Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Season 3 Episode 4


Aired Weekdays 11:00 AM Oct 17, 1994 on Syndicado

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  • Fun Dax Episode

    Star Trek, with over 700 episodes, has drawn inspiration over the years from a diverse palette of sources. "Equilibrium," however, is the only entry with a magic show as the root and catalyst for its story. Intrigued by the act of illusionist Jeff Magnus McBride, the DS9 writing staff turned it into a story with McBride playing the most important character (Joran). While this might sound like a recipe for a flop (and it probably would have been had the staff gone with their original idea of a traveling circus visiting DS9,) the episode is a success because the magic act serves as an offbeat entry into a darker, more interesting story with a surprising secret.

    Featuring Sisko, Bashir, and Dax, the character-based mystery episode includes strong performances from Brooks, El Fadil, and Farrell, who have all become comfortable with their roles and in their relationships with each other. (With no money for new sets or location shooting, the script depends on them. The dream sequences and the visit to the Trill homeworld all take place on preexisting sets, with Trill's only appearance in Star Trek consisting of a matte painting, a redressed DS9 set, and the cave stage).

    "Equilibrium" serves as a followup of sorts to second season's "Playing God". And the episode's secret would come back into play in third season's "Facets" and seventh season's "Field of Fire".
  • Decent filler.

    Despite liking Teri Farrell and the Jadzia character, I never really cared for the backstory episodes the writers occasionally threw in. (With the major exceptions of "Rejoined" and "Blood Oath".) The "7 lives" aspect provided plenty of amusing anecdotes, and of course it informed the depth of her relationship with Sisko, but aside from that her previous lives weren't particularly interesting.

    This episode is entertaining. There's a nice air of mystery here, and of course the trio of Bashir, Sikso and Dax works well. But this newly discovered history never really bears much on the series (despite returning twice in the future). It's the kind of good-enough filler that pops up during DS9's stronger seasons.
  • I don't consider it filler if we learn something, and in this case, we learn a LOT about Trill society. Good episode, and great acting from Farrell!

    I don't consider it filler if we learn something, and in this case, we learn a LOT about Trill society. Good episode, and great acting from Farrell, Brooks, and Fadil! The one thing that fascinated me the most was the way the symbiots are kept in the caves; very, very interesting. Also, the fact that a race of beings could exist in such a way is so fascinating. Kudos to the set department; the caves seen in this episode are very impressive. So, again, I don't think it is filler if we are learning something new, and in this case, we learn about Trill society.
  • very boring filler episode

    This episode is one of my least favourite DS9 episode, its flat out boring and fells like just a filler episode. Its nice to see Dax get her own episode as i really like her as well as the trill species, and the conspiracy edge that is put on it is a good one. However in the end the episode falls flat and is very forgetable. In the arc of DS9 it really doesn't matter at all and is sort of a missed opportunity. That said, the performances are great as always and the show looks good, i just wish the story was a little more interesting.