Star Blazers

(ended 1980)


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  • An old anime-but an amazing anime!!! I really like that it's WAY more than a space ship blowin' up stuff!!

    I love this series! Especially the second arc! It's more than just a space story, there's romance, drama and several subplots in makes it WAY more than 'space stuff' as my friend calls it. My father got my hooked and now it's on my list of favorite animes. The first arc (Quest for Iscandar) is kind of like a pilot/story arc. It introduces the major characters as the ship heads to Iscandar to retrieve the cosmo DNA from Starsha. Leading to many battles with the Gamilons and the mystery of Derek's brother! The second arc is my personal favorite! (Comet Empire-Could it be my love of Invidia/Sabera?) Desslok returns with the Comet Empire! Lead by Zordar and his daughter (His mistress in Yamato 2-creepy) Princess Invidia, a race bent on Galaxy wide conquest. There's just so much to this series! The further development of Derek and Nova's relationship, Desslok's return, fight with Invidia and turning point, and of course the action that falls in between! BEST SERIES EVER!! (The series is better than the movie) The third Arc was okay, but not amazing. I didn't see much to this story-and I barely remember it... The movies were great too, partially "The New Voyage" and "Be forever" well the second one could've used improvements...(Starting with the Cometine Designs...)

    But all in all a good series!
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