Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Season 1 Episode 2

Emissary (2)

Aired Weekdays 11:00 AM Jan 03, 1993 on Syndicado



  • Trivia

    • Cirroc Lofton, Patrick Stewart, Felecia Bell, Camille Saviola, Stephen Davies, Lily Mariye, Cassandra Byram and Garman Hertzler all make appearances as "Prophets" in addition to their credited roles.

    • Goof: In one scene, when the station is being fired on by the Cardassians, we see what appear to be girders falling on people. In the very next scene, we see someone fall on one of the girders and crush it flat.

  • Quotes

    • Kira: Shields up!
      O'Brien: What shields?

    • Sisko: We are constantly searching, not just for answers to our questions but for new questions.

    • O'Brien: Computer, you and I need to have a little talk.

    • Kira: You don't think Starfleet took command of this space station without the ability to defend it, do you?
      Jasad: Defend it? Your space station could not defend itself against one Cardassian warship.
      Kira: You're probably right, Jasad. And if you were dealing with a Starfleet officer, they'd probably admit we have a hopeless cause here... but I'm just a Bajoran who's been fighting a hopeless cause against Cardassians all her life... so if you want a war, I'll give you one.

    • Sisko: (viewing Jennifer in a vision) I see her like this, every time I close my eyes. In the darkness, in the blink of an eye, I see her like this.

    • Sisko: The game wouldn't be worth playing if we knew what was going to happen.

    • Sisko: (talking to the Prophets) And that is why I am here. Not to conquer you with weapons or with ideas. But to coexist and learn.

    • Sisko: That may be the most important thing to understand about humans. It is the unknown that defines our existence.

    • Sisko: The rules aren't important... what's important is - it's linear. Everytime I throw this ball a hundred different things can happen in a game; He might swing and miss, he might hit it. The point is you never know. You try to anticipate, set a strategy for all the possiblities as best you can... but in the end it comes down to throwing one pitch after another, and seeing what happens.

    • Sisko: It can be argued that a human is ultimately the sum of his experiences.

    • Odo: Doctor, most people in my experience wouldn't know reason if it walked up and shook their hand.

    • Kira: If you don't take that hand of my hip, you'll never be able to raise a glass with it again!
      Quark: I love a woman in uniform.

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