Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Season 3 Episode 10


Aired Weekdays 11:00 AM Nov 28, 1994 on Syndicado

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  • DS9's take on a classic (Midsummer Night's Dream) - now a favorite among real fans of the show

    Tastes differ - but considering the series' underlying premise, this episode makes perfect sense for the 3rd season. Lwuxana Troi is a character that you either love or you hate - I happen to love her. For one thing, the woman who survived Gene Roddenberry, inherited all rights to the Star Trek shows, executive-produced "Andromeda", etc.. and was an original series acress as Nurse Chapel - well, I love the provenance, and that Lwuxana, while possibly the most-annoying character ever to appear in these series, is just so damn energetic and .. well, hilarious imho. As she says to Odo "I've always wanted to see an upper-pylon"... lol. Folks who criticize this epi or call it forgettable - well - a recurring criticism of the series, especially as it wound down through season 7, was that it was a bit heavy - dark - serious..... so - here we have an epi that just has fun, doesn't take itself seriously - but does dig deeper in to a number of the character's psyches - seriously - from Odo's past contributing to an aversion to parties, etc.. to Dax's latent attraction to Sisko, etc.. well - I may have judged this episode more harshly in the past - but it's become a favorite now, just some "feel good", Star Trek style. So - I disagree with so much criticism - from assertions that it's the worst acting ever (absurd and specious claim), just horrible or "forgettable". I disagree with all of these. No real fan of this show, or the Star Trek universe, will dislike this episode. I'd say this epi may be the way to tell a real fan of Star Trek from ... just plain critics. Forgiving? Yeah, probably - but that's a pre-req for being a "real fan". Now - "Meridian", episode 9 - THAT is a real stinker... cast Dax as a lovesick teenager (the first of MANY times the writers do this, and screw up Dax _and_ her species, and the "what it means to be a Trill" theme since season one... to make "Brigadoon in Space"... lol -
  • Unique but forgettable

    Lwaxana Troi's visit to the station gives the writers a chance to do DS9's version of A Midsummer Night's Dream, an ensemble episode that's a departure from the series norm. The offbeat script opens the door for new costumes, new lighting, and new music, making this lighthearted comedy a one of a kind offering.

    Director Avery Brooks follows Shakespeare's lead, allowing the story (such that there is) develop before increasing the pace and the silliness as the episode approaches its conclusion.

    Woven into the farce is some petty bickering by Chief O'Brien and his visiting wife, who are having marital issues. The irony is that this sci fi show set in the 24th century presents these issues more realistically than most shows set in modern times.

    In the end, like a sitcom, everything returns to normal and nothing of lasting consequence happens. But as a lighthearted placeholder between more serious episodes, "Fascination" serves its purpose well.
  • Better than you'd expect.

    As another of the reviewers points out, this kind of episode was a cliche on Star Trek. That said, it's substantially better than, say, TNG's "Naked Now".

    For one, it happens later in the series - we know the characters, we know their normal relationships. Some of the romances are not particularly entertaining (and of course we are stuck with the annoying Lwaxana Troi), but others - Jake chasing Kira, Dax attempting to seduce Sisko - are hilarious. The O'Brien/Keiko story provides nice contrast. And of course, Bareil attempting to punch Sisko is plenty entertaining.

    A pleasant diversion - and nothing more.
  • Not your typical "love" episode

    This episode is at least a 5, and I am giving it an 8. Sure, it's not action packed, and there aren't a lot of phaser fights, but man, it is too funny. Let the actors have a good time, and enjoy the fun they get to have. This episode is cute, very amusing, and if you let go of your bad energy, it can be very enjoyable. I love when Odo and Lwazana are dancing; very comical. It's nice to see the characters having a good time when most of the time its all "gloom and doom." I found it to be a nice getaway from the usual seriousness of the season. I suggest you all watch it again!
  • HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!! But...

    Possibly the worst episode of any show I've ever seen. But that's why it worked! It was hilarious! It was stupid with cheesy acting and a terrible plot, but that madde it perfect! It was a horrible, horrible, awful, badly plotted swamp pit, that was absolutely hilarious! Lwaxana Troi arrives and her Betazoid illness spreads to others on the station making them unreasonably attracted to people they have a latent attraction to. It was very funny, while all the time possibly the worst episode ever! In ters of quality, this episode gets about a ZERO! In ters proud cheese, TEN all the way!
  • As if we weren't already sick of the romantic nonsense, it's front and center in this dull installment.

    In arguably the single weakest episode of the series, everyone is in love with everyone else. That's it. It's 40 minutes of wacky make-out scenes, people holding their heads, and proposals of undying love. It's a dull plotline that we've seen in every sci-fi show in history, and it's usually implemented a lot better than it is here. Given the utter lack of special effects, it's a safe bet that this was intended as a money saver. I'm surprised quark was even in make-up. Really boring, pointless. And Kako O'Brien might be the worst written character in the history of television.
  • Rather stupid...

    Though it is rather funny to see Jake obsessed with Kira, Bareil (I\'m not sure if I spelled his name right) with Dax, Dax with Sisko, and Kira and Bashir with each other, I have to say that this is a waste of time. After seeing good Dominion episodes, this episode seems like an insult to Deep Space Nine. If this were the first episode I have seen, I would have not gotten so in to the series as I am. True, it does have its good parts (which is why I didn\'t rate it a 1 or something), but, as another reviewer said, why even hint at Jake and Kira if you know it\'s never going to happen in a million years? But if you like fun, light-hearted episodes you might check this one out. As for me, next time I go through the third season, I\'m skipping this one.
  • The Love Bug Plot Line Strikes Again

    There are certain plot lines that Star Trek writers from every series go back and visit. A tweak here on motivation, a bump there from different characters -- but the plot line remains the same. This one was rolled out on at least four of the five series (I didn't watch "Enterprise" long enough, but I'd bet it was rolled out there, too.)

    Some mysterious force/disease/alien influence/whatever infects everybody so they all get inappropriately romantic with each other. For show fans, it's a little fun to watch the flirtations play out. And there is the added bonus of seeing how the episode pops up in references in later eps.

    But aside from that, these eps aren't much fun to watch. Any seasoned viewer spots the story right away. And we know none of it is real, so it hardly engages us. We *know* Jake and Kira are never going to hook up, so who cares about the hint that they might?

    The one minor saving grace in this ep is the subplot of the Battling O'Briens. Amidst all this fake love, the writers decided to throw in some genuine relationship stuff as Miles and Keiko act like real married people act. The flipside, though, is that Keiko's character was always so self-centered and manipulative, that she was difficult to watch. You keep wondering why the writers hated her so much that she could never be sympathetic. Or perhaps, why the show cast an actress whose emotional range only ran from "angry" and "peevish" to "bitchy" and "possessed by evil entity." In fact, I'd hazard a guess that Keiko was possessed by an evil entity on Enterprise and no one ever detected it. It's the only plausible explanation.

    Aside from that, you feel a mite embarrassed for poor Nana Visitor for being asked to act out that silly Gratitude Day ritual.

    This ep was worse than any of the silly Ferengi episodes. At least the writers tried something new in those.