Star Blazers - Season 2

(ended 1980)


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    "The Comet Empire" (episodes 22-26) - All of earth's warships, even the flagship Andromeda, have fallen in battle against the might of the Comet Empire. Now only the Star Force remains to stop Prince Zordar. But before they can rejoin the battle, they must face Desslok of Gamilon, who is determined to destroy them forever. Even if the Star Force survives this challenge, they must still defeat a foe that has conquered entire galaxies.moreless
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    "The Comet Empire" (episodes 18-21) - Although the Star Force has broken through the offensive lines of the Comet Empire to reach the planet Telezart and begin the return journey home, they have only dealt with the vanguard of Prince Zordar's massive war machine. As the White Comet moves relentlessly forward, its full fury is about to be unleashed. Standing against Zordar's forces are all the battleships of the Earth Defense Command...but even they might not be enough!moreless
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    "The Comet Empire" (episodes 14-17) - Fighting their way through the warfleets of the Comet Empire and their arch enemy, Desslok of Gamilon, the Star Force has finally arrived at Telezart, from which have come cries of warning. At last, they meet the mysterious Trelaina, who knows the true nature of their enemy and the danger that lies ahead. But no one is prepared for the truth about Trelania herself, who may indeed be more powerful than the entire Comet Empire!moreless
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    "The Comet Empire" (episodes 10-13) - Prince Zordar, the greatest tyrant in the universe, has decided on his next target...and he is moving with all the power at his command to conquer earth! A warning call has gone out from planet Telezart, and the Star Force rushes to answer it. Ahead of them are arrayed Zordar's mighty warships, ready to stop the Argo cold. But an even more determined enemy stands at their side with a personal score to settle: Desslok of Gamilon!moreless
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    "The Comet Empire" (episodes 6-9) - As the Star Force leaves the solar system, they pause to rescue a company of space marines on planet Brumis from a surprise attack by the Comet Empire. Life on board the Argo becomes fraught with conflict, but the cry for help from planet Telezart draws them ever forward, and new and deadly dangers lie in wait. The vanguard of the Comet Empire has drawn the battle line, and they will let no one cross!moreless
  • Star Blazers S2 Part I
    "The Comet Empire" (episodes 1-5) - A year has passed since the Star Force returned to save the earth, but another danger now approaches from deep space. A gigantic white comet hurtles toward our galaxy, obliterating everything in its path. But it is no ordinary comet - it is the deadly Comet Empire, conqueror of worlds, and earth is the next target! Against orders, the Star Force blasts off to investigate, but even if they can get past the flagship Andromeda, they don't yet know the true nature of their new enemy.moreless
  • Argo, Make Us Proud!
    Wildstar prepares to sacrifice himself and the Argo to destroy Zordar, but will it be enough?
  • The Final Battle
    The Final Battle
    Episode 25
    The Star Force engages in a desperate final battle with the overwhelming power of the Comet Empire.
  • Desslok's Turning
    Desslok's Turning
    Episode 24
    The last battle between the Star Force and Desslok ends...
  • Desslok's Victory
    Desslok's Victory
    Episode 23
    Desslok battles the Star Force for the last time.
  • Stop-over at Ganymede
    Earth surrenders as the Comet Empire destroys the moon, and many wonder if the Star Force survived the battle at Titan.
  • The Main Fleet Battle
    The EDF battles the Comet Empire's advanced fleet, as the Argo and the Comet Empire join the fray.
  • The Carrier Fleet Battle
    The EDF battles the Comet Empire's advanced fleet as Captain Gideon directs Wildstar to lead a surprise attack on the Comet Empire's carrier fleet.
  • Memorial
    Episode 19
    Knox returns to Planet Brumas, the site where the Star Force rescued the Space Marines, as Captain Gideon anxiously awaits the Argo rejoining the fleet.
  • Desslok's Escape
    Desslok's Escape
    Episode 18
    The Star Force wonders about Venture's sanity in light of Trelaina's death, the Comet Empire and Earth gather their forces for war, and Desslok makes a daring escape.
  • A Show of Force
    A Show of Force
    Episode 17
    Trelaina fights the Comet Empire alone.
  • Leaving Telezart
    Leaving Telezart
    Episode 16
    The Argo prepares to leave Telezart, but will Venture choose to stay with Trelaina on her doomed planet?
  • Third Day at Telezart
    The Star Force learns of the true nature and threat of the White Comet, Trelaina's dark past, and are ordered to return home to help fight the oncoming threat. But Venture may have other ideas...
  • Second Day at Telezart
    The Star Force defeats the last of the Comet Empire's resistance at Telezart and finally meets with the mysterious Trelaina.
  • The Conspirators Meet
    The Star Force arrives at Telezart and look for Trelaina.
  • The Tunnel Satellite
    After his initial plan to defeat the Star Force fails, Desslok of Gamilon implements one more trap...
  • Starflies
    Episode 11
    Desslok of Gamilon sets his plan into action against the Star Force.
  • Asteroid Ring Defense Revisited
    The Argo encounters trouble from an asteroid belt and a Comet Empire general, as an old enemy makes himself known...
  • Mazor
    Episode 9
    The Argo captures an enemy pilot.
  • Time Trap
    Time Trap
    Episode 8
    The Argo is trapped and faces old age before its time.
  • Sub-space Submarines
    Trouble brews between the crew of the Argo and the Space Marines on board.
  • At Planet Brumas
    At Planet Brumas
    Episode 6
    The Argo answers a distress call from Space Marines on planet Brumas.
  • Crossing the Andromeda
    The Argo does battle with the superior force of the Andromeda.
  • Battle Satellite
    Battle Satellite
    Episode 4
    The Argo decides to disobey orders and take off.
  • Underground City
    Underground City
    Episode 3
    Wildstar learns the meaning of the encrypted message.
  • Blackout
    Episode 2
    The Comet Empire causes a blackout on Earth. Wildstar believes there might be a threat to Earth's peace. A distress signal from deep in space adds to Wildstar's concerns. But the EDC (and maybe someone else in the Star Force) isn't convinced of the threat or the message...
  • Ambush at Jupiter
    Episode 1
    The Argo learns of a mysterious new threat to Earth.