Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Season 2 Episode 18

Profit and Loss

Aired Weekdays 11:00 AM Mar 20, 1994 on Syndicado

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  • "Of all the raktajino joints in all the stations in all the universe, she walks into

    Unlike "Necessary Evil", this episode doesn't depart from the style of the series to tell its story (other than some snappy film noir dialogue), but it does take the story of Casablanca (1942) and loosely adapts it into a Quark/Garak story, with Quark as Bogey and Garak as Garak.

    As a love story it might be Michael Westmore's demented dream, but it does come across as a little silly, not to mention out of character for Rick er, Quark. The story itself, though, is interesting and thoughtful (hey, it worked the first time around, didn't it?) and is well structured, slowing down in the second half for some lengthy scenes well played by Shimerman, Auberjonois, and Robinson.

    Unfortunately, we never do find out what the fallout of the conclusion is!
  • Not great, but enough good parts to make it worthwhile.

    Yeah, the romantic dialogue is a little cheesy. But otherwise, this episode has enough moments to make it worthwhile for the viewer. It certainly is far, far from the light fluff of "Melora" or "Shadowplay".

    Every moment in which Garak occupies the screen is worth watching here; the combination of Andy Robinson's acting and some fantastic lines fed to him by the writers almost make us forget the episode's weakness. The dialogue about fashion, both clothing and politics, with Quark is particularly well-executed.

    One of the other reviewers criticizes Quark's portrayal as out-of-character, but I don't think so - in later seasons, we would routinely see such "slips" as the guy reveals that profit isn't the ONLY thing he cares about.

    Really, the romantic dialogue is the only turn off here. (Yeah, the dissidents are pretty thin gruel, but they are little more than a plot device.) By the time of the dramatic and exciting conclusion, it's all long forgotten as Garak, like Quark, reveals he has a soul.
  • Weekly episode contains more plot holes than Swiss cheese.

    Were there any consequences for Odo's unilateral decision to let the prisoners go? Presumably this was done without authorization from Sisko or the Bajoran Provisional government. Does this mean that the prisoner exchange deal is off? I would think so. Wouldn't you expect this to piss someone off?

    People have suggested that Quark was out of character in this episode, but what of Garek? I mean do you think that Garek would be so easily fooled by Gul Toran's trick? Also don't you think that someone would wonder what happened to Gul Toran? Did Odo investigate this? What happened to Deep Space Nine's internal sensors? Did they not detect the lethal phaser blast?
  • I love Casablanca as well as the next guy. But this is pretty lame stuff.

    I wanted to like this, I really did. A Casablanca homage sounded like a whole lot of fun in theory...but this is just a mess. The characterisation and performances are extremely poor. In fact, Quark was so uncharacteristic as to be unrecognisable and I didn't care for Mary Crosby's performance as Quark's long-lost love one little bit. The 'romantic' scenes between the two are nothing short of cringe-worthy, featuring horribly cheesy dialogue and a painful lack of chemistry or authenticity. It all seemed so...false.

    The political dissident sub-plot is ultimately wholly unrewarding, although I suppose it does give us a glimpse into Cardassian society and reveals an element of revolt which will be expanded upon in subsequent episodes.