Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Weekdays 11:00 AM Feb 07, 1993 on Syndicado

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  • Q Less is a bit clueless

    With any spinoff series there's a temptation to bring in characters the audience already knows, both because they require less exposition and because they can bring attention and ratings to the new series. Unfortunately, this sort of crossover isn't without its hazards: when the guest stars are used in a way where they overstep their supporting roles and become more central to the story than the regulars, there's a problem -- especially for a series that is still attempting to establish its own characters.

    The DS9 pilot serves as a blueprint for how to avoid this trap. "Q-Less", on the other hand, is exhibit A for how to fall right into it. Vash brings a MacGuffin to the station, and Q chases her around while the DS9 regulars step into background roles.

    As a Vash episode, it's alright. Jennifer Hetrick knows the character and is a dependable actress, though she's given nothing all that interesting to do here (the episode doesn't have much story to it.) As a Q episode, it's not so good: as John de Lancie himself once said, "Q is best used when he deals with large philosophical issues. And skirt-chasing just isn't one of them."

    As a Deep Space Nine episode, it's watchable, moving at a nice clip, but ultimately unfulfilling which is probably why Vash and Q would never appear on the show again. (So long, Vash. enjoy the Tylenol commercials!)
  • Reminiscent of the TNG 1st season episode, "Hide and Q". A popular TNG character appears in order to jack up ratings for the spinoff.

    The writers really mailed this one in. Figuring that since both John DeLancie and Jennifer Hetrick were making guest appearances, they didn't actually bother writing a good story. This means we get the weakest Q episode since "Hide and Q" - and ironically, it comes only a few weeks before the very best ("Tapestry").

    All of Q's characteristics are completely overplayed here - the snickering jokes about humanity and his human companion, the non-stop references to TNG. Vash displays some of her charisma, but also shows that without Picard as a foil she's a rather uninteresting character.

    Feel free to skip this one.
  • Fun, quirky characterisation - naff plot. A mixed bag.

    The seemingly endless plethora of TNG characters appearing in DS9's first season continues, with this rather odd episode, in which Vash arrives on DS9 determined to sell some artefacts, with the mischievous Q in close tow.

    Whilst Jennifer Hetrick is charismatic and entertaining as Vash and the ever-excellent John de Lancie is always watchable as Q, the 'plot' is brittle thin and ultimately wholly vacuous.

    There are some nicely humorous moments (mainly involving Quark and Vash) and Wolfe's script has a certain acerbic wit, but there's just too little substance to bind the whole thing together.

    It's wafer-thin and far too insubstantial to be satisfying.
  • When Q's girlfriend and archaeological arch rival of Jean-Luc Picard shows up on DS-9, not everything is as it seems...

    When Vash, love interest of both Q and Jean-Luc Picard shows up on Deep Space 9, Q follows. Of course, when strange things begin to happen Q seems the obvious culprit - but is he really?

    Like a lot of early DS9 episodes, this show did not focus upon any of the heavy themes that make Star Trek great and was obviously thrown into the mix to help link the new series with the established Next Generation. The fact that producers chose to do this without relying upon another visit by the Enterprise or one of her crew was a master stroke that helped to seperate the spin off from its sibling while at the same time helped to make DS9 a legitimate part of the Star Trek universe.

    The result was a good show that managed to shine a little of the Next Generation's glory DS9's way. At this point in DS9's run it was not an established hit and it needed all the help it could get. Overall this far from the worst show in the first season and is one I would watch in re-runs.