Star Search (1983)

Saturday 6:00 PM on ABC Premiered Sep 10, 1983 In Season


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  • my veiw

    best talent show ever everybody had a fair shot junior and senior level dance singing comedy everything
  • Average

    This show was not bad in it's time back in the 1980's or early 1990's whenever it was on, I can't even really remember. Obviously it totally depends on who the performers are and how talented those performers are when it is decided how good each individual show was. They had a lot of good singers most of the time and some okay comedians, dancers, magicians and random acts like that just in more general categories but they also had a lot of really bad acts where you have to wonder why they would put themselves on TV since they belonged more on a small local bar's karaoke night or something.
  • a lot better than americal idol

    show me the digits, this is a good show compared to american idol. ed mcmahon have handed the show to arsenio hall, his cool as well. it's more in tune with the 21st century. even though i don't see this show on a regular basis, i still feel it's a good decent show. i like it. this show doesn't have that dreadful simon cowell, and the losers don't have to exit with simon's disgraceful farewell. this show is nice to watch, it's entertaining, it's far more superior than american idol. I'm not much into the contest shows, but once in awhile i get to see this.
  • I wish

    I wish this show was still on air, because their alot of stars out there that can be reached for fame, and that could be on this show. Even though they cancled I still like to watch episodes from the past where people sing and dance. But this show is still decent!