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the true engineer of the dominion war. warning (possible spoilers)

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    I know not if this was covered in another thread. having just watched DS9 again thanks to nextflix I ask this and put this to all of you. while it is implied that the female founder made contact with the great link at one point( it being totally black because of the disease) and the whole drop and ocean fact. was ALL of the great link the true engineers of the war or was it just ONE PSYCHOTIC FOUNDER? I mean eventually the disease not only made it hard for her to travel at all but she implied that she was unable to change shape(proved false when odo cured her) so it comes down to the will of the many vs the will of the one. she bore such hatred towards solids and in her eyes good reason. Would the great link have supported the continuation of the war if there was the reports of such HEAVY LOSSES? basically the question that i have probably expressed in many different forms and is the core is was it just her or all of the great link who wanted this war?

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