Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Season 1 Episode 19


Aired Weekdays 11:00 AM Jun 13, 1993 on Syndicado

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  • Harris Yulin rocks.

    Still in the red due to the expensive pilot, DS9 follows gives us a brig episode (essentially the same idea as an elevator episode but probably more Star Trek: a prisoner spends an episode in the brig while the regulars spend the hour talking to In this case, it's a circular story that takes Kira (and the viewer) on a journey that becomes more about her than the prisoner. Without fancy effects or the razzle dazzle of gamma quadrant (or a B story, a rarity for DS9), this sort of episode requires top notch writing and performances to keep the viewer interested. It gets both.

    The episode itself is a mystery which (like a Garak episode) has lies that are as interesting as the truth. Eventually we discover that the real issue we've been exploring is not the predictable "Nazi" fallout story it seems to be (which the original series does in the first season episode, "The Conscience of the King" an episode that is similar to this Instead, it's a bolder, more personal character study that packs an emotional wallop and leaves the viewer breathless.

    But what really makes the episode special is the acting. Nana Visitor is great, and Harris Yulin takes it to another level as the "war criminal". The two have a chemistry together and turn the episode into a must see.

  • Best of Season 1

    Not all Cardassians are evil; not all Nazis were evil.

    This episode clearly reflects on the horrors of the Holocaust, comparing the Cardassians to the Nazis and the Bajorans to the ones trampled beneath their feet on their "path to glory."

    This episode is a clever blend of Sci-Fi and mystery, this episode twists and turns, with a surprising, but good, ending.

    This is the best of season 1 of DS9.
  • DS9 at its best. Evocative and clever.

    When I first started watching DS9, I was a young man, and I didn't appreciate so much episodes like this. Oh what a fool I was. Yes the huge ship battles are cool, and the war with the Dominion was a very entertaining storyline, but they are a little in your face. Episodes like this are where the real gold is. Now I've seen the entire show several times, it's episodes like this one I come back to.

    Here, a Cardassion comes to the station. Kira believes him to be a war criminal from one of the labour camps on Bajor and sets out to investigate as such. What she finds leads to twists and turns in the episode, taking the viewer first one way and then another and giving strong emotions both ways. Visitor is good here, and it is a development story about her at the centre, about facing her feelings for Cardassians and trying to overcome them. But if you watch this episode, it's the Cardassian himself who's going to be the one to watch. His speech about being proud of what he did was truly a treat to watch - both frightening and glorious in equal measure.

    A very worthwhile use of 45 minutes.
  • Words just cannot do this episode justice......

    'Duet' is an absolute masterpiece on every level and is undoubtedly one of the finest hours of television I've ever seen.

    A brilliant script is brought to vivid life by stunning, gut-wrenching performances by both Nana Visitor and Harris Yulin as suspected war criminal Marritza. Some really chilling, harrowing character scenes and a genuinely moving coda are topped off by a final twist that's almost too much to bear. It doesn't matter how many times I've seen this episode - I still find it an absolute gut-wrencher.

    This is about as good as television gets. It's nothing short of a crime that this episode didn't win some kind of award or at least get recognition for the strength of the writing and acting.

    Simply perfect.
  • The first classic episode in DS9's run, and one of the best. Exceptional performances and writing.

    In Next Generation, the season 2 episode "Measure of a Man" showed that the show was capable of truly great stories. Fortunately, DS9 hit that point late in the 1st season with this classic. (To be fair, DS9 benefited from experience.)

    Though many younger newcomers to DS9 may not appreciate it, this episode had particular relevance in 1993, which saw crimes against humanity in both Rwanda and the Balkans.

    But this isn't just an "issue show". It's an extremely intense character-driven episode. The evolution of Kira's character as she confronts her own racism and then transcends it, as well as the extremely harrowing interrogation scenes, make this a gripping 45 minutes. Though Nana Visitor was still smoothing the rough edges, her skills as an actress make it one of the best non-Meaney performances in season 1. Harris Yullin, though, is the true star here - his chilling and eventually heart-breaking performance as a "war criminal" is unforgettable. The writers deserve kudos for a fantastic script. And of course, we get our second visit from Gul Dukat.

    This episode operates as a mystery - there are several surprising twists - but even on second viewing, the emotional power lingers. Essential viewing.
  • A suspected war criminal arrives in DS9 and falls right in the hands of major Kira Nerys who is eager to prosecute him.

    This is a brilliant episode, wonderfully scripted, acted and directed. It's also of historic significance for the fans of DS9, as it was the first really great episode of the series, the one that hinted DS9 was a dynamic series with many more great episodes to follow. Nana Visitor performed well, but the big kudos goes to Harris Yulin that offered us an exceptional performance. Certainly it was a plus for the DS9 creators, the fact they managed not only to attract that kind of actors, but also to obtain from them the best possible performance. Kudos also to the writers, for building such a wonderful story around bigotry, war crimes and guilty.
  • Topic: Justice/Racism - A Kardassian faces the possibility of a trial for war crimes, when enough proof surfaces. Warning Label: stabbing death, hate. Family Rating: PG

    Emotional response was saddened by the eventual outcome. Like real life, some are just content to hate based solely on what's seen on the surface without digging for the truth.

    Series Impact: Character building for both Kira and Sisko. Kira's character undergoes a transformation, while Sisko is shown as patient and seeking justice.

    # of Nine: Drama 7, Suspense 5, Action 4, Comedy 1

    Acting - Very good
    Scenery - OPs, Infirmary, Brig, Commander's Office, Promenade, Security HQ
    Sound - good
    Lighting - good
    Effects - few, but good
    Costumes - typical
    Props - Morautian Sea Vale? (drink)
  • An ailing Cardassian comes to the station and Kira ends up investigating his war history.

    Every previous episode from Season 1 was okay or interesting, all evidence of a new show getting on it's feet. 'Duet' was DS9's first really solid episode, a precursor of the shows eventual dramatic greatness.

    A sick Cardassian is suspected of being Gul Darhe'el, one of the most notorious villains from the Cardassian Occupation. He acknowledges it, and does nothing but bluster and gloat about his greatness. Kira has absolutely no problems locking him up and throwing away the key. But the more they talk, the more holes pop up in his story.

    Through all this, Kira is naturally struggling with her natural hateful instincts for Cardassians. But when she discovers that he is Marritza; a simple file clerk with no military battle experience, she pities him. Marritza breaks down, feeling guilty for not trying to stop the atrocities around him. Even though he truely innocent of any wrongdoing, he felt he should still be punished, NEEDED to be punished so that Cardassia would admit that the Occupation was wrong.

    Kira is suprised to find out not all Cardassians are evil, and here was a good one she would be proud to know. A tragic and unfortunate ending forces Kira to realize she has started to change, and for the better.
  • Great Story and Great performence

    Harris Yulin gives a great performence of Marritza a cardassian pretending to be Gul Darheel, butcher of Gallitep.
    Major Kira has to deal with her own hatred against cardassians, but soon realises that Marritza is ready to sacrifice his own life for the good of showing everybody what atrocities his race has done.

    The episode has a shocking end with the murder of Marritza by a bajoran. When Kira asks him why, he simply replies : \"He\'s cardassian, that\'s reason enough\".

    This is one of the darker episodes of the series, but brilliantly written and performed. It\'s about hatred, vengeance and the racism that comes out of it. Blind hatred leads to racism.
  • A man is haunted by his history and a very guilty conscience. He goes to great lengths to find redemption.

    This episode left you wondering right up to the very end. It was well written and had s surprising conclusion.

    It was another brilliant episode, a character driven story about one mans efforts to right a terrible wrong with a great personal sacrafice.

    Kira was kept on nails end until she learned the truth. Her reaction was the payoff at the end, establishing Nana as a great actress.
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