Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Season 5 Episode 13

For the Uniform

Aired Weekdays 11:00 AM Feb 03, 1997 on Syndicado

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  • Sisko does Les Mis - without the songs.

    A sequel to fourth season's "For the Cause", this Sisko episode explores the ideas obsession and stubbornness, turning him into a combination of Ahab from Moby Dick and (as acknowledged in the episode) Javert from Les Miserables. It's a personality that suits Sisko, with Eddington's arrogance and smugness ensuring that the audience's sympathies stay with the Captain.

    Most of the episode takes place on the Defiant, with the writers throwing in a couple of wrinkles on board. First, a 3D "holocommunicator" takes the place of the viewscreen, which allows Kenneth Marshall ("Eddington") to interact with Sisko on the ship as opposed to through a TV screen. (It's not a piece of technology that's suitable for regular use; it requires careful exposition to avoid confusing the audience, and that's not something you want to have to do every episode. But it's nicely done here) And second, damage to the Defiant leads the crew to operate the ship manually, complete with someone (Nog) having to relay messages between the bridge and engineering. The two ideas work in concert with each other to create an electric environment which is all the more special for not overstaying its welcome, rarely appearing again in any incarnation of Star Trek.

    Eddington himself does return to the series; coming back later in the season for "Blaze of Glory" And the success of "For the Uniform" leads the writers to go dark again and push the envelope even further in sixth season's "In the Pale Moonlight" - and even better episode.


    The End Of The Maquis."For The Uniform" is alot like season six's "In The Pale Moonlight" in alot of ways.the story and writing is at its best.its a great Captain Sisko episode, its a great Starship Defiant episode,its a great story concluder episode.everything about "For The Uniform" was and is great.To me this is the greatest Maquis episodes and man there was some great maquis episodes. Sisko hunts down renegade/former starfleet security officer Michael Eddington now Maquis leader through the badlands located in the dmz near cardassian space.with the help of another starfleet captain and his federation staff Sisko finds a way to capture Eddington but i wont spoil it for you.i can only say its great!!!one thing i love about this episode is its a Defiant heavy kind of episode much like "Valiant" from season six.i love that episode and i love the kind of episodes in which i feel like were constantly moving,not standing still.I highly recommend "FOR THE UNIFORM". Awesome episode from an awesome television show.much like balance of terror which has kirk huntind down the romulans sisko must out smart the maquis.
  • Breaking the rules about the Federation.

    In a (lame) season 1 episode, Sisko is told by Q that "Picard would not have done that" only to be punched and told, "I'm not Picard." Well, this episode goes far and beyond where Picard would have gone. (Though I suppose "I Borg" could cast some doubts on that.) Picard was an obstinately ethical and by-the-book guy - someone who would break the rules on occasion, but act honorably and morally even if it cost him and his colleagues... and the Federation.

    Sisko had already pushed this boundary in earlier seasons, but here irrevocably crosses the line. In fact, the line between villain and hero is blurred quite aggressively here - you could easily write this story with Eddington and Sisko's roles reversed. And it's even worse because Sisko's pursuit of Eddington has a pretty big personal vendetta behind it.

    We'd have one last encounter with Eddington later in season 5. A worthy adversary!
  • Precursor to "In The Pale Moonlight"

    We take a break from the Dominion/Klingon problems for one last Maquis adventure. Michael Eddington (played to the hilt by Kenneth Marshall, who clearly relishes playing the villain) is causing all manner of hell in the Demilitarized Zone, and Sisko needs to stop him. This proves tricky because Eddington is extremely intelligent and knows Sisko like Sisko knows baseball. In addition, Sisko has to play by the rules, while Eddington doesn't...or does he?

    This episode is really important for several reasons. For one, the return of Eddington, as a villain, is much appreciated--the scenes where he and Sisko square off are golden. For another, it sets up next season's famed "In The Pale Moonlight" by having Sisko go off the Starfleet reservation, so to speak, and compromise for the greater good. It also happens to be one of the series' most exciting and fun episodes ever. All in all, a superior effort. Then again, from writer Peter Allan Fields (of "Duet", "Necessary Evil", and TNG's "The Inner Light" fame) we would expect nothing less.