Star Blazers

Season 3 Episode 5

S O S Logendra!

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Jan 01, 2007 on

Episode Recap

The Legendra, the flagship for the planet Berth, warps into the solar system near planet Brumas. The ship is badly damaged, and Wildstar wishes to keep Earth neutral in the Bolar/Galman war. Captain Ram asks the Star Force for assistance only in repairing his ship and in supplies, and after careful consideration, Wildstar grants his request, allowing the Legendra to dock on the Earth's Neptune base for repairs. While Wildstar meets with Ram (and the crew speculates that Berth must be similar to Earth, based on Ram's characteristics and the fact that no real atmospheric changes are needed for him on the Argo), the Galman Eastern fleet, commanded by Admiral Dagon, arrives at Neptune, demanding that the Legendra and Ram be brought to them immediately. Wildstar tells him that the ship is being repaired, and that since the Galmans are in Earth space, they should respect their wishes of neutrality. Also, they have agreed to escort Ram out of Earth space, where the Legendra and the Galmans will continue their conflict. After the Legendra is repaired, Ram thanks Wildstar. Wildstar commands the Black Tigers to escort Ram, and the Argo follows close behind. The Galmans bracket both ships, Dagon planning on attacking both when the time comes. Near Brumas (and still in Earth space), the Galmans notice the Legendra firing up her engines as to warp. Dagon orders to fire on the ship, and their attempt is thwarted. Wildstar warns Dagon to cease fire one last time, so Dagon fires on the Argo. The Black Tigers are ordered to attack the Galman fleet, and the Argo counterattacks, as Earth's neutrality is compromised...