Star Ship Girl Yamamoto Yohko

AZN TV (ended 1999)


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  • One of the best anime shows I've ever watched. Comedy, drama, suspense, action, ALL OF THEM IN ON PACKAGE!

    This show was the pinnacle of its time (IMO). One of the best animes in my list, Starship Girl has it all. If you are looking for a crazy kick-ass anime, they've got Starship battles gunning each other with missiles, lasers, and special weapons unique to each character, for example, Yohko has the Everblack Cannon, one of the most powerful weapons, or should I say its a friggin obliterator, and Ayano has some grapple guns to simulate her Judo skills. You want drama? This show has a great storyline and it'll make you say "Am I watching a Sci-Fi Action or not?" Suspense? By Episode 11, the whole thing starts to get creepy (Spoiler Alert!). Some kid just shows up randomly in their station (only the 4 characters knew about the teleport device to the future), and as Yohko looks at the kid, she looks just like her! Not to mention her beating the crap out of someone who was made exactly like her but it was a guy... and it creeps me out (Yamamoto Yosuke). Comedy you say? Yeah there is comedy in here. Every episode Madoka Midou just shows up somewhere in the show with her friggin shining forehead, thus Yohko giving her the nickname "Forehead Mantis."

    Bottom Line: Watch it! You don't have to take my word for it... watch it with your own eyes and see what you think.