Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Weekdays 11:00 AM Feb 14, 1993 on Syndicado



  • Trivia

    • Fionnula Flanagan (Enina Tandro) also played Juliana Tainer in a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode titled "Inheritance". She also later played Ambassador V'Lar in Star Trek: Enterprise episode titled "Fallen Hero".

    • Nitpick: Selin Peers refers to the ruling body of the planet Trill as the Trillian government. This was the only time the term "Trillian" was used to describe the Trill.

    • This episode recycles day and night matte paintings for the Next Generation episode "Angel One", most noticeably in how the same scene differs from day to night-building on left completely disappears in night shot, and tree in foreground suddenly has more leaves and branches than shown in day shot.

    • According to the stardate given for this episode, this episode actually takes place toward the end of the first season, between the 16th and 17th episodes, "If Wishes Were Horses" and "The Forsaken".

    • Nitpick: One of the questions that Sisko asks Dax, is "if the competition to become a Trill is very strong...?" This implies that only the joined pair of a symbiont and a humanoid is a Trill. In later episodes it is developed that only a small minority of the Trill species receive a symbiont, and some do not even want one. The term used in later episodes to distinguish Trills that have received an symbiont is "joined Trill."

    • Goof: Dax mentioned that she studied zoo-ology, the study of zoos. This is a common mispronunciation of zo-ology, the study of animals. (Note: zoo is an abbreviation of zo-ological park.)

  • Quotes

    • Kira: You Klaestrons are allies of the Cardassians; your knowledge of the station confirms that they must have given you the layouts. Which not only compromises Bajoran security, but also... annoys us.

    • Sisko: Now, what the hell's going on? (Dax says nothing) Dax, if I'm going to help you, you've got to help me!
      Jadzia: I don't expect any help, Benjamin. Thank you, though.
      Sisko: Are you crazy?!

    • Renora: Commander, the warrant's in order. On what grounds do you ask me to deny extradition?
      Sisko: You say the warrant's in order. But the name on the warrant is "Dax." Certainly that doesn't refer to Jadzia Dax, a female; but to the now deceased Curzon Dax, a male. This young woman wasn't even born thirty years ago.
      Tandro: You're arguing semantics. This creature is a Trill. The symbiont known as Dax has progressed from one host to the next.
      Sisko: Exactly. From one host to the next. A different host; a different person. So I submit that the person he wants to extradite no longer exists. And I challenge him to prove otherwise.
      Tandro: That's ridiculous.
      Renora: It would've been easier on me had you not raised that point, Commander. (to Tandro) But the penalty for these crimes on your planet is death; and that's rather permanent. So before I grant extradition, you will convince me, please, that the person named in your warrant is the same person that's sitting here now.

    • Judge Renora: This will be an informal hearing, so I'm going to start with some informal advice. I'm 100 years old. I do not have time to squander listening to superfluous language. In short, I intend to be here until supper, not senility. Understood?

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