Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Season 4 Episode 25

Body Parts

Aired Weekdays 11:00 AM Jun 10, 1996 on Syndicado
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Episode Summary

Stardate: 49930.3 When Quark believes he is going to die, he performs the custom of selling off his desiccated remains in advance for profit. However, when he learns that he was misdiagnosed, cancelling the sale is more easily said than done. In the mean time, Keiko is seriously injured in an accident, and her developing baby must be transplanted into Major Kira's womb if it is to survive.moreless

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  • Quark the expat

    "Body Parts" takes a comedic premise and turns it into a fine story about what being a Ferengi means to Quark. With Jeffrey Combs (Brunt) playing the antagonist, and Max Grodenchik (Rom) and Andrew J. Robinson (Garak) serving as friends, Shimerman has fun with expatriate issues that the writers usually reserve for Worf. Of course, you're never going to have a Quark episode with the depth of "Sins of the Father", but it does make for a nice change of pace.

    The B story, with Kira and the O'Briens, is just there to work in Nana Visitor's pregnancy into the show. (Unfortunately, it makes Keiko even more of a third wheel than she was before).

    Director Avery Brooks, knowing he's working with two stories with foregone conclusions, plays up the visual whimsy, but overall the episode is a forgettable if okay installment that's stuck between two more ambitious offerings.

  • Quark signs a contract that requires him to die, forcing him to choose between death or ostracism from his fellow Ferengi. Nothing heavy, but some good laughs.

    In this episode, Quark returns to DS9 from a trip to his home planet with horrible news: he is dying. His brother Rom, trying to cheer him up, suggests that he engage in the proud Ferengi tradition of auctioning off his remains. Quark, initially reluctant, is eventually persuaded. All of a sudden a mysterious bidder buys all the remains at a lucrative price. Quark, certain the bidder is the Grand Nagus, agrees to sell immediately.

    Then the Ferengi doctor contacts Quark to tell him that he was misdiagnosed -- he isn't dying! Quark's relief is immense (characteristically, he begins to plot a malpractice suit) until he finds out that the owner of his remains is not the Grand Nagus, but rather the auditor Brunt. Brunt, who has a vendetta against Quark, insists that Quark either kill himself or do the unthinkable -- break a contract with a fellow Ferengi and get ostracized from their society.

    At this point, Quark enlists Garak's help as a trained killer. But once he realizes that he's too afraid of death, Quark decides to break the contract with Brunt. Brunt revokes Quark's business license and takes away all the property from the bar. But all of a sudden, members of the station bring drinks and furniture to "store" in the bar; Quark is back in business!

    Overall this was a pretty silly episode, but some parts of it were funny enough that it's worth watching. The presence of Rom and Garak, two of the best recurring characters on the show, certainly has a lot to do with it. Some of the best scenes, all hilarious: Quark soliciting Garak's help, Quark trying to go to sleep while avoiding death at Garak's hands, and Quark's dream (with Rom as the first Grand Nagus). Jeffrey Combs is really irritating as Brunt, which I suppose was the point. And the final scene, with Quark's friends all lending a hand to get his business back on its feet, is great despite being a little cheesy.

    The second plot is much shorter: after an accident, Keiko and Miles's baby is transferred into Major Kira's belly. (This was done to cover up Nana Visitor's pregnancy.) Despite not having a lot of substance, there were some touching scenes here. Keiko's unsettling insistence on having Kira over all the time was well done.moreless
  • Ho-Hum episode saved the the Ferengi. Quark 10, Keiko 0.

    This episode goes to show why you shouldn't have married couples in sci-fi programmes. Keiko has always been a spare part, and no matter how much they protest her realtionship with O'Brien is a best an inconvenience. This is the third or fourth attempt to make a storyline round her and it is just excrutiatingly awful. The only excuse the producers have is they had to deal with Nana Visitor's preganancy (something dealt with in other series - such as Voyager - by shooting the character from the chest up or from behind). This story line is bad, and should have been shot down when first floated.

    The episode is only saved by some more fun and games with the Ferengi. Jeffrey Coombs appears again as Brunt from the FCA, adding to his many varied appearances in the Star Trek universe in a bizarre plot line ruined only by the sentimental ending where everyone turns up to help Quark out. Without the Ferengi, this episode would rate a very poor 3 or 4.moreless
Armin Shimerman

Armin Shimerman


Terry Farrell

Terry Farrell

Lt./Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax (Season 1-6)

Michael Dorn

Michael Dorn

Lt. Commander Worf (Season 4-7)

Rene Auberjonois

Rene Auberjonois

Constable Odo

Nana Visitor

Nana Visitor

Major/Colonel/Commander Kira Nerys

Avery Brooks

Avery Brooks

Commander/Captain Benjamin Sisko

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • Quark refers to the station as a "Cardassian monstrosity." This is how Sisko describes the station during the Season 3 premiere, "The Search: Part 1".

    • Liquidator Brunt seems to know about Quark's misdiagnosis before Quark does. Considering the way he pushes for Quark's dessicated remains, then revokes his business license on the spot when Quark doesn't die, it is likely that Brunt engineered the misdiagnosis.

    • Garak mentions about once being a gardener to Quark. This refers to the time that Garak was a gardener on Romulus from episode, "Broken Link".

    • Nitpick: Quark loses everything, but seems to forget about the lawsuit against the doctor who misdiagnosed him. Is he now barred from filing the suit since he lost his business license?

    • It is revealed that Quark assisted the Bajorans with food and medical supplies during the occupation.

    • It is revealed that Bajorans have a 5 month gestation period.

    • Nitpick: Even if Brunt had the power to turn every Ferengi away from doing business or working with Quark, he still wouldn't have had the authority to start confiscating everything in Quark's bar without having to go through Sisko and Kira. Taking fixtures like the tables and chairs there would've been disrupting station commerce, something Sisko had been adamant about maintaining since "Emissary".

    • Nitpick: When Garak is at the holosuite, showing Quark different ways of assasination, he says 'remove the corpse', at which both the corpse and the plate of food disappear.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Quark: I want to hire you. Not as a tailor. As an assassin.
      Garak: I don't know what you're talking about.
      Quark: Oh yes you do. You weren't always a tailor.
      Garak: You're right. I used to be a gardener. Now if you have something you want weeded...

    • Brunt: May I have your attention, please? Brunt, F.C.A. As of this moment, no further Ferengi commerce may be conducted in this bar. No Ferengi may be employed by this bar, no Ferengi may eat or drink in this bar and no Ferengi... NO Ferengi may do business with THAT MAN!!! Confiscation of assets will begin immediately.
      Quark: Ladies and gentlemen, this bar is closed until further notice. Thank you for your patronage.

    • Rom: You don't have Dorek syndrome!
      Quark: You know what that means, Rom?
      Rom: It means you're going to live!
      Quark: It means I get to sue Doctor Orpax for malpractice!

    • Rom: But Dorek syndrom... it's so rare.
      Quark: It strikes only one out of every five million Ferengi... I finally beat the odds!

    • Rom: What else did you do?
      Quark: Well, let's see... closed the deal. Told you that. Did some shopping... made a pilgrimage to the Great Marketplace... and, oh yes, I found out that I'm DYING!

  • NOTES (7)

    • Jeffrey Combs (Brunt) played the recurring roles of Brunt, Weyoun, and Mulcahey on DS9. He also played Tiron on the DS9 episode "Meridian." He played the recurring role of Shran on Enterprise, and Krem in the Enterprise episode "Acquisition". On Voyager he played the role of Penk in the episode "Tsunkatse."

    • In this episode, Quark mentions that he gives his employees vacation, an offense among Ferengis. This is a reference to events from the episode "Bar Association".

    • Ferengi Rules Of Acquisition:

      Number 17: "A contract is a contract is a contract. But only between Ferengi."
      Number 239: "Never be afraid to mislabel a product."

    • Cirroc Lofton (Jake Sisko) does not appear in this episode.

    • Andrew Robinson is credited as "Andrew J. Robinson" from this episode onwards.

    • The conversion rate for latinum is:
      1 bar = 20 strips = 2,000 slips

    • The plotline with Keiko O Brien's unborn baby being transported into Kira was written in after Nana Visitor announced her real life pregnancy. The father of Nana Visitor's baby in real life is actually her co-star Alexander Siddig, who plays Julian Bashir.

      There are numerous allusions to this in this episode's dialogue between Kira and Bashir, Kira even says at one point "This is all your fault"


    • The USS Volga
      The USS Volga makes its introduction in this episode. As are all runabouts of this class, this one is named after a Earth river. The Volga River is located in Russia.