Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Season 6 Episode 8


Aired Weekdays 11:00 AM Nov 17, 1997 on Syndicado

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  • Reminds me of episodes from the early seasons

    This is a throwback to early season characters and formulas, with a predictable, mundane romantic story for Kira and mirror-Bariel before an asinine ending. It's a perfectly acceptable hour of entertainment; but it's also one of the most forgettable episodes of DS9's run. (It doesn't help that Odo, after admitting feelings for Kira, is mostly absent from this episode). Still, the episode doesn't try to be a "big event" and succeeds on its own merits. The bottom line, however, is that the mirror universe is getting old by this point, and the "real" universe DS9 has created is far more interesting.
  • A rare dud in season 6.

    This episode, along with "The Emperor's New Cloak", showcases the death gasps of the Mirror Universe. It was a cool concept and generated at least one great episode ("Crossover"), but by this point didn't offer much more than sentimental soap opera.

    Vedek Bareil was never the most interesting character (Philip Anglim's banal performance is probably at fault), and his "flawed" counterpart fails to generate much firework. It's hard to see what Kira sees in him, much less the hedonistic Intendant.

    There are a few lighthearted moments - the double date with Worf and Jadzia, the encounter with Quark - but that's about it.