Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Season 7 Episode 13

Field of Fire

Aired Weekdays 11:00 AM Feb 10, 1999 on Syndicado

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  • Bleh .

    An Ezri Dax episode written by the former writing partner of Ira Steven Behr, "Fire" is a dark murder mystery with an emphasis on Joran, a former host of Dax introduced in third season's "Equilibrium".

    Its premise, somewhat in the spirit of Showtime's Dexter series, is that no one can understand a serial killer like a serial killer, necessitating sweet Ezri summoning a part of her she generally buries. It's quite a recharacterization of Joran, who in "Equilibrium" is presented as a troubled musician with a violent temper who killed someone out of anger, as well as Dax, who in the same episode accepts Joran into her life. Joran here, played by a much older different actor (Leigh J. McCloskey), is presented as a thrill seeking murderer who wants to manipulate Ezri into killing strangers for sport.

    The investigation itself plays out slowly to build the suspense, though Wolfe does layer it with an interesting new weapon concept that allows director Tony Dow ("Wally" from Leave it to Beaver) to create some interesting x-ray visuals for its scope (I'm not really sure, however, why Odo needs to wear goggles to see a demonstration of it, considering the shapeshifter doesn't even have real In the end, Joran proves rather useless, though it's Ezri (and Wolfe) who insult a whole planet, insisting that anyone who doesn't like seeing people smile must be from there, leading to a final confrontation and some answers.

    It's all a rather dreary mess that does Nicole de Boer no favors.