Star Fleet

ITV (ended 1983)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • A New Beginning For The Galaxy
    • The End Of Earth
      The End Of Earth
      Episode 23
    • Board The Imperial Alliance Flagship!
    • Callinean: A Battle With No Tomorrow!
    • Callinean: Full Frontal Attack Begins!
    • F-01: Assassination Plot
    • Commander Makara's Promotion / Destroy The Prison Planet!
    • Asleep In The Ice Prison
      Lamia is held prisoner in the dungeons of the glacial planet, condemned by Commander Makara to life in death. Only Captain Halley can read her thoughts. Will he be able to direct X-Bomber to the Rainbow Galaxy? Or will Dr. Benn be too late?
    • Lamia Kidnapped
      Lamia Kidnapped
      Episode 16
      After Lamia is kidnapped by the Imperial Alliance the X-Bomber crew decide to go after her on a rescue mission. However, as the ship is set to take off Captain Halley requests a meeting with Dr. Benn to explain why the Imperial Alliance want F-01.
    • X-Bomber: Death On Planet Morphane
      Lamia telepathically detects an Imperial Alliance Warship heading towards X-Bomber. The ship attacks and damages X-Bomber's oxygen supply leaving PPA, Kirara, and Lamia to defend the ship as the rest of the crew lay unconscious.
    • Lamia: Girl Of Destiny
      After finally communicating with the Skull Ship Dr. Benn forbids Lamia to go and speak with the person who has been sending them the mysterious messages. But Lamia convinces Shiro to disobey orders and take her in a space craft to visit the Skull, but disobeying Dr. Benn's orders comes with a price as Lamia's life is put at risk.moreless
    • Battle To The Death: X-Bomber Vs. The Imperial Alliance
      As the crew celebrate New Years Day, Shiro remembers the past events that led up to his duel with Captain Carter.
    • Our Mortal Enemy Is Captain Carter
      X-Bomber receives another distress call, this time coming from a Imperial Soldier that has seemingly chosen to flee Makara's ship and defect from the Imperial Alliance. Once on board X-Bomber the soldier is put into sick bay and the crew debate whether or not he can be trusted.
    • Farewell, The Eternal Battlefield
      X-Bomber receives a distress call from a near planet. Shiro, Lee, and Hercules take the Dai-X to investigate and find a planet ravaged by war. When the pilots finally find the source of the distress call they learn more about the strange planets history.
    • Galaxy Adrift
      Galaxy Adrift
      Episode 10
      Someone from X-Bombers past reemerges, but has changed for the worst. After trying to trace the Skull ship, the crew receive a message from the Skull telling them to meet on the planet Zenith. As they land it becomes apparent the message wasn't from the real Skull Ship.
    • Target: The Commander
      Makara and Orion report back to the Imperial Master in the Thalian Zone. He looks back at their recent encounters with X-Bomber, and decides whether or not their failures in battle deserve the punishment of death.
    • An Attack Beyond Tears
      Dr. Benn tells the crew that they need to land X-Bomber at the next planet they come across to make some much needed repairs to the ship. After landing Makara locates them and decides to destroy the X-Bomber whilst it is defenseless by activating a dormant volcano on the planet.
    • Mortal Combat In The Gravity Graveyard
      The crew of X-Bomber are stranded in a black hole, without hardly any power to defend themselves from the attack of the Imperial Alliance.
    • X-Bomber Goes Forth
      The X-Bomber crew are given the mission of locating the Skull ship that contacted Lamia. However their orders are interrupted by the Imperial Alliance, who once again threatening to attack Earth.
    • The Mysterious Ship 'Skull'
      Whilst the rest of the crew explore Pluto base to try and find out if their friend Captain Carter is still alive, Lamia receives a mysterious message from something called the skull.
    • Wipe Out The Transport Fleet
      After three supply ships go missing X-Bomber is given the task of escorting the replacement ships. Along the way they are ambushed and have to fight for survival.
    • Find F-01!
      Find F-01!
      Episode 3
      Dr Benn orders Lamia back to Moonbase, however she has other plans. Mean while back at star fleet command time is running out for General Kyle concerning the imperial alliances ultimatum for the location of F-01.
    • The Super Powerful Imperial Alliance
      The imperial alliance head towards Earth to find F-01, but don't know its precise location. On the moon Lamia leaves the Moonbase and heads toward the grounded x-bomber, meanwhile the x-bombers crew must fend off an attack from imperial battle cruisers. As Lamia boards the ship to help them, Makara of the imperial alliance makes contact with star fleet command headquarters and gives them an hour to tell her the exact location of F-01.moreless
    • Scramble X-Bomber!
      After star fleet cruiser one is destroyed by the Orion cruiser, the head of Earth defense force, General Kyle contacts Dr. Ben and orders him to prepare his top secret space ship for battle, referred to as x-project. General Kyle sends his best pilots Shiro, John Lee, and Barry Hercules to meet Dr. Ben and his assistant Lamia. Meanwhile Pluto base one is destroyed by the Imperial fighters who after the attack change their course and start to head to Earth. After hearing the news of the destruction of Pluto base one, all three pilots morn the loss of their friend who was based there Captain Carter.moreless