Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Season 5 Episode 1

Apocalypse Rising

Aired Weekdays 11:00 AM Sep 30, 1996 on Syndicado

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  • Picks up with the final climactic confrontation.

    Aside from "Emissary", this is probably the weakest season premiere in DS9's run. Not that it's bad or anything - but like many of these episodes, there's too much setup. We also get some over-the-top Odo moping - maybe appropriate for the character, but really not that interesting to watch. It's entertaining to see O'Brien and Sisko as Klingons, of course, and we get some a nice relatively brief appearance by Dukat.

    It's really in the last few scenes that the episode picks up, and I suspect first time viewers will be on the edge of their seat to see how the villain is exposed.