Do you know how moms and homing pigeons are alike?
        Dennis: It's a riddle, right? Heh-heh. Okay, Stanley, how are moms and homing pigeons alike?
        Stanley: Because they can go thousands of miles away and then you can always count on them to come home.
        Dennis: You certainly can.
        Stanley: Good night, Dennis.
        Dennis: Good night, pigeon boy Stanley.

      • Stanley: It doesn't feel like she's so far away after all.
        Mr. Griff: Not with e-mail, it doesn't.

      • Harry: So what are we waiting for? Let's send it off and get back to my nap.
        Elsie: Send it? How?
        Harry: Do I have to think of everything? Just drop it in the mailbox.
        Dennis: I don't think so, Harry. It can take days to deliver a letter. Stanley's mom might not get it in time.

      • Stanley: What do I say?
        Dennis: Just tell her you miss her.
        Stanley: I don't think I can find the right words to do that.
        Dennis: You could say you miss her like a fish misses water.
        Elsie: Or a cat misses catnip.
        Harry: Or, how I miss a nice, quiet room where a guy can sleep.
        Stanley: Thanks for trying to help, but none of those words say how I feel.

      • Dennis: What's wrong, Stanley?
        Stanley: I keep wishing mom was here to tell me a story and tuck me in.
        Dennis: I thought your dad did a neat job of tucking you in.
        Harry: It sure put me to sleep. I could nap off just remembering it. (yawns)

      • Mr. Griff: It's amazing, isn't it, Stanley? By the time we eat lunch today, your mother will be way across the country in Feather Springs.

      • Mrs. Griff: I know you're upset that I'm leaving, Stanley. But I'll be home in just three days.
        Stanley: Three whole days!? You've never been gone three whole days before. Who will tuck me in bed? Who will wake me up?
        Mrs. Griff: Your dad will be here to take care of you.

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