Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Season 3 Episode 20

Improbable Cause (1)

Aired Weekdays 11:00 AM Apr 24, 1995 on Syndicado

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  • Improbable Fun. (There, is that witty enough?)

    Picking up the loose threads of "The Wire" and "The Defiant" (and combining them) this Odo/Garak mystery episode begins with a bang and becomes more intriguing with each successive scene, weaving startling revelations throughout the story. (It even tosses in an "informant" scene that seems to have been lifted right out of the X-Files).

    A character driven piece with some intermittent fireworks, the pairing of the "constable" with "a simple tailor" proves to be a master stroke. With Odo specializing in uncovering the truth and Garak specializing in dancing around it, the dialogue between the two is a joy. (It helps to have two characters with such expansive vocabularies and two actors so capable of delivering elaborate wordplay).

    As a smallball episode masquerading as a bigger story (with more going on off the screen than on), director Avery Brooks builds the suspense and works his way to the climax so well, you can't help but wonder "how they'll get out of this Interestingly, the question proves a stumper for the writers as well.

  • Great setup.

    In many ways this classic two-parter reminds me of the classic TNG epic "Chain of Command". In both you have a first episode that functions as setup for a walloping conclusion, but stands up on its own merit.

    The Garak-centric "The Wire" developed the relationship between him and Dr. Bashir, but also planted the seeds for Odo's interest in the mysterious "tailor". That emerges full-blown here, as Odo tears through Garak's lies even faster than the latter can weave them. There are some classic sequences here - Garak's interesting perspectives on human culture ("The Boy Who Cried Wolf" and Shakespeare's Julius Caesar in particular), Odo's eerie encounter with a mysterious Cardassian informant, Odo cutting through the elegant/pretentious wordplay of Cardassian spies like the B.S. it is.

    Of course, the punchline comes in part 2.
  • Great episode!

    I have to saw the writing, dialog & acting of these two episodes are simply excellent. While this first episode acts more like a mystery, which it aught to, there is plenty of suspense and drama to make it an exiting watch. Also the character development and interaction for both Odo and Garak is quite moving.

    As of course with the first of a two parter this one leaves you begging to see the second half. This excellent episode is only bested by the second half, but together these two episodes mark the best episodes I've seen yet of DS9