Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Season 1 Episode 20

In the Hands of the Prophets

Aired Weekdays 11:00 AM Jun 20, 1993 on Syndicado



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    • Kira: Some might say pure science, taught without a spiritual context, is a philosophy, Mrs. O'Brien.

    • Bareil: The Prophets teach us patience.
      Sisko: It appears they also teach you politics.

    • Sisko: It is my philosophy that on this station there is room for all philosophies.

    • Sisko: You claim the Prophets as your personal constituency, Vedek Winn. I'm not convinced that's justified. Who do you speak for? An order that is barely listened to in your assembly. So you come here looking for a more receptive audience. (Winn turns, declaring war, cold as ice...)
      Winn: Is that what your friend, Vedek Bareil, told you? He's as misguided as you are. No, that's not fair. You are not simply misguided, as I once thought. Now I see that you want nothing less than to destroy us.
      Sisko: Destroy you?!
      Winn: You live without a soul, Commander. You and your Federation exist in a universe of darkness and you would drag us in there with you. But we will not go.

    • Sisko: It's easy to look back seven centuries and judge what was right and wrong.

    • Winn: I admire you for standing by your convictions. Even though I disagree with them. Please believe me, I want to find a way to allow these children to stay in your school...
      Keiko: I'm sure the children and their parents are happy to hear you stay that.
      Winn: Let me be the one to make the first concession. I will no longer request that you teach anything about the Celestial Temple. Just don't teach anything about the wormhole at all.
      : Ignore it...?
      Winn: Find other things to teach the children.
      Keiko: And when we get to theories of evolution or the creation of the universe, what then?
      Winn: We'll face those issues when we come to them.
      Keiko: I'm a teacher. My responsibility is to expose my students to knowledge. Not hide it from them. The answer is no.

    • Odo: This is not what I wanted to talk to you about. What do you know about the murder of Ensign Aquino?
      Quark: You wound me! All these years together, I thought you knew me. Odo, I am not a killer.
      Odo: No, but most of your friends are.
      Quark: True. And I would gladly sell one of them to you if I could.

    • Odo: I checked the turbolift records the night of the murder. Aquino did take a turbolift to level three, but not to the power conduit where he was found...
      Jadzia: Where did he go?
      Odo: Runabout Pad C...
      O'Brien: A runabout...? What was he doing at a runabout at four in the morning?
      Odo: Apparently, he was getting murdered.

    • Vendor: Seek the Prophets!
      Odo: Huh. Seek them yourself.

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