Star Blazers

Season 2 Episode 6

At Planet Brumas

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The Argo answers a distress call from Space Marines on planet Brumas.

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    Amy Howard Wilson

    Amy Howard Wilson

    voice of Nova Forrester

    Ken Meseroll

    Ken Meseroll

    voice of Derek Wildstar

    Tom Tweedy

    Tom Tweedy

    voice of Mark Venture

    Christopher Collins

    Christopher Collins

    voices of Comet Empire General Dire & Sgt Major Knox

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      • What planet was Knox on (literally)? When the battle is over and he sees the Argo floating above Brumas, he notes that "Whatever it is, it's better than here". How could he not know about the ship that basically saved all of humanity only a year prior?

      • At this point, once the Star Force drives off the enemy invasion of Brumas and rescues the Space Marines, the EDC Commander is finally convinced of the threat to peace, and welcomes the Star Force back into the EDF.

      • A.Y. - instead of finding the Space Marines on Brumas, the Star Force finds Earth's 11th fleet, destroyed by an unknown force. Wildstar and Knox would rescue Captain Hijikata (in the second series known as Captain Gideon, Andromeda's captain), commander of the 11th fleet (who wanted to stay on his ship and die to reclaim his honor). The Star Force gets in contact with the EDC (who want to know what happened to the 11th fleet), and after explaining the situation and Hijikata's survival, Hijikata will command the Star Force from that point to find the threat. The message is interrupted by Teresa (Trelaina), explaining of the danger headed towards Earth, and the Star Force warps towards Telezart to find her.

        It should also be noted that Desslok does not appear in the movie until much later, and his role is that of a vengeful mercenary than a defeated former ruler. It seems that he was brought in earlier in the series to help extend it (obviously they had to, to extend a 2 hour movie into 13 half-hour segments), and to add more drama as the Star Force travelled to Iscandar. His return and union with the Comet Empire will be explained in the episode "Starflies" as him secretly coveting Prince Zordar's throne once they rescued him from destruction. Desslok would eventually regain rulership of a civilization in the Third Season.

      • The death of many Space Marines is edited here: When one Marine tells Knox the radio just went dead, it explodes, killing him. Also, when the Comet Empire tanks assault the Marines' base, a couple of Marines are frozen to death when they were unable to get inside of an airlock in time.

        Brumas is known as the 11th planet, a planet that showed signs of an ancient civilization. Yet the Argo didn't come across this planet on The Quest to Iscandar. Still, they do call it the 11th planet, making notice of the planet Minerva, which was destroyed in the first season by the Gamilons.

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