Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Season 5 Episode 10


Aired Weekdays 11:00 AM Dec 30, 1996 on Syndicado
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Stardate: Unknown Sisko discovers the legendary Bajoran city of B'hala. He also receives visions of Bajor's future, one of which warns him not to let Bajor join the Federation.

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  • Okay episode.

    This Sisko episode, Star Trek's version of Field of Dreams falls short of the mark due to budget and point of view issues, but remains popular with fans thanks to the subject matter.

    The overall idea of Sisko's compulsion (reminiscent of that seen in Close Encounters of the Third Kind) strays closer to spiritual belief than most Star Trek stories and strikes a chord with viewers looking for more depth in Sisko's Emissary role. Unfortunately, the budget limits scenes to the station and the cave sets and only allows for only a couple of guest stars. So we the audience, instead of sharing Sisko's visions along with him, only hear about the experiences after they happen. Apart from being a less exciting way to tell the story ("You should have been there, it was great!") it puts a barrier between us and Sisko and forces us to view the story from the perspective of an outsider, such as the poorly played Admiral (who is thankfully replaced in later episodes). It's like taking TNG's "Inner Light" and replacing all of Picard's experiences with Patrick Stewart telling us about how amazing they were.

    Still, "Rapture" is a landmark episode for Sisko as the Emissary, and Brooks throws himself into the part with such vigor, it's infectious.moreless
  • Series classic and a turning point.

    This episode marks a decisive break with Star Trek's treatment of religion. In TNG, it was regarded as some sort of primitive, pre-scientific mumbo jumbo. DS9 was more accepting and tolerant, but it was still one of those exotic Bajoran habits.

    Over two previous episodes, "Destiny" and "Accession", Sisko had slowly come to terms with his identity as a religious icon. But "Rapture" dispenses with that formality and turns the series' main protagonist into a full-on believer.

    Like the best DS9 episode, you have a dense, multi-character story. Sisko's relationships with several characters all push and pull him in different directions, and in the end he's willing to throw away everything to fulfill his preordained role. But, as in season 6's "The Reckoning", this almost fanatical devotion to the gods is stopped at the last moment by forces beyond his control.

    This isn't the Enterprise anymore, Toto.moreless
  • Excellent on several fronts.

    "Rapture" marks a slight change for DS9. The first 2 seasons were good, the next few were great, but along with the new Uniforms, the series becomes excellent.

    Sisko starts looking for the ancient lost city of B'hala. He starts using one of Quarks holosuites to reconstruct a structure from the city that he thinks holds the key to its location. As he goes over to the computer console to save the program, it explodes. He is left with some kinda of neurological trauma, that Bashir explains may leave him with headaches for a few days, and puts him on restricted duty. Sisko returns to the holosuite, where Kira finds him in a trance-like state. He says he has seen the was everything fits together, the past and the future - the coming war with The Dominion and the way it all fits together.

    Whilst still in the holosuite, Siko recieves a subspace message from Starfleet Command telling him that Bajor has recieved approval to join the Federation. This is excellent news for Sisko, as his primary mission on Deep Space Nine is to assess Bajor's admission. The Admiral tells him he will be along shortly to hold a conference on DS9 to sign up the Bajorans.

    Meanwhile, Kassidy Yates returns from a federation prison where she has been held for 6 months for helping the Marquis, a terrorist faction that sprung up when the federation attempted to relocate them. Sisko invites Yates to come with him to Bajor, where they find B'hala within a matter of minutes - a find that has been eluding Bajoran architects for thousands of years.

    Sisko starts sufferring from headaches, and misses the Admirals arrival at the station. He comes to visit Sisko on Bajor, and tells him he's worried about him. He schedules a medical for Sisko first thing monday morning.

    Bashir warns Sisko that the headaches are a sign of brain damage, that he needs to operate to save his life. Sisko refuses, saying he needs to see the visions through - that he's piecing everything together.

    Sisko consults Kai Opaka, who is on the station for the signing of the treaty, and she shows him the Orb of Prophecy, although she warns him that it takes quite a toll, even on those who are fully healthy.

    A few hours later, Sisko has not shown for the signing ceremony. The admiral decides to go ahead without Sisko. Suddenly, Sisko bursts in shouting. He warns that Bajor should stand alone, or risk being swallowed in the coming storm. He collapses, and is rushed to the infirmary. There, Bashir announces that he cannot perform surgery as it against the captains wishes. But, as his next-of-kin Jake tells Bashir to go ahead.

    Sisko awakes later, distraught that he has lost his vision, but Kassidy reminds him of what he has kept - his future with his son.

    Unusually for DS9, there's is no mention of the new uniforms. Previously, somebody would have made a snide remark of some sort, this change in writing style makes the series fit in better with TNG and Voyager, however the episode never loses its sense of humour - the scene in Quarks where he unveils the Klingon banner instead of the Federation banner had me laughing out loud.

    Overall, an excellent episode - one of the best of season five.moreless
Armin Shimerman

Armin Shimerman


Terry Farrell

Terry Farrell

Lt./Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax (Season 1-6)

Michael Dorn

Michael Dorn

Lt. Commander Worf (Season 4-7)

Rene Auberjonois

Rene Auberjonois

Constable Odo

Nana Visitor

Nana Visitor

Major/Colonel/Commander Kira Nerys

Avery Brooks

Avery Brooks

Commander/Captain Benjamin Sisko

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • This is the first return of Kasidy Yates since she was sent to prison for aiding the Maquis in the previous season's episode "For The Cause".

    • Nitpick: It seems odd that the Bajoran Prime Minister is not even seen in the background of scenes that seem to be full of dignitaries, while it appears that Kai Winn has a role reaching outside religious guidance.

    • Worf mentions an ancient Klingon saying that you cannot loosen one's tongue with root beer. Assuming root beer is an indigenous Earth drink, how could the ancient Klingons have known about it? Presumably. Worf is taking some liberties with the translation.

    • Sisko mentions a swarm of locusts which are heading for Cardassia. Five episodes later, the Dominion enters the Alpha Quadrant and stationed themselves on Cardassia.

    • Captain Sisko violates the Prime Directive in this episode by using his position as Emissary to keep Bajor from joining the Federation.

    • Goof: Captain Sisko wears his comm badge in the incorrect place during this episode. He wears it on the grey shoulder stripe when it should be worn on the black chest area. The rest of the senior staff wear theirs in the correct place.

    • Uniforms change from black and red/yellow/blue to black and gray with red/yellow/blue under shirts with no explanation this episode. Nor was a reason given for the change of communicators in the third season. The real reason for course for the uniform change is to go along with the change of uniforms (presumably for all of Starfleet) as seen in Star Trek: First Contact as the comm badge change was to go along with the new ones introduced in Star Trek: Generations (though the new was seen on Deep Space Nine before the movie opened). Often they would also promote characters between seasons (Geordi twice and Worf once in The Next Generation, Jadzia and Julian in Deep Space Nine) without giving any reason or mention of the fact.

    • Goof: Despite the change in uniforms for (presumably) all Starfleet, several Starfleet security officers continue to wear the old-style uniforms (they can be seen overseeing the excavation of B'hala). Admirals continue to wear the old-style dress uniforms for numerous episodes until they too eventually switch to the grey topped uniforms sometime in season 6.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Sisko (to Jake): I remember the first time I held you in my hands. You were just a few minutes old, and when I looked down at your face, it was almost as if I could see your whole life stretched out in front of you, the joys it would bring, and the bruises. It was all there, hidden in your scrunched up, little face. The baby I'm holding in my hands now is the universe itself. And I need time to study its face.

    • Worf (to Kira): Do not attempt to convince them, Major. They can not understand.
      Dax: Since when did you believe in the Prophets?
      Worf: What I believe in... is faith. Without it, there can be no victory. If the captain's faith is strong, he will prevail.

    • Kira: (greeting Kai Winn at the airlock) Kai Winn.
      Winn: Greetings, my child. (observes that Kira is pregnant) You look... very sweet.
      Kira: Looks can be deceiving. But you don't need me to tell you that.

    • (to Kira)
      Winn: Those of you who were in the resistance - you're all the same. You think you're the only ones who fought the Cardassians... that you saved Bajor singlehandedly. Perhaps you forget, Major, that the Cardassians arrested any Bajoran they found teaching the word of the Prophets. I spent five years in a Cardassian prison camp... I can remember each and every beating that I suffered. And where you had weapons to protect yourself, all I had was my faith... and my courage. Walk with the Prophets, child. I know I will.

    • Worf: There is an ancient Klingon proverb that says: you cannot loosen a man's tongue with root beer.

    • Sisko: Locusts! They'll destroy Bajor unless it stands alone... Bajor must not join the Federation! If it does, it will be destroyed!

  • NOTES (1)