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BBC Two (ended 1987)





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  • 20 Years Too Early

    This was one of TV's great sci-fi shows. It is one of a handful of shows that tried to present a realistic view of the near future and mankind's first steps into space. Despite being one of the best written shows ever aired, it suffered from one big problem... the show's vision was unachievable using 80's technology. Today's CGI would have made this a much different show.
  • One of the most underrated and best written shows of the 80s. With very strong storylines and a theme song written by Justin Hayward.

    This was one of the most underrated BBC shows which was created by Chris Boucher, a well respected writer and script editor of many shows.

    The multi-cultural Star Cops included not just Brits, but Australians, Americans, Italians, Russians, Japanese although they were all very stereotypical characters.

    It tried to gather an audience from the Science Fiction devotee and, at the same time tried to lure an audience from the TV cop and detective shows. Unfortunately it did neither as Science Fiction aficionados expected to see travel to other worlds, aliens and monsters and the cop show watcher didn't like the idea that it was set in space!

    The producers were in close contact with NASA during filming and the set even had a visit by astronaut, Commander Pete Conrad, who gave them support and tips on what to consider during the filming of scenes which included weightlessness. Much of this was difficult and costly to film and during some scenes where the actors wore flying harnesses, in trying too hard to replicate the scientific reality, it became slightly pantomime.

    Some of it unfortunately fell to shooting at a time when the BBC electricians decided to strike. The show was not seen as priority during this time and at least one episode was cancelled.

    Finally, the series was never given a reasonable time slot on BBC2 and always being broadcast against strong rated BBC1 programmes, which seemed to be an act of sabotage by the BBC senior executives, led to its demise after only a handful of episodes.