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Season 4 DVD (Question about episode order)

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    [1]Jun 30, 2012
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    I have just bought season 4 in DVD and I am really enjoying the series.

    On disc 2, the episodes are ordered on the box as follows: Indescretion, Rejoined, Starship Down, Little Green Men. This order is correct as the episodes appear in their original air date order.

    But on the disc, Starship Down and Little Green Men are switched around. Little Green Men is placed before Starship Down on the disc.

    And I am wondering If anyone else's boxset has these two episodes switched around or are they in the correct order???

    Im not complaining about it, just wondering if anyone else has the same ordering.


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    Could be production order vs US air date order. Happened with Star Trek: Voyager as well.

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