Star Blazers - Season 1

(ended 1980)


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Episode Guide

  • The Journey Home
    The Journey Home
    Episode 26
    The Star Force Returns Home! With the Cosmo DNA, they are ready to save Earth. But one final battle may cost them a crew member closest to Wildstar...
  • Iscandar
    Episode 25

    The Star Force finally arrives at Iscandar.

  • The Battle of Gamilon
    The Argo fights on Gamilon, as the Star Force's survival depends on wiping out an entire civilization.
  • Dragged to Gamilon
    Dragged to Gamilon
    Episode 23

    The Star Force finally arrives at the Magellanic Cloud and "Iscandar"... but have they found their hope for survival, or their enemy's haven?

  • The Battle of the Rainbow Galaxy
    The Star Force battles Lysis for the last time.
  • Challenge of the Rainbow Galaxy
    Gamilon General Lysis, pardoned for his failure at Balan, challenges the Star Force to one final battle.
  • The Artificial Sun
    The Artificial Sun
    Episode 20
    The Argo reaches planet Balan, the halfway point in their mission to Iscandar. But Lysis is waiting on his base there, and springs a trap that might destroy both the Argo AND the base...
  • Communication Satellite
    Chief Communcations Officer Homer is worried about conditions on Earth. But what does he know that the crew doesn't?
  • Magnetron Wave
    Magnetron Wave
    Episode 18
    The Star Force comes across a Gamilon fortress that emits Magnetron waves, which set vibrations into metals and rips them apart. Wildstar and Sandor board the fortress using a new seamless plane that Sandor created. They destroy the base, and the Argo flies on.
  • Balanosaurus
    Episode 17
    Vulgar, the general Lysis replaced on Balan, devises a plan to destroy the Star Force. Captain Avatar is critically ill, and Wildstar steps into action.
  • Stop at Beeland
    Stop at Beeland
    Episode 16
    IQ-9 and Nova fly down to a planet looking for food for the crew, but are captured by the inhabitants. IQ-9 reveals a secret to Nova that will change both of them.
  • Galactic Whirlpool
    Galactic Whirlpool
    Episode 15
    Desslok commissions Gamilon General and war hero Lysis to defeat the Star Force. The Argo travels near a galactic whirlpool, but as assist from afar saves their mission.
  • Octopus Star Storm
    Octopus Star Storm
    Episode 14
    Tensions mount on the Argo as she is trapped in a space storm.
  • The Gamilon Pilot
    The Gamilon Pilot
    Episode 13
    A Gamilon pilot is captured and the Star Force interrogates him, as Wildstar's personal tragedy comes into play.
  • The Sea of Fire
    The Sea of Fire
    Episode 12
    Desslok prepares another trap for the Star Force: an energy net that captures them. The only way out is in the direction of a massive sun, as a huge secret is revealed that might affect the crew.
  • Desslok Mines?
    Desslok Mines?
    Episode 11
    Gamilon Supreme Commander Desslok unveils a trap that will destroy the Star Force: space mines. But these mines have a sinister function...
  • We Will Return!
    We Will Return!
    Episode 10
    The Star Force says goodbye to their families before leaving the solar system.
  • The Asteroid Ring
    The Asteroid Ring
    Episode 9
    Limping along, the Argo comes up with a new defensive strategy.
  • The Reflex Gun (2)
    The Reflex Gun (2)
    Episode 8
    The Star Force sets out to destroy the Reflex Gun.
  • The Reflex Gun (1)
    The Reflex Gun (1)
    Episode 7
    The Argo faces disaster on the planet Pluto.
  • Paladin
    Episode 6
    The Argo searches Saturn's moon, Titan, for a rare mineral.
  • The Argo is trapped by Jupiter's gravity.
  • Test Warp to Mars
    Episode 4
    The Star Force tests out the Wave Motion Engine's warp capabilities, which will allow them to travel 148,000 light years to Iscandar and back in one year. But will the Gamilons stop them?
  • 9.0
    The Star Force is created, and their mission is clear - take the newly rebuilt Argo 148,000 light years to the planet Iscandar, to retrieve a machine called the Cosmo DNA which will save Earth from its irradiated state. But will the Gamilons stop them?
  • The hope of the Earth lies within an old battleship found at the bottom of what used to be the Great Eastern Sea.
  • 10/1/79
    Earth is losing to a superior foe, as the very survival of the planet lies within a message from a distant galaxy.