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  • A anime made for pre-teens.

    Star Ocean EX isn't a horrible anime, but it's bad. It could also be a matter of perspective, because I don't think Star Ocean EX was made for anyone over 13 years old. Here's a brief look at the story. Claude is on his first interplanetary mission when his space ship he's on runs into a asteroid field. After making emergency maneuvers they land on a unexplored planet. Claude sets off on his own and finds a artifact which he accidentally sets off and it sends him to another world. He's at the other world where the first thing he does is save a young girl named Rena Lanford who thinks Claude is the legendary warrior who has come to save the world.

    Ok I think that's enough. The story I think was written for a ten year old. The animation looks like it was made in America. The characters are cardboard cut outs with no personality. The music wasn't very good. Overall it's a cheesy anime that I think wasn't made for anyone over 13 years old.
  • Huge fan of the game, and the anime is completely epic.

    Being a big fan of the game way back when, i was surprised to find than an actual show was made about it. What surprised me even mroe was jsut how good it actually was.

    Production values were a bit slim, there is alot of rehashed animation strewn together throughout all 26 episodes. And the fact that the main characters whorespam the same attack all the time gets a bit repetative. Claude and Dias reuse Air Slash so many times it makes me sick. However, when they finally DO start using a new move (and it takes a LONG time) you REALLY appreciate it. So i dont know what i would rather have.
    Sometimes the show feels like a slideshow during an eathquake. There are alot of still images to be found, and an extreme portion of them exist during the battle sequences. Which is trh reason i gave .5 less points out of 10. The action sequences could be longer and animated alot better.

    As far as the characters go, they retain their video game likeness in every conceivable aspect, and for the most part, maintained their game personalities. Its no secret Tri-Ace made an awesome game with Star Ocean the Second Story (whcih Star Ocean EX is directly based off of) with an epic storyline, so why change it except to make it more dramatic for episodic delivery basis?

    Even if youve played the game extensively, this show manages to keep you guessing as to what happening next, all the way down to seeing the next person in the game who hasn't made an apearance yet, to figuring out renas true past and destiny, as well as Claude figuring himself out.

    Ashton Anchors, my favorite character in the game is quite possibly the msot colourful character in the show. es quite the jynx, a bit of a scaredy cat, and like sto avoid trouble, especially after getting possessed by Gyuoru and Ururun. However the times where he finally distills confidence in his abilities and skills, and/or when Gyuoru or Ururun take over his body and speech, are his most shining moments and its at those times that remind me why he is specifically my favorite. At first its kind of strange to see a person with two dragons coming out of his back, but soon you barely acknowloge that its a strange sight and youve come to accept them as one. Plus the dual short-sword thing i just damned cool.
    However the show depicts him as something of a cradle robber if you will. He loves Precis, but shes barely a teenager, and hes way older.

    Dias, while a dissapointment in the later stages of the game, is probably the second best character, its always a pleasure to see him in the show, doing what he does best: being secretive, dark, and killing.

    Leon isnt quite as snotty as in the game, more or less just a bit arrogant, like hes got some sort of pride to lose at all times. Which is fine, his voice actor does a great job.

    Oh and thats another thing wherer this show shines: The english and japanese voice overs are great! There is only 1, and i counted em, 1 part that made me go "oh piss off" at. And thats this tiny sequence
    Ashton: "Hey look i found a cliff!"
    Celeine: "Hey look i found an dumb idiot with two dragons on his back"

    that was possibly some of the worse dialogue writted for this entire series.

    Everyone from the game is here and even some very much lesser known characters are given huger roles in the show. So you wont be dissapointed.

    Great Anime, wish it didn;t end on such a cliffhanger though, and i really wish Ashton got the courage he got in the last 2 episodes a bit earlier ni the show. Studio Deen really fell back on him as the comic releif. Which is unfortunate.

    Highly recommended, especially if youve played the game.
  • This is the greatest anime in the history of the universe, litteraly and figerativly. I cannot believe, anyway what so ever, a person could possibly think otherwise.

    This was all in all the greatest anime I've ever seen. The reasoning is simple, back when I played Star Ocean: The Second Story, to be honest, one of the best, if not the best games in the history of time itelf, there sadly were things I hated. For one, you could not get all the characters. I know that sounds retarted from the aspect that people think Star Ocean is great because you can play the game any numbers of ways. Yes, that is great from a replay point of view, however, from a purely storyline point of view, that sucked. I hated that part. I wanted to see all the characters, from Opera Vectra, to Leon, down to Claude, Rena, and Celine herself. It brought me to tears when I found out they not only were all in the series, but also, they were all together for the final battle. I had to stop the anime hundreds of times, to prevent myself from knocking my computer off my bed with both joy, sadness, happiness, and everything. Opera and Ernest rejoined, happiness, oh the wonder. Some people may argue this wasn't a very good anime. Ya, if you are so affixiated on being exact with the storyline, then ya, it is an attrocity, but if you can handle a little change for the better, like, what would happen if all the characters would join forces and save Expel. Well then, now your talking, because that is exactly what this anime does. It makes the impossible, possible, and ends the series with not and ending, but a beginning, a beginning of the greatest journy in the history of time and space, in which a few noble warriors, set out to save all time. And one such warrior, Claude C. Kenni and the girl he loves Rena Lanford, which alone brings tears to my eyes, set out together, and succeed. It's the greatest ending ever, because they don't end it on a low note, they end with you wanting more, yet even so, you are still satisfied. I can't express how glorious this anime is, at least for me. You have to think deep, long, and hard, just like I did in the games. Read between the lines, get into the characters, and when you do, after playing the game and doing the same, you will be touched so much by this anime, the oceans of earth will look like mere specks of the liquid that will pour out of your eyes. For this story truly is, the greatest tale ever told, of one boy and his attempt, to become a man, to get out from under his father's shadow, and in that same instance, to be taken away, away from everything he could possibly ever know, and be thrown into a world of danger, where people on all sides which him dead, where an evil learks in the shadows waiting for him to die, so they can rule supreme, and for a girl he loves, who he meets by happen chance, an orphen, who doesn't even realize, she is the key to everything, a girl who discovers his true destiny, as "The Warrior of Light", the Knight of Justice who will rain hope upon the world, and save all from the evils that lie ahead, in the greatest video game ever made anime. STAR OCEAN EX. You won't be disapointed. I give it a 20/10 and that doesn't even come close to expressing how good it is...
  • If you're a fan of the game, then you'll love this.

    Star Ocean: the second story was released in 1997 by Enix and developed by tri-Ace for the Playstation. Many don't remember this little gem, but the enjoyment factor for this show stems from the Star Ocean series. The show follows the story almost perfectly (there are a few differences here and there), and looks fabulous.
    The characters follow their Playstation counterparts almost perfectly (and look better than the in-game drawings). The anime only covers the first disc of the game (so some characters and plot don't make it into the show). That's the only down-side here; the series trails off abruptly, and it looks like it will never be finished.
    Still all the great qualities of an anime are here, and the conflict between Dias and Claude works wonderfully. You might not get it if you haven't played the game, but as a fan of the original I found it to be great. I actually wtached the anime first, and then, realizing it was based on a good RPG, I bought the game.
  • Overall this anime has 26 episodes related to the game. Yet if they make the continuous story of this anime, maybe it'll increase some fans of watching that anime show.

    A very interesting show to watch yet might been forgotten as they have more popular anime shows like Naruto, Bleach and One Piece. Adapted from the game and manga called Star Ocean 2: The Second Story, the two main characters are Claude and Rena in their quest to solve the mystery of the Sorcey Globe with a group of friends like Celine and Ashton. It has the similarity from the manga series yet some story were shorten and add more details. Likewise, many humerous scenes were shown and a fwe minutes battle scenes to been shown. Conclusion, the manga artwork is great but lack of battle scenes. An 8/10 ratings for me.