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DS9 Borg Questions?

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    The best part about DS9 is that they did not need to get their villains from other Star Trek shows.

    TNG introduced the Borg as the main enemy (after it was clear that the Ferengi would not work) The Borg would soon be legendary..

    DS9 introduced the Dominion and it was one of the best Star Trek villains ever.

    Voyager introduced several races but none were really permanent recurring villains and they did not work all that well either. So the Borg were used but heavily cut down in a way so that they were barely any threat. It is Voyager's biggest failing.

    Even Enterprise which had interesting villains as well (the Suliban and the Xindi) but even they used the Borg in one episode.

    As cool as the Borg are (well prior to Voyager) it was refreshing to see a Star Trek show that managed to work without featuring them. In fact it was the finest Star Trek show yet.
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    beowulf579 wrote:
    In another thread...I talked about the first Bajorian/Federation starship. One of the ideas I always thought was good, was the Borg invading Dominion space. this would be after the Dominion War. I think that 1000+ Dominion ships could take out a Borg cube or two.

    Of course though, the Borg probally have a unfair advantage. I wouldn't be surprised if the Borg hasn't assimulated a few starfleet officers with a bit of knowledge on the Dominion.

    I think it's somewhat of a plothole that the Dominion hasn't already been conquered by the Borg.

    The borg came from the Delta Quadrant. The Dominion is in the Gamma Quadrant. The Delta Quadrant is on THE OTHER SIDE of the Gamma Quadrant. Which means that to get from the Delta Quadrant to the Alpha Quadrant, you must go through the Gamma Quadrant.

    So, how did the Borg find their way into the Alpha Quadrant (and back, about a billion times) without EVER encountering the Dominion?

    No, they didn't just "skip" the whole damn Quadrant by using wormholes or transwarp conduits EVERY time, either. They had to have passed through Dominion space at some point. How could they not notice them?
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    I don't recall the Vorta talking about the Borg, but I'm watching all the Deep space nine box sets right now, so if I see it, I'll post it.

    As for the books, although some of the Ds9 titles are dry, one that sticks in my mind was either book 2 or 3 where a Borg cube comes screaming out of the wormhole, but gets destroyed as soon as it passes (due to the wormhole aliens I think).  Jake freaks out, but his Dad comforts him by telling him that the Borg will now mark this space as "undesirable" since one of their ships was destroyed there.

    I'll have to re-read it.

    I'm with many here though, I am glad that DS9 didn't stick with the Borg as the bad guy. I couldn't get into Voyager because 1) Kazon were lame 2) Most of hte Borg eps weren't that well written.

    Too each their own though!

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    I just recently watched the string of episodes when during the Dominion occupation of DS9 and I didn't see any thing like Weyoune consulting a computer or a person about the borg. I can't really say for the original airing of the episode as it was some years ago!
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    I was always bummed that DS9 didn't have AT LEAST ONE Borg episode (not counting the opening of the Pilot) in the entire run of the series. Instead, they overused Q (but his first appearance was LEGENDARY. Q: "You HIT me. Picard never hit me." Sisko: "I'm not Picard.") and the (GROOOOOOAN) Mirror Universe, both established in previous series but brought over to DS9. But I'm getting off topic.

    How cool would it have been to have an episode where, say ... Its just another day in space, everything's cool. Then suddenly the Wormhole opens and out comes a Borg cube on a direct course for DS9, spouting their famous catchphrase, "Resistance is futile.". Sisko, still pissed from losing his wife to them at Wolf 359 and wanting to settle a score yells red alert, battle stations, etc. and he and the Starfleet crew beam directly from OPS to the Defiant to intercept the cube, leaving Kira in charge of defending the station. I mean, Sisko himself declared the Defiant was built specifically to combat the Borg, but it was NEVER shown in actual battle with them on the series, except for Star Trek: First Contact, and it didn't fare to well. "Adrift, but salvageable." Picard tells Worf.

    So the Defiant goes to fight, the station goes into battle mode, and maybe even some Starships already docked there (it is a space station for crying out loud!) get in on the fight. Side note ... I can only recall 2 episodes where the station itself is in a phaser/torpedo fight: the Pilot and the 2nd part of the episode where Worf joins the crew when they're fighting the Klingon fleet. The show never really showed what the station was really capable of once the Federation took control and re-installed the weapons the Cardassians took when they left. A good Borg fight would have been perfect.

    So ... the space battle is raging, ships shooting, explosions all over the place, CGI out the wazoo. Inside the station, the regular characters could be engaged in fighting drones that beam on board to start assimilating the station personnel. How hilarious would it be to see Quark, Rom, Leeta, Jake, or even Morn for that matter fighting off a drone invasion on the Promenade. And don't forget Odo. Gotta get your head of security in on the fight. But maybe the Borg try and kidnap Odo cuz they cant assimilate him by traditional means cuz of his shape-shifting abilities. Then perhaps Quark has to rescue Odo and after he does, he holds it over his head for a while, in typical Quark fashion. Or maybe Leeta, or Dax gets injected with Borg nanoprobes and the good Doctor Bashir has to put his "2nd in his class" genetically enhanced knowledge to use and get them out of her before she's too far gone.

    Or how bout this ... the Borg do manage to kidnap Odo and take him back to the cube that is attacking the station. Kira tells Sisko they have Odo and Sisko decides to go rescue Odo. But the fleet doesn't want to stop attacking their most ruthless enemy just to save one person, so Sisko has to beam over alone and risk his life to save Odo while the cube is still being attacked. Sisko has a short phaser fight with some drones, rescues liquid Odo from some stasis chamber or something and beams back to the Defiant just before the knock-out blow is delivered to the cube. The cube is destroyed, Odo is brought back to the station, Quark says some wise-ass comment bout how he's not glad (but he really is glad) Odo's back safely. Dax or Leeta has been healed by Bashir and everybody lets out a loud sigh. Just another day at the office.

    Could'a been such a cool ep! Oh well. Maybe i'll write the book.

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    To the above- why would the Borg travel to the Gamma quadrant to use a wormhole? Their slipstream technology makes using a wormhole to travel pointless.
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