Star Blazers

Season 3 Episode 1

Solar System Faces Destruction

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Oct 11, 1985 on
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Solar System Faces Destruction
A war between two factions outside the Solar System threatens Earth. A wayward missile in that war hits the sun (and destroys a space bus en route), and this causes the sun's nuclear fusion to go out of control. In one Earth year, unless the fusion is corrected, the sun will burn the Earth and all life will cease to exist. Also, in three years, the sun will explode and destroy the solar system. The Star Force, now officially captained by Derek Wildstar, is commissioned (with new cadets) to search for a new home for Earth.moreless

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    Corinne Orr

    Corinne Orr

    voices of Nova Forrester [3] & Queen Mariposa

    John Bellucci

    John Bellucci

    voice of Derek Wildstar [3]

    Peter Fernandez

    Peter Fernandez

    voice of Mark Venture [3]

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    • TRIVIA (1)

      • One reason why the third season's intro/closing theme was the same as the second's is because the third season's intro/closing were in Japanese. The intro shows the Argo flying in space, but she carries the anchor logo as part of the EDF (this was edited out of the first two seasons, and the anchor logo only shows itself on some unforms, like Captain Avatar's jacket and hat (in the first season) and Captain Gideon's outfit (in the second season)). This is the first time the Argo has been shown with that emblem, and she carries it on her bow and across the ship.

        The third season's closing theme was entirely different from the Star Blazers theme (it's a different song altogether, also in Japanese), and it shows scenes of Trelaina, Starsha (with new daughter Sasha, who wears a Star Force uniform and would be a Star Force member), as well as others.

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        We're off to outer space

        We're leaving Mother Earth

        To save the human race

        Our Star Blazers

        A cry for help, a desperate plight

        Makes our Star Force reunite

        As we rush to meet our fate

        The Comet Empire awaits

        We must be strong and brave

        To stop its evil ways

        If Zordar's plot should work

        He'll destroy the universe

        We'll fight the Comet Empire

        Battle through the raining fire

        Filled with the hope that Earth will survive

        We'll keep peace alive

        With our Star Blazers

      • The third season of Star Blazers is rare in that it was telecast many years after the first two seasons, and it was shown in only a handful of cities.

        The English language production of this season wasn't done by the same company; rather, a different company came in and took over, and as a result, there are many glaring differences, due to the new company either not caring enough about past history, or restricted by lack of funds. Nonetheless, the original release of this series was met with little fanfare - the theme song and opening/closing sequences were the same as Season 2, the voices had changed, and some names had changed as well (most notably Talon, Desslok's aide, being renamed Masterson). It seemed that the only consistent thing connecting this season with the previous two was the design of the Argo.

        The advantage that this series has over its predecessors was that since TV standards had relaxed a bit when it was telecast, almost all of the original Japanese episodes are unchanged. The wayward missile destroying the space bus and the lives ending as a result would not have been shown even in the second season in its original format.

        In the original Japanese credits, we see something that you haven't seen even in the second season - Wildstar, now captain of the Argo, sits at the captain's console, where Captain Avatar used to sit. Even in the movie Final Yamato, before Avatar returns, Wildstar sits in his Combat Chief chair, next to Venture.

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