Star Ocean EX

A&E (ended 2001)




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Star Ocean EX

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After an asteroid falls to Expel, more natural disasters occur and monsters begin to appear. The people of Expel have a legend which says that a warrior will come from another world to save Expel with a sword of light.

On the planet of Milocinia, a team from the space ship Calnus investigates a large globe that fell to the planet and has been causing disturbances. While investigating, one of their members, Claude Kenni, is pulled into a device and transported to Expel, where he meets Rena Lanford. After he saves her life, she begins to think that he is the Warrior of Light.

Claude hears of the legends and of the Sorcery Globe and of the disasters that are happening. He begins to think the Sorcery Globe is alot like the sphere the Calnus found and decides to go see for himself what the Sorcery Globe really is, hoping it will help him get back home.