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  • Better than a Ferengi holosuite.

    Though DS9 first aired in 1993 and ran for 6 years i still remember it as though it was yesterday.

    Deep Space Nine took over from where Star Trek - The Next Generation left off and was followed by Voyager but even until this day i rate it above both and will go further and say rate it highly above the original Star Trek.

    Each week i would wait for Wednesday night at 8 for it to start and could not wait until the following Wednesday night ( especially if it was a two or three part episode ), i grew to love each character and felt their pain and suffering, their joy and happiness, their heartache and sorrow, and unlike other TV series i watch(ed) i never hated or despised any of the leading characters, naturally my personal favourite was Sisko and he was a far better commander than Kirk, Picard, Janeway or Archer.

    I was so sad to watch the final episode and did cry at the end when each main character had there own private flashback.

    I know they could never bring this series back but i would love to see a movie made or even a 6 part mini series.
  • This show has it all!

    This show is my personnal favorite of all the Star Trek series. Deep Space Nine, with more of a darker theme than any other of the Star Trek series explored hatred, betrayal, the act of murder, and consequences of your actions. It showed that even in the Star Trek Universe politics fail, thus, the result is the Dominion War between The Federation, Klingon and Romulan Empires against The Dominion, Cardassian Empire, and later The Breen. Becuase the show was set on space station it had more opportunities to develop the characters; my perosnal favorite episodes of these are "Hard Time" a classic, and "The Visitor" very powerful. It had continuing plots over the whole series. Even the series finale ended showing veiwers that it still could go on. Nothing else can compare to this show. It indeed was the height of Star Trek.
  • Better than the movies.

    This was by far the greatest of the star trek series , infact the best sci fi series period. The characters were more interesting than any of those from the other series, the story writing top notch (especially during the 4th to final season)and the action sequences were some of the best seen in any of the shows or movies. This series should have ben the final installment in the franchise. Although I enjoyed Voyager and Enterprise, they were unnecessary additions which often recycled old plots nor were as epic as DS9's.(although Enterprise's 3rd came close during the last couple of episodes...but at the cost of contradictions with Trek canon). In comparison to all the movies, it was far superior as many of them lacked the epic proportions of this masterpiece. As sci-fi continues to deteriorate to appease unintelligent audiences, I can only hope that shows of such depth, imagination and idealism will return with full force.
  • Deep Space Nine is Trek at its best.

    Talk about an underappreciated spinoff. DS9 did what few Trek shows did, it took chances. It was always the show that looked at the other side of things, the darker side of things. How deep these characters would go, the cost of war, etc. It would\'ve gotten a 10 rating if only Season 1 and 2 were as great as the rest of the show. Once the Dominion showed up along with the Defiant, this show really took off and it didn\'t stop. It took a look into things that hadn\'t even been explored since the Original. DS9 is and probably always will be the glory point of Trek, the show that surpassed all the others.

    Recommended DS9 Episodes: \"Crossover\", \"The Jem\'Hadar\", \"Past Tense\", \"The Die Is Cast\", \"The Way of The Warrior\", \"The Visitor\", \"Homefront\", \"Hard Time\", \"The Quickening\", \"Nor the Battle To The Strong\", \"For the Uniform\", \"In Purgatory\'s Shadow/By Inferno\'s Light\", \"Children of Time\", \"Call to Arms\", The entire six part beginning Arc of Season Six, \"Waltz\", \"Far Beyond The Stars\", \"Inquistion\", \"In The Pale Moonlight\", \"Tears of the Prophets\" and much much more.

    This list should be evidence enough of DS9\'s greatness. Do yourself a favor and watch this show, you won\'t regret it.
  • GREAT !!!

    Simply put : the best of all trek shows.
    Depth for both chracters and stories,the likes of which have not been until or since on trek shows,and too bad.
    the dominion war storyline was probably one of the best developed storylines i can remember for TV,not just Sci-Fi.
    all of the characters are not what they seem...there is no clear-cut "good" or "evil"...which warps some of the most loyal trek fans for a loop...
  • My favorite TV show, you really have to see this!

    This is a great show on Spike TV at 1:00 and 2:00.You have to watch a few episodes before you get to like it,but it does not take long!I'v been watching it all summer and it's perfect.It has action, adventure, comedy, drama, and more.The show takes place on a space station where something is always happening.In the show bejor(a planet) just got rid of the cardassians (an alien race) that had enslaved there planet.The federation of planets starts protecting bejor hoping that the bejorans will eventually join them.After a few episodes cardassia starts a war with the federation.That's all I'm going to tell you because I don't want to spoil the ending!
  • Not the Typical Star Trek. Instead of Travelling across the universe, it focuses on the problems of a Starfleet crew in one section of the universe.

    Every other series of Star Trek like the original Star trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Enterpirse focuses on the adventures of a space ship that travels across the universe. Even though Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is focused on life in a space station. Even though Star Trek: Deep Space nine only focuses on one area of the galaxy, it is as action packed as every other series of Star Trek. It is full of action because it involves a huge war and having a captain of Starfleet getting involved as a religious figure with a race called the bajorins. With Deep Space Nine being the centre of a war, it makes up for only staying in one part of the universe.
  • Star Trek without it really being "clean". It was Star Trek that took chances, with characters, plots, and acting.

    DS9 was a show that, once it got its footing, knew where it wanted to go and how to get there. It was the first show I knew of that used serialized storytelling to its advantage. I love the characters and their interactions. I like how this show wasn't "clean" and never tried to be. It was content to be itself.

    Some of the best episodes of sci-fi are found in DS9. I cannot speak enough about this show. Its too bad others viewed DS9 as a "stepchild".

    It was superb, and truly an original around pathetic wannabes!!!
  • A space opera that takes place in the Star Trek universe. This Trek show takes place in the same timeline as TNG and Voyager.

    Just like the previous Star Trek shows, DS9 is set in outer space where humans encounter new alien species. There are good aliens and bad aliens. In this show, instead of the drama taking place inside a star ship its on a space station. But even though the drama doesn't happen with a Starship, it doesn't mean that the show is lacks action, there are loads of action as well and just like the other Trek shows DS9 delivers. The DS9 characters are an interesting bunch, each one with a story to tell, this show promises a weekly tv fix that can only be matched by another Star Trek show.
  • a different idea

    this show is one of my favorites of the star trek chain. it was a bit of a change to what the other shows were. instead of a ship wandering the universe, it was a space station sitting at the edge of a wormhole. i really did not get into it until the second season. i was glad it had a good run.
  • The best Trek & sci-fi show ever written.

    I don't care what anyone says...Deep Space Nine was the best written of all the Trek shows. It was a little shaky in the first season, as it was still finding it's stride. Unlike ST:TNG first season, which is still embarrassing to watch. Once i discovered the diamond in the rough that this Deep Space Nine, it quickly became my favourite guilty pleasure. Benjamin Sisko was the strongest of all the captains, and the whole "prophet of the emissary" mythology was geniously inspired. This show saved the Trek Franchise in my mind, and once they add Commander Worf, they really found their stride. The last 4 seasons of DS9, are four of the best seasons of any Sci-fi show ever written. As most shows tend to dwindle in their last years, DS9 just took off. And quickly became an addiction for many real fans of Sci-Fi. The series finale was one of the most inspired and courageous finale ever written. I still hold out hope that we get to re-visit DS9 someday, in movie form or even mini-series form. Long Live DS9, and the Emissary of the Prophets!! thank you, Ira steven-behr for running a fantastic show.
  • Great show

    This is one of the best (if not, THE best) show out there, and it is my all time favorite Star Trek series. Though the first, second, and third seasons are not as good as the others in my opinion, they are still really great. The plots are so interesting. Raising many political issues (sexism, racism, religion, etc.) the show brings them up but never chooses which is right or wrong, but rather leaves that to the viewers. There is a good chunk of action mixed in, but the show is NOT about action; It's about the trials and tribulations on the station of Deep Space Nine and a lot of the show is about the threat of the powerful Dominion.

    I reccomend this show to anyone who likes a good, thought-provoking hour of entertainment.
  • Masterful

    Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was, like the station it depicts, caught in between two worlds. On one side, it was not generally beloved by fans of the previous Star Trek series, who, in an ironic twist, loved the idea of traveling to new, unexplored worlds but wouldn't tolerate even a modest tweaking of the Star Trek formula. There were other concerns too, chief among them that DS9 betrayed Roddenberry's vision of the future. On the other hand, those on the outside lumped it in with "Star Trek", which is generally seen to them as a silly kids' show with big-eared aliens and ray guns.

    However, both sides were wrong, and the show managed to pick up enough fans to keep it going. Deep Space Nine is an epic saga, and one of the most complex and nuanced shows ever to find its way onto television. While it generally didn't have the intense psychological realism that the current crop of respected shows have (one notable exception is "Hard Time" from Season 4), it created characters with overt and covert agendas (which were often divergent), hidden struggles, and, occasionally, pettiness and self-interest. Far from destroying Star Trek, these touches made the characters far more accessible and real than other Star Trek shows. DS9's story arcs were engaging and interesting--people had to make sacrifices, raise the stakes, and occasionally go against their values for a greater good which, in the end of the day, might merely seem nebulous. "In The Pale Moonlight" is the obvious example of this credo, but don't think that DS9's universe was completely relativist--there are good and evil, and right and wrong, only the two groups don't always directly map to each other. No wonder some Star Trek fans weren't comfortable with the show.

    The show was also blasted for avoiding the social commentary which TOS had in spades. If this is a valid complaint against Deep Space Nine, it is only fair to levy it against TNG and Voyager as well. In fact, the complaint is false, it's just that the social commentary was ahead of its time. Look at the society in which we are living: war, terrorism, homophobia, poverty, religious extremism--problems seemingly too large to solve. It just so happens that DS9 explored each of these topics in great depth. It's not that the show didn't have social commentary. It's just that the show was a decade ahead of its time. Now, it has even more currency than it ever did during the uber-PC 1990s.

    I could go on, but I'll conclude with this: the show plays on Spike--check it out sometime, or Netflix the DVDs. I'm no Trekkie, and I believe this to be one of the best shows of the 90s and, for that matter, of today.
  • The worst (In My Opinion) of the Star Trek shows. Set in the future and on a space station called Deep Space Nine.

    The worst (In My Opinion) of the Star Trek shows. Set in the future and on a space station called Deep Space Nine. I just never really cared about any of the characters and I think being limited to the space station took away from much of the excitement of the other shows. Not seeing the home planets of many of the great looking characters just was kind of disapointing. The cast was pretty decent however as far as their acting skills. The cast included Armin Shimerman as Quark, Terry Farrell as Lt./Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax, Michael Dorn (From Next Generation) as Lt. Commander Worf, Rene Auberjonois as Constable Odo,
    Nana Visitor as Major/Colonel/Commander Kira Nerys, Avery Brooks as Commander/Captain Benjamin Sisko, Alexander Siddig
    as Dr. Julian Bashir, Cirroc Lofton as Jake Sisko, Colm Meaney as Chief Miles O'Brien and Nicole de Boer as Ensign/Lt. Ezri Dax.
  • This was my personal Favorite Star Trek Series. The cast was fantastic. The cast change in season seven was kind of a disappointment.

    This was the best Star Trek Series to date. It didnt follow the other series with a ship and crew who are searching for something. It gave a new point of view and aspect to what life was like in the federation. It also gave greater insight into many of the races with in the universe. I am sure all the fans have there personal favorite momments. The cast was freaking awesome with O'Brian and Worf from The Next Generation. It was all done well. Dont get me wrong there would some good points of TOS and TNG but this one tops all the series that have been made so far. Hope to see more of the same quality in the future. MOVIE???
  • This is the second best of all the star treks its a lot different there still the exploring worlds but theres also a lot of social matters politics lots of charaters that come and go its great

    Starting out as a routine and then becoming one of the major bases in the quadrent ds9. Filled with a varied cast of starfleet and alien charaters including friengie shapeshifters bajorains and what ever the heck morn is ive never figured that part out? One of the better sci fi series out there and one of the best star treks
  • A different kind of Trek.

    From the beginning DS9 has a different feel than all the incarnations that came before and after it in the franchise. The characters, the set, the writing---all of it was darker than the others. It was the only trek to be set aboard a space station meaning whatever happened had to come to the station instead of the crew going to the action.

    I think the characters are deeper than the others treks. There was more time for character exploration because of the fixed location. Even the addition of TNG's Worf worked on this show.

    In my opinion it is the most underappreciated of all the trek shows.
  • Best Star Trek series!

    This series was the best one out of all of the Star Trek series. The plot lines were mature, the characters were very well developed, and the writing was fantastic. It was darker than the other series, which was what made it so appealing. The episode were never boring or repetitive. The special effects were especially good, with many great battle sequences. I was sad to see the end of the series.
  • Re-watch this show, you might be surprised...

    Ok here is my own little admission...I did not see alot of the first two seasons when this show originally aired. I hated DS9. I guess I bought into the whole "poor step-son of Star Trek" theory the effected people. TNG series was ending and had loved that series and charactors. By the time TNG ended, DS9 started into the Dominion War and started thinking "thats cool." So for a long time I thought those 2 first season were so weak just like every other Star Trek series.
    Fast forward several years, and I see reruns of TNG and think "you know, this ok." But when I watch reruns of DS9 I appreciate the series more then when I original saw it, even the first 2 seasons. I started to see how the actors and stories were actually shaping at the very beginning. Now that you know how it ends, the beginning does not look like a waste. This darker like at the Star Trek universe might the best vision because it was on it's own from the others. Rewatch it with an open mind, you might be rewareded.
  • A great new change of pace for those who like to have their space race fix!

    Finding a new way to tell an old story, this 24th century incarnation of Star Trek takes things to whole other levels. Started off by setting the stage with a soap opera feel, this show suddenly takes us to war and show us our own humanity while dealing with Vorta, Jem Hadar, Cardassians and Bajorans. This strory is laced with many metaphors for real life and never stops delivering action, adventure and creating heroes and mythology while winning your heart and mind. This show enables us to reach within ourselves and see what we may want from ourselves, to better ourselves and trap the hero within ourselves.
  • Good science fiction, bad Star Trek. Great show.

    Of all the spin-offs of Star Trek, DS9 is my favorite. Why? I'm so glad you asked.

    I prefer continuing storylines, more challenging plotlines, deeper and more developed characters. I like new worlds, and by that I don't mean new planets and aliens every week, I like the culture of the show. Getting to come to this new world everyweek. Not just a starship, hermetically sealed and bounding about a universe. This was a world, unchanging (to an extent) where we could discover and delve to loo deeper into the mythos...

    I suppose that's it. Looking Deeper. Delving deeper into these characters and this world...watching it expand and grow. Getting darker.

    Sure, the show had it's missteps... took a while to find it's voice. I'm glad this show came around at a time when the networks were willing to give shows a chance, when the words Star Trek had clout.

    I loved the characters on this show, the growth they got to encounter. The fact that things didn't always re-set after each episode. The fact that at the end of the series these people, even the minor characters learned and grew. They changed.

    This show proved that Science Fiction didn't have to be about exploration and new aliens every week. It could be about people and situations, about characters and how they reacted. We got to live in the headgame of the show with the moral and ethical quandries they faced. We got to see and feel what they felt through the talented actors.

    It's always a shame that the major award shows look past sci-fi. The brilliant acting behind masks and make-up that was seen on this show Armin Shimmerman, Andrew Robinson, Rene Auberjonois, Max Grodenchik, Marc Alaimo....superb. Top notch work...but no recognition. And that's the tragedy of this show.

    Maybe Deep Space Nine wasn't what Gene Rodenberry had intended, but that doesn't mean it should be snubbed. It was a well made show that I continue to watch over and over again in syndication and DVD. I've seen all the episodes of TNG. I don't need to go back there. DS9...I love visiting and re-visiting that outpost in the stars.

    If you like challenging stories and continuing plotlines, growing and developing will too.

  • Deep Space Nine is the best Star Trek series. It's a great alternative to the other series, with first-rate characters, excellent writing, and a fascinating plot.

    Star Trek Deep Space Nine is currently my favorite television series. As part of the Star Trek franchise, Deep Space Nine sets itself apart from the other series. For starters Deep Space Nine was set on a space station whose characters were not part of the same crew. The show is also more serialized with substantial characterization and multi-story arcs. In addition to a great regular cast the show includes over 20 recurring characters over its 7-season run.

    Compared to the other Star Trek series Deep Space Nine is darker overall. In the Deep Space Nine universe most of the characters have flaws and don’t come off as being perfect as they do on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

    For it’s entire run Deep Space Nine was well written, acted, and produced. Over the 7-seasons there were only a handful of weak episodes I didn't like.

    Here is how I rank the seasons from best to worst.

    Season 5 - 9.9
    Season 7 - 9.9
    Season 4 - 9.8
    Season 2 - 9.5
    Season 6 – 9.5
    Season 3 - 9.4
    Season 1 - 9.2

    Overall 9.7

    Deep Space Nine gets better with each viewing. It took me 3 viewings before Deep Space Nine become my favorite show. The first time viewer should know that the series doesn't begin to set itself apart from other Star Trek shows until the fourth season. If you are a sci-fi fan I recommend you watch this series or at least give it a chance, even if you didn’t like any of the other Star Trek series.
  • Star Trek Deep Space Nine is what brought me into the world of Star Trek. It's the best of them all.

    So why is it that this show is concidered the Star Trek black sheep?

    Because it had the nerve to go boldly where no tv-show has gone before? Is it the brilliant plan to stay at a station in stead of flying boldly in space where dozens of races have gone before? Is it the daring concept of exploring a religion? Is it the thought of a Federation at war that ticked people off?

    I will never understand this mystery. DS9 has more richness, more character, more drama, more action, more anything than any other Trek.

    It will always stay my favorite and I hope that onde day the powers that be that swept this superb show under the carpet and favored the other shows will wise up and create a Deep Space Nine movie!
  • Sadly the show has been off the air for 4 years now and in syndication in markets outside my veiwing area. But I would say without resevation that ds9 was the best of the Trek Shows.

    DS9 dared to deal with the grittier side of space life and did not shrink from issues of race, love, sex, marriage, politics and war.

    The battles and space fight scenes were some the best I had ever seen of tv, the stories of human relations ships, from Jake spending a life time to save his father, to Curzon telling Judzia he loved her were some of the most memorable and moving moments in television in my opinion.

    Kira's confrontation with Gual Darheel was the finest episod,(duet) in ds9, the scenes of their verbal jousts were powerful and moving and have satyed with me all these years.

    DS9 expanded our view of the great powers of the alpha quandrent and gave us characters we could love , hate and care about in a serial, "continuing story" format i found touching and memorable, i still miss the series, two of my only complaints against the show are that Sisco's widowing of his wife, Captain Yates in the last episode, (the same way the show began, with the break up of a black family) and disappearance into the wormhole of Sisco could have been used to justify the continuation of the ds9 format as another series.

    Also the fact that the black guy and the women,(captain Janeway), did not get movies like their white guy couterparts bothers probabley a few people. Regardless, their should have been movies, we were waiting for our Ds9 movie and it never came. Those points made I have no complaint with DS9. Perhaps after a few years of lying fallow, the Star Trek series will continue in the same spirit as before. Let's hope.

    Muhammad Bey
  • Easily the best series of all the Star Trek spinoffs.

    Before I began watching DS9, I had always heard that it was the worst of the five iterations of Star Trek because it was taken out of the element of space exploration.

    However, I decided to watch a few episodes when Spike TV started showing them and I had to say that the numerous characters with their respective subplots was highly captivating and intriguing.

    The introduction of the fearsome Dominion and the path of the Cardassians post-Bajoran Occupation was something that kept me watching episode after episode. The character growth of everyone from Ben Sisko to Odo to Quark were well-written and believable.

    Aside from the continuous story arc, DS9 had some of the most memorable single episodes, including two of my personal favorites: "Little Green Men" and "Far Beyond the Stars".

    Although I've seen every episode that has been produced, I'll continue to watch episodes as I catch them in syndication.
  • Very original star trek series. Great one too!

    I think Deep Space Nine is the best of the Star Trek series. We don't have an enterprise flying around and discovering "strange new worlds", what we have is a space station with its crew that everyday has to deal with many people from many different worlds,so that we can see the Star Trek world from a different point of view. I think the idea was perfect: we deal with strange people from the other side of the galaxy, thanks to the wormhole, and try to protect Bajor from the Dominion and Cardassia. I can't explain why but i loved the whole plot from the very first episode so I strongly recommend to all Star Trek fans to watch this. It's worth it!
  • People should give this show a chance!

    I think that people don't give ST: DS9 the chance that it deserves.

    It's a really great show! In my honest opinion, one of the best Star Trek series.

    The characters are awesome, the character development is incredible, the plots are full of twists and unevitable turns...

    It's really worth watching!

    Star Trek: Deep Space Nine deserves a standing ovation.
  • The best Star Trek series ever to exist.

    This is the best Star Trek show ever. it has exciting action, awesome plots, memorable characters, and, oh yeah, a giant war at the end. they better make a movie out of this. i mean, they made four movies of TNG. so, anyone who doesn't like this show, you have a problem.
  • After the Cardassians withdraw from the Bajor system, Starfleet sends some of their officers to help officiate the abandoned station dubbed Deep Space Nine.

    This show made me love Star Trek. Never before had there been this high a degree of both story and character development.

    The stories were personal, involving, and continuity was maintained with both the Original Series and Next Generation. The ethics and morales of the Federation were strained but they held, and the characters were not afraid of confrontation when it happened. And the secondary characters grew to such importance they dwarfed cast members (like Jake) but you didn't care because it was all so well done.

    The reason I don't give the show a perfect 10 can be summed up in two words: Terry Farrell. Her decision not to return for the final season hurt the show. While we did get a new character (and Nicole deBoer did her best), I was left with a feeling of that it could have been better.
  • Still my all-time favorite, next to the original series

    Even years after it ended, I'm still amazed at how few people "get" Deep Space Nine. I was there when it all started, and I admit, it took me awhile to warm up to the characters and situation. But DS9, much like Babylon 5, is a show that rewards viewers for sticking around. Whether it was intentional or not, it certainly plays as the most well thought-out of the Trek series. Events from the first episode resonate throughout its seven-season run. Characters sometimes change sides. They fall in love (just imagine Geordi or Capt. Picard or any of the TNG crew falling in love for more than a single episode). They make sacrifices, and even die.

    DS9 was also easily the most unpretentious Trek show. The awesomely overrated TNG started the lazy trend of "technobabble", in which major plot contrivances would be explained by some questionable (and boring) scientific explanation. This unfortunately spilled over into Voyager and Enterprise. But Deep Space Nine felt more REAL than any of those starships. It was often funny, very human, and peopled with interesting characters.

    The show currently airs twice a day, 5 days a week on Spike. I hope that viewers who dismissed the show in the past, or lost interest, will give it another try.
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