Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Season 5 Episode 7

Let He Who Is Without Sin...

Aired Weekdays 11:00 AM Nov 11, 1996 on Syndicado

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  • Only for DS9 completists

    What a clunker. The writers take one bad idea (Bashir and Leeta partake in a bizarre Bajoran breakup ritual) and marry it with another (Worf wants to spoil everyone's Rene Auberjonois finds a way to make it all somewhat watchable, playing up the humor and shock value of the characters' actions, but really it comes across as a bad episode of "The Love Boat" (without the awesome theme song). The characters play caricatures of themselves, spouting trite dialogue as if the teleplay was a piece of fan fiction that was somehow mistaken for the script, and the plot takes forever to develop before we wish it would just go away. The one bright spot is guest star Monte Markham, playing the charismatic leader of the "New Essentials", but it's tough to sympathize with someone who thinks a vacation is a bad idea.
  • Not that bad. Lightweight but mildly entertaining filler.

    Judging by the average score, this is considered one of the worst episodes in DS9's run. I guess coming in the middle of a particularly strong stretch in the series it sticks out like a sore thumb, and I wouldn't argue that's it's particularly good. But it *is* OK, and watchable, and even mildly entertaining. There are a few good gags with Quark, Worf does some entertaining harrumphing, and the look on Julian's face when Leeta explains her new life is priceless. And of course, who can forget "death by Jamaharon"? Hilarious.

    A bad version of "Captain's Holiday", a good version of "Justice" - take your pick.