Star Blazers

Season 2 Episode 24

Desslok's Turning

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Desslok's Turning
The last battle between the Star Force and Desslok ends...

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    Amy Howard Wilson

    Amy Howard Wilson

    voice of Nova Forrester [1-2]

    Eddie Allen

    Eddie Allen

    voices of Gamilon Leader Desslok & Lt. Dash Jordan

    Ken Meseroll

    Ken Meseroll

    voice of Derek Wildstar [1-2]

    Tom Tweedy

    Tom Tweedy

    voice of Mark Venture [1-2]

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    • QUOTES (1)

      • Desslok: (walking over to the barely conscious Wildstar and Nova) Remember how you defeated me on Gamilon? You sent missiles to our weakest point - the bottom of the volcano. Underneath. Try it... heh... on the Comet Empire.

    • NOTES (2)

      • This episode, though close to the end of Star Blazers' US run, would be one of the most important in the entire saga. In a point where he should be joyous - his enemy is helpless, their captain lies wounded at his feet and at his mercy - Desslok finally realizes that the motives for the Star Force are similar to his; in effect, doing whatever was necessary to save their civilizations.

        Watching Nova tend to an injured Wildstar, knowing that both could be immediately killed by Desslok, reminds him of his love for his planet (and love for someone else - Queen Starsha, but that would be expanded on in a later Space Battleship Yamato movie), and how love trumps everything. This point would cause Desslok to end further actions against the Star Force and Earth (while dropping a hint about how to defeat the Comet Empire), and he would return with his forces to what was left of Gamilon.

        Desslok would return in the 3rd season.

      • A.Y. - Desslok, after destroying his own fleet and finding the Star Force boarding his ship, is about to admit defeat (yet he is content with his fate because he thinks he fought well in his last battle). Miru tries to let Zordar know of the outcome of the battle, but Desslok shoots him, apparantly killing him. Wildstar approaches the bridge (with Nova following behind, unbeknownst to him) and Desslok falls to his knees, injured and beaten, his ship falling apart. Miru rises and takes a shot at Wildstar, but Nova pushes him aside, and she is mortally wounded. Desslok kills Miru (for real, this time), offers regrets at seeing Nova injured (once he discovers their feeling for each other), and walks towards an air lock. He tells Wildstar how to defeat the Empire (fire directly in the center of the spiral core that serves as the Comet Effect), opens an airlock, and allows himself to get sucked out into space.

        On board the Argo, Wildstar tells Novar to rest in sick bay, saying they'll get married when they return home. Nova knows she will not live to see Earth again, but keeps this hidden from him.

        A.Y. - Since Venture is not romantically linked to Teresa (Trelaina, as in the series), there was no need to kill him off here, as Venture's death allowed Trelaina to come back to rescue him and to fight Zordar alone. He eventually becomes one of the few of the crew to survive in this movie.

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • Desslok: Remember how you defeated me on Gamilon? You sent missiles to our weakest point - the bottom of the volcano...

        This alludes to the first season episode "The Battle at Gamilon", where the Star Force survived by firing the Wave Motion Gun at Gamilon's undersea volcanoes, causing worldwide disaster.