Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Season 1 Episode 10

Move Along Home

Aired Weekdays 11:00 AM Mar 14, 1993 on Syndicado

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  • Aliens force Sisko and his friends to play hopscotch. No, for real, that's the plot.

    Considered by some the worst episode of the season, this offbeat gaming episode attempts to summon the spirit of Lewis Carol but plays out more like a second rate live action role playing convention. (At least Picard doesn't show up to declare, "When one is in the penalty box, tears are permitted.")

    The bigger issue here stems from the marriage of two concepts put forth in the pilot. On the one hand, the premise of the show is that Deep Space Nine is sort of an intergalactic bus station, and its inhabitants -- in contrast with the other Star Treks -- don't fly around the universe seeking adventure, instead letting adventure come to them. On the other hand, Sisko and company have just discovered a shortcut to a new place to explore. (Kind of weird putting these two together, isn't it?) The writers' solution to this point has been to find ways for the inhabitants of the Gamma Quadrant to find their way to DS9; which is sort of like the Europeans discovering America and having the next step be Native Americans invading Europe. Fortunately the writers of Deep Space Nine, being rather intelligent, began noticing this issue and began to make changes to allow for better use of the wormhole. But that's in the future.

    Meanwhile, this episode has other problems. Most fans can forgive the show for the first meeting with Gamma Quadrant visitors ("Captive Pursuit") being unconventional and underwhelming. But when the second meeting is even more unconventional and consists of aliens forcing Sisko and his friends to play hopscotch, the alarm bells start sounding - even with a nice performance from Armin Shimerman.

    While it's true that many Star Trek fans have likely attended gaming conventions, (I've even met Star Trek actors at some of them), not too many want to watch the sci fi equivalent. And it doesn't help that the Wadi not only have a silly name but are downright annoying too.
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