Star Stories - Season 3

Friday 12:00 AM on Channel 4 Premiered Sep 15, 2006 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Bono
    Episode 5
    Star Stories looks at the tale of Bono and answers questions such as just how did Bono meet the other members of U2, what did his dad think of his beliefs that he could really change the world and how did he go on to create Live Aid and Live 8 with Sir Bob Geldof?moreless
  • Kate Moss
    Kate Moss
    Episode 4
    Star Stories tells the tale of how Naomi Campbell helped Kate Moss become a top model. Many questions are answered, such as why was she attracted to all the wrong guys, what did Johnny Depp warn her to stay away from and just how much money did Pete Doherty borrow from her and for what reason?moreless
  • Peter Andre and Jordan
    Peter Andre and Jordan's (real name, Katie Price) relationship is explored as we look at their romance. Jordan's dizzying ascent to the top of the glamour-modelling world is followed and we find out just how Peter became a famous pop star with a fondness for taking his top off and making up hybrid words. We see how they met and how they fell in love in the celebrity jungle.moreless
  • Heather Mills
    Heather Mills
    Episode 2
    Heather Mills tells her side of the story of her life with Paul McCartney. We find out about Heather's tough upbringing in Newcastle, why her leg was lost in a motorcycle accident and just how Sir Paul fell in love with her. The crumbling of the fairytale relationship is explored and shown to be through no fault of her own but because Beatles fans schemed to turn the media against her. We also see how Heather wins in court by showing how harsh Sir Paul really was.moreless
  • Elton John: Patron Saint of Celebrities
    Star Stories tells us the tale of just how Sir Elton became the Patron Saint of Celebrities. We find out how he spent the 1970s overdoing the cocaine and we discover why pop stars should not be bald. Also the fact that it took so long for Elton to come out of the closet is investigated.moreless