Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Season 7 Episode 11

Prodigal Daughter

Aired Weekdays 11:00 AM Jan 06, 1999 on Syndicado

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  • War? What is it good for? To be interrupted every other episode.

    Ok? What's the deal here? The Dominion War is kind of tossed out the window for Ezri Dax to go meet her demeaning mother and the rest of her family. Meanwhile, O'Brien is following up on the wife of Bilby (Honor Among Thieves) and the fact that she may have been murdered.

    Despite some nice character moments from Ezri, this really has no relevance to the overall arc of the final season. Another thing, why do Ezri's brother's have stupid names? Norvo sounds like a Muppet character.

    I really can't wait until the last 10 episodes start airing again. This is pretty much a filler episode. Twenty-six epsisodes? Blech. Quality over quantity any day.
  • The Ezri Family Drama

    This Ezri Dax family character study tucks in a followup to sixth season's "Honor Among Thieves", with Dax and O'Brien visiting Ezri's home planet. Most of the story revolves around Ezri and her family, playing out like a soap opera, with internal friction and self righteous characters giving each other speeches. The plot itself becomes almost secondary, and it's certainly not necessary to know anything about "Honor Among Thieves" to understand it.

    Leigh Taylor-Young heads the fine guest cast, playing Ezri's mother, and she establishes from the outset that her character needs to be in control of everything. That includes her son, Norvo (Kevin Rahm) who is constantly made to feel in adequate and doesn't know achieve his dreams. It also includes, to a lesser extent, her other son, Janel, who shows more promise running the family business. But when O'Brien makes it clear that someone is hiding something, the episode turns into a "whodunnit". (Well, truth be told it's more of a "who cares?" for those of us wanting to get back to Deep Space Nine and more familiar characters).

    Shooting began with a rushed script and ended with a result that's considered the weakest episode of the seventh season by the cast and crew. It's actually not that bad; it's just underwhelming. What they should have done was beef up O'Brien's part with the Orion Syndicate and turn the whole thing into a two parter. But they would have had to plan ahead better for that, and the truth is they were just trying to get something out there to meet their airdate.