Star Blazers

Season 2 Episode 13

The Conspirators Meet

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Episode Summary

The Star Force arrives at Telezart and look for Trelaina.

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    Amy Howard Wilson

    Amy Howard Wilson

    voice of Nova Forrester

    Ken Meseroll

    Ken Meseroll

    voice of Derek Wildstar

    Tom Tweedy

    Tom Tweedy

    voice of Mark Venture

    Lydia Leeds

    Lydia Leeds

    voices of Queen Starsha & Trelaina of Telezart

    Eddie Allen

    Eddie Allen

    voices of Gamilon Leader Desslok & Lt. Dash Jordan

    Morgan Lofting

    Morgan Lofting

    voice of Princess Invidia

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      • Invidia: You put your trust in a weak man...
        Zordar: Desslok? I don't think so. I'm sure there must be a good reason.
        Invidia: Then why didn't he report to you by radio? No! he has given up! He returned with his entire fleet. Maybe he's finally heard about Trelania's strange powers and she scared him off...

      • (Royster is dressing himself up to meet Trelania in hopes of impressing her. IQ-9 appears)
        IQ-9 (watching Royster put grease in his hair): I'm glad I don't have a need for that "greasy kid's stuff".
        Royster: The only grease you need is for your joints, IQ.
        IQ-9: Why are you dressing yourself up?
        Royster: Because of Trelaina. She's going to look deep into my eyes...
        IQ-9:...and then she'll burst out laughing! Ha ha!
        Royster (annoyed): You think that women always go for the big, brawny types, huh?! Well, compute again!
        IQ-9: Royster, you need all the help you can get. (messes up Royster's hair) See? Much better now!
        Royster AAARRRGGGHHH!!! (falls to his knees in agony)

      • Sandor: (after witnessing the devastation on Telezart) It doesn't matter how advanced a civilization is. Once there's a war, none of that matters. All that's left is rubble and silence.

      • (Knox and the Space Marines check out Telezart's surface)
        Knox: (Looking around the empty, barren wasteland that is Telezart) It looks like Mars before we improved it. (to the other Marines) I want you guys to stay close to the shuttle.
        Soldier: I couldn't hear ya Sarge, my stomach's growling too loud.
        Knox: Alright boys, let's settle here and see what Cookie's got for us.
        Soldier: (Opening a trunk filled with milk and rations) I told him we'd be gone for two or three days, maybe four.
        Knox: That's enough for me, but what are you chowhounds gonna eat?
        Soldier: They forgot the caviar.
        Knox: Well, we'll just have to rough it.
        (They begin eating)
        Knox: One thing about these Star Force space jockeys, they sure know how to live.
        Soldier: Why can't us Space Marines get rations like these? I'd fight a lot harder.
        Knox: If you eat any more, you won't be able to fight at all.

      • Princess Invidia: I see you've been thinking ahead, General Dire. And if that happens, none of our heads will be safe.

    • NOTES (1)

      • Another example of Star Blazers' focus on character development: The lengthy dialogue between Invidia and Dire about their conspiracy to get rid of Desslok.

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