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Star Blazers

Season 2 Episode 25

The Final Battle

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Unknown on
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Episode Summary

The Star Force engages in a desperate final battle with the overwhelming power of the Comet Empire.

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    Amy Howard Wilson

    Amy Howard Wilson

    voice of Nova Forrester [1-2]

    Ken Meseroll

    Ken Meseroll

    voice of Derek Wildstar [1-2]

    Tom Tweedy

    Tom Tweedy

    voice of Mark Venture [1-2]

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      • Many other Star Force crew members die in this episode. Black Tiger pilot Hardy dies off-screen before the Star Force can penetrate the fortress, and the entire boarding party (save Wildstar and Sandor) die getting to the energy center (again, all off-screen). All of the Black Tiger pilots in the Comet Empire's hangar bay are killed, and when the scene shifts to Conroy, you can see him noticably grimacing (as if shot), with other Black Tiger pilot bodies littered on the hangar bay. Conroy dies, but he's replaced in an interesting way - once he guides his plane into the Argo's hangar bay carrying Sandor and Wildstar, Wildstar goes up to thank him, and notices him slumped over on his console (this part was edited, obviously). He is replaced by his "twin" brother Cory Conroy in the third season. Some have called this lazy, in respects to keeping the same character while not, at the same time.

        Also, Invidia, Dire, and everyone who conspired against Zordar (or more accurately, against Desslok) are left to die on the exploding fortress (though English dialogue notes Zordar saying "Come along, I can use you for minor tasks", and yet are not seen in the last episode).

      • Knox dies in this episode, though English dialogue denies this. It's not hard to figure his death, since he sets the bombs in the Comet's energy core, and there's realistically no time left for him to escape. Royster is the only notable person to die offscreen, as the ship is rocked trying to figure out the Comet Empire's weakness and what Desslok meant. In the A.Y. movie, Royster's character dies relaying the information of the Comet's weak point to Sandor.

        Neither character, obviously, is seen for the rest of the series.

      • A.Y. - Zordar, feeling confident that no one can stop him, offers two choices to Earth - surrender or die. Nova, onboard the Argo, joins the bridge, as Sandor explains how to destroy the Comet Effect. Earth chooses not to surrender, and just as the White Comet is about to destroy the Earth, the Argo warps in front of the comet, and fires the Wave Motion Gun directly in the middle of the Comet Effect. An explosion results, and much jubilation is had, until the real fortress emerges from the explosion. The Star Force attacks with everything they have, but the Empire fires everything at them, nearly destroying the ship, and killing Dr. Sane, IQ-9, the engineering crew, Hijikata (who dies knowing that his honor is intact) and Nova. Sandor discovers the weak point underneath the Empire and the Star Force boards the massive fortress.

        Wildstar, Sandor, and Knox arrive at the enery station, but Sandor convices Wildstar to leave them and return to the ship. Sandor and Knox stay on the fortress, planting bombs in the energy core. Knox dies from defending Sandor's position, and Sandor is able to set off the bombs, neutralizing the fortress.

        Conroy returns Wildstar to the Argo, but his injuries get the best of him, and he dies just as the plane reaches the hangar.

        Zordar kills his mistress, Invidia, in an act of rage (she's not his daughter, btw), and as Earth cheers the apparant destruction of the Empire, another huge battleship rises from the ashes.

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