Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Season 3 Episode 25


Aired Weekdays 11:00 AM Jun 12, 1995 on Syndicado

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  • Auberjonois summons his inner Jimmy Durante

    Beginning with an interesting premise that takes advantage of the ensemble cast (and gives them new parts to play), Facets picks up a thread from "Playing God" (an episode about Jadzia the mentor) and gives us the other side of the coin Jadzia the mentored. After spending half the episode allowing cast one by one to have fun in their new roles, the plot meanders into an Odo/Curzon dilemma that allows Ren Auberjonois to summon his inner Jimmy Durante. It would have probably been a better choice to have Dax transfer her past personalities into all of her station-mates at once, since it would allow us to get to the heart of the episode faster, and it would be fun to see them all interact. (Instead, we spend twenty minutes wondering just where were going with Nonetheless, the plot is a fun idea that could only be done on Deep Space Nine, and the actors are game including Terry Farrell (Dax), who is marvelous. There's always a danger in these sort of episodes that they will become less about Jadzia and more about the Trill's eccentricities (such as first season's "Dax") or that her spotlight will be stolen by other actors (such as second season's "Invasive Procedures") but here the writers keep the character in the forefront and play to Farrell's strengths, giving her an internal struggle to resolve even while allowing Auberjonois to nearly steal the show. (A dilemma similar to the Odo/Curzon joining would appear in Voyager's second season episode "Tuvix").

    There's also a B story that follow-ups on the Nog/Starfleet thread begun in earlier in the season in "Heart of Stone". But for whatever reason, it simply rehashes the same story as last time in a different form.

  • The best "past hosts" episode?

    Given Dax's character, we got several "past host" episodes throughout the series. Though they were generally interesting, they were rather slow and never quite delivered the goods. (I feel like we learned more about Dax from the previous-host anecdotes she'd pepper into her speech - THOSE were funny!)

    This one does work, and that's because we get to actually meet her hosts - in the form of her friends' bodies. The first few host appearance are lightweight, albeit with moments of humor (Quark as a female). But things pick up with Avery Brooks playing the psychotic Joran in an appropriately disturbing fashion, and then Rene Auberjenois lending the episode emotional depth as Curzon. Auberjenois combines just the perfect mix of Odo and Curzon, and it works great.

    A nice little breather before the season finale.
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