Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Season 5 Episode 13

For the Uniform

Aired Weekdays 11:00 AM Feb 03, 1997 on Syndicado



  • Trivia

    • In this episode, we learn that Michael Eddington pictures himself as the Victor Hugo character Jean Valjean. This name is the same as the Maquis raider manned by the Chakotay cell at the beginning of Voyager.

    • Goof: The first time Captain Sanders deactivates the holo communicator he pushes three buttons. The second time he pushes only one. Both times he was on his ship.

  • Quotes

    • Sisko: He (Eddington) worked under me for a year and a half. I saw him almost every day. Read his reports. Had him to dinner. I even took him to a baseball game in the holosuite once. And I never saw it! It's my job to be a good judge of character, and what did I do? Not only did I not see it, I put him up for a promotion."
      Dax: He played his hand well.
      Sisko: He played me all right. And what is my excuse? Is he a Changeling? No. Is he a being with seven lifetimes of experience? No. Is he a wormhole alien? No. He's just a man, like me. And he beat me!

    • Eddington: Can't you see what's happening to you? You're going against everything you claim to believe in - and for what? To satisfy a personal vendetta.
      Sisko: (angry and defensive) You betrayed your uniform!
      Eddington: And you're betraying yours - right now! The sad part is you don't even realize it. I feel sorry for you, captain. This obsession with me - look what it's cost you.

    • Sisko: (holding a copy of Les Miserables) Eddington said this is one of his favorite books.
      Jadzia: There is no accounting for taste.

    • Jadzia: I'm curious, Benjamin... your plan to poison the Maquis planets - you didn't clear it with Starfleet, did you?
      Sisko: I knew I'd forgotten to do something.
      Jadzia: Sometimes I like it when the bad guy wins.

    • (talking about a group of refugees)
      Eddington: Look at them, captain. They're humans. Just like you and me. And Starfleet took everything away from them. Remember that the next time you put on that uniform. There's a war out here and you're on the wrong side.
      Sisko: You know what I see out there, mister Eddington? I see victims... but not of Cardassia or the Federation. Victims of you. The Maquis. You've sold these people the dream that one day, they can go back to those farms and homes and schools - but you know they never can. And the longer you keep that hope alive, the longer they're going to suffer.

    • (talking about treason)
      Sisko: There's a subject you know a lot about.
      Eddington: You've been on my tail for eight months and now that we're face-to-face - that's all you have to say?
      Sisko: I'll say the rest at your court-martial.
      Eddington: Tell me, captain... what is it that bothers you more - the fact that I left Starfleet to fight for a higher cause, or that it happened on your watch?
      Sisko: You didn't 'leave' Starfleet! If you had, I wouldn't be here. You betrayed Starfleet... you used your position as security chief to feed the Maquis information about us. And at the same time, you misled us with false information about them. There's a word for that... treason.

    • Odo: Sir, have you ever reminded Starfleet Command that they stationed Eddington here because they didn't trust me?
      Sisko: No.
      Odo: Please do.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Les Miserables

      Eddington compares his situation with Sisko to Les Miserables by Victor Hugo. In Eddington's mind, he is the hero Jean Valjean being hunted and persecuted by obsessed policeman Javert (Sisko) for stealing bread (food replicators) to feed his family (the Maquis).