Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Season 6 Episode 1

A Time to Stand (2)

Aired Weekdays 11:00 AM Sep 29, 1997 on Syndicado

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  • A subtle start to the season

    While the fifth season finale teases a big battle show to follow, "A Time to Stand" spends most of its time in the periphery of hostilities until the end. There are battles, but they happen off screen. Sisko and company's regrouping and the Dominion's occupation of Deep Space Nine, the alternating A and B stories, are both rather quiet and do not intersect. The bulk of the episode includes small-scale scenes between the characters, including a mix of new and old pairings like Kira and Odo, Weyoun and Jake, Dukat and Kira, and Ben and Admiral Ross. Most of the scenes go as we would expect, with the exception of Ben and the new Admiral. Barry Jenner takes a novel approach to playing the Captain's boss: he doesn't act like a dick. This unusual acting decision immediately vaults him ahead of just about every admiral preceding him for the "most liked figurehead" award.

    As the episode nears its end, the action picks up with a daring undercover mini-mission, setting the table for the next episode.

  • Another exciting installment in one of DS9's best stretches.

    It's a testament to the strength of this 8-parter that "A Time to Stand" and "Rocks and Shoals" are NOT the strongest segments. You could almost call the Sisko portion "filler" in the sense that it doesn't absolutely advance the main part of the story - except it's so exciting.

    I actually prefer the Odo-Kira arc a little better here. You get a very unsettling encounter between Kira and Dukat, with the latter at his creepiest. Quark gets a nice turn lecturing Odo and Kira, while Jake has an amusing encounter with Weyoun. But this is really about two protagonists - Kira and Odo - trying to straddle the line between resistance and collaboration.

  • amaing

    now, the dominon control deep space nine in the season and six episode story arc starter.finally in this episode deep space nine gets an admiral ( william ross )which added to the show to have a reoccuring admiral who would sisko go only so far.another cool thing is we got to FINALLY see a dominon war story begin to unfold which only ends with the conclussion of the series."A TIME TO STAND" did a great thing for me which is it took bashir and garak and started a comic relief between the two charaters.the greatest part of it all is we get to see our famous starfleet officers board a jem'hadar fighter,take it into dominon space and take out an entire kitracel white facility based on a asteroid rock in space.amazing!
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