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  • ds9 latest update

    I came to bury caeser, not to praise him. I finally watch all the ds9 now that I'm retired. And i 'm glad I did. Cause I can fast forward over the boring parts. I have to agree with a couple of people here. The over - acting was sometimes painful. When the maqui security commander when over to the other side I was rooting for him. Bernie casey was so out of place on this show. Jake was such an annoyance after he grew up. The love scenes between kira and berial were really gross. Worf and ezri never worked together well. And also the stories about earth past in the 20th century. I can't get over hollywood facination with the 1920-to 1950's. Every scifi movie always have to have that time period included. It worked well with the original startrek, there was a purpose. But not on every startrek show please. Overall DS9 was the best startrek.
  • An imaginative concept gone astray

    Back in the 90s, when I first heard all the hype about this show coming out and being a "DARK" vision of Star Trek, I actually expected that I was going to see some kind of Gothic "Dark Shadows in space" [am I dating myself with that reference? :-)] where the crew travels to strange places and has bizarre adventures that would actually be scary! But instead the whole show just ended up becoming a bad soap opera involving a few eye-candy main characters and some bizarre-looking humanoid races that are trying to dominate each other, and rather mundane silliness involving devious Ferengis and scantily clad bar ladies. The plot lines seem to have very little depth beyond this. Frankly, the aliens in most sci-fi shows like this today seem rather boring. Where are the really interesting ones, like the "Taelons" in "Earth Final Conflict"? Also, I would have liked to see them make Deep Space Nine a slightly weirder place, perhaps putting in some unexplored dimensions harboring a few deep, dark secrets -- things that instill a sense of wonder and transcend the predictable. If somebody is traveling through a space wormhole, I want him to encounter something really unusual that makes the trip worthwhile. How about some interesting MONSTERS that may or may not be intelligent but look like something other than mutant humanoids? Maybe also a narrator ruminating a bit about what weird, unimaginable horrors we have to look forward to. Maybe even some tongue-in-cheek silliness too as long as it's actually funny! This was done quite well back in the 60s with shows like "Lost in Space", but unfortunately, today's producers rarely seem to have the imagination to come up with such material! If they ever do, however, I would be much more interested in watching.

  • I started out watching this show with great anticipation of what was ahead, but was soon disappointed. With the types of plots written and the redundancy of story lines, it could have been shot in Ralph Cramden's kitchen, except not as funny.

    The fact that the setting was in deep space and right next to a wormhole that could take the cast to the far reaches of the Galaxy gave it ENORMOUS potential for story line of distant civilations both good and bad. It seemed like it took forever to play out the scenario that lead them to war with the Dominion and there were so many wasted opportunities to go beyond the status quo and search out new life and new civilizations and boldly go where no man has gone before.

    After a while I felt like I was watching a show that for the most part could have been set in any town in the good old USA, without the Star Trek setting, and would possibly have been more entertaining.

    They had the occasinal show that took them through the wormhole, but most of the time they just stayed onboard Deep Space Nine, and dealt with their hum-drum daily lives at home.

    The final episode beckoned me back, and I'm glad I watched, because it was the type of story that should have been told all along, but it died with a whimper and not a bang, unfortunately for all us Trek fans who longed for adventure through the wormhole
  • What's the first Star Trek series without Gene Roddenberry like? Well....

    Star Trek DS9 was the first Star Trek series that was not created by Gene Roddenberry. So what are the results of this new venture? Would it live up to the previous series: Star Trek: The Next Generation? Will it continue Roddenberry's legacy? Lot's of people say yes, lot's of people say no, but I'm one of the folks who tend to see this series as the bottom of the barrel for Star Trek.
    We all know about TNG. The absolute pinnacle of Trek goodness. The stories were consistently interesting, and though it did delve into social issues, it didn't delve too far, and most folks agreed with those issues. Acting was good and most people agree it very much deserved its long run.
    Though DS9 presents a mildly interesting story and cool space battles in "The Dominion Wars", the rest of the time, well, it's a show about a space station, it can't get too exciting. A lot of the stories involve weird religious and political overtones that the writers push and push and push.
    Even though some minor characters from TNG come over(Worf, O'Brien), it's just not enough to make this show worth watching. Cue the angry feedback. This disapointing follow up to TNG just doesn't merit much. Remember, it's a show about a space station.
  • Bordering on dreck at times.

    I always expected Captain Sisko to break into a song & dance routine with his big basso profundo voice-grabbing the nearest alien with a tree growing out of the top of their head and doing a robot waltz singing at the top of his lungs. Or maybe thats just me...his son was normal enough though. The Feneghi based episodes were a touch much in my opinion. The decor was Kardasian & was terrible as a result which gave the show an air of contrived cheapness but other than that it was fine. I thought Major Kira was good character-one of few good characters on the show. Who couldn't make jokes about Odo.....what is he today? A plant pot or maybe a chair-what an amazing fellow he isn't.
  • don't have the review

    i liked the show when it first started, but it was cindemned to evolve in a tyrpical sf/soap opera. i mean, you really can't have million sf shows without them starting to repeat the same character and plot paradigms. there is the wise, but energetic captain, some sort of technically developed or enhanced being like the doctor, the wise councellor, and, offcurse the loyal staff.

    the dynamic setting (station in deep space as the crossing point for travellers of all species) helps, but its potential is eventually exausted by ever-repeating moral dillemas and predictable resolutions (always tough, but fair,made by the wise captain with the help from the loyal crew) can see it going down the hill.
  • Agreed; underappreciated...

    This ranked 3rd on my list of Star Trek series; 1st being TNG followed closely by the original. This had a darker side and brough much more insight into the aliens created by the series. I particularly liked Daks; she would have been a great choice as the nympo in Star Trek the Movie...
  • A thought out show, but it has a hard-to-get-into plot.

    DS9 is a great show, because of the characters, esp. Quark. The Dominion makes a good enemy, while the Cardassians are somewhat threatening. Personally I can't get into the whole "spiritualness" of the show involving the Bajoran culture. It seems to take away from the Star Trek environment. Otherwise, it is a great show, too bad it was canceled.
  • D.S.9 what a wonderful and colourful show. It had it's ups it's downs and everything in betweeen!

    Star Trek D.S.9 was brilliantly written, directed and the actors did a magnificent job of playing their parts.
    Where else can you find romanc, war and every emotion placed into one science fiction show. Sure previous Star Trek shows were great but this show really took the cake as far as I was concerned.
    I wish they hadn't ended it but where else would the or could they have taken the crew?
    Just thinking back to watching the show makes me smile and remember things that never really happened but were wonderful to imagine that they did.
    Fab show for sure. Really worth a watch if you ever happen to catch it on T.V
  • Second Sci-Fi Fever! Jutsu!...

    Why do I like this show? Three reasons...Cool space-age tech...Awesome outer space battles and wars...And terrific prophets who are always right on their mark! Yes! This is Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. A show that centers on the adventures of Captain Benjamin "Benji" Sisko and other human and alien life forms abord the very large Deep Space Nine secret-edition space station. Viewers will marvel at the fascinating plots and storylines, while watching the characters in action as they become more well-developed. Sadly, this show is no longer producing new episodes. So...To wrap up this review, I will say that this show got better every season because of the reasons I stated above. But being able to watch it means either checking into Spike TV or getting the show on DVD and it is WAY expensive!
  • Not the Best of The Star Trek Franchise

    This is the last of the Star Trek series that I've watched ans so far I'm in season two after finally skipping past the latter half of season one because I simply found the acting and writing to be so plodding and predictable. Avery Brooks as Sisko is good most of the time but at other times his line readings are in a sing song voice that is really annoying.

    And any Feringi is annoying but no one is as bad as Nanna Visitor. as Major Kiera. She is just about the worst actor I've ever seen. The Wesley Crusher of this show. Waving her arms - and overdoing every scene - she's awful - but Oda I really enjoy. And I'm sticking with the show because I'm looking forward to Worf and the reviews that say it picks up as it goes along
  • Great story / bad acting

    I loved the story and everything about this show except two tings:

    Avery Brooks and Nanna Visitor.

    Lousy acting that never made me believe in them.

    Which is why I only give it 7.
  • 3rd Of The Franchise Reviews

    Now, I know there is an on going battle of wills…and words…about this series installment, Deep Space Nine. There are those that like it and those that don’t. I’m afraid I’m one of those that don’t.

    I know that it maintains a great continuity of current Trek canon. I know that it actually pivots Next Gen and Voyager together. I also know that it created stories that tranversed into the films. But it doesn’t matter if the story…the actual setting…is weak.

    I found Deep Space Nine to be a Space Soap, Hotel in Space…General Hospital Of The Federation. It was preachy, moody and too personality filed to be of anything dynamic. God, if I saw one more holo-deck episode I was going to scream.

    The last 2 seasons were good. The Dominion War gave the series a boost back into what Trek and Sci-Fi is. But it was frankly too little too late. I just really didn’t care about what happened on Bajor, or to their religious culture.

    I rank this series a 7, only because of it’s ground breaking CGI introductions, its grounding in Trek canon and its maintenance of old Trek values. But other than that…It’s boring.

    This series is available on DVD but was terribly high priced. It is now available at half the cost by some retail outlets.
  • Semi-entertaining, but slow and with about as little action as possible.

    "The StoryTeller" doesn't feature any space warfare or action sequences (unless you count an awkward attempted stabbing). It's more of a tale of psychology; the two arcs both deal with a character facing a tough decision - Gina Phillips being the more attractive of the two (Sorry, Colm). While this is fine, aren't we forgetting something incredibly important ? The Kai - the most revered figure on Bajor - was killed last episode (sort of), presumably prompting a public relations disaster for the federation. Yet there's absolutely no mention of these events. What gives ? I was expecting this to dominate the storyline for several episodes.
  • Love this show.

    It was a slow starter, but really grew on me. Avery Brooks is a fine actor and did a superb job, also loved Terry Farrell's character. Miss this show. If somebody (MEtv) is looking for a a new show to re-run use DS9.
  • best ever

    Ds9 was the star trek series I kept going back to. Good god was it awesome. Epic confrontations, cool alien makeup, Quark and Odo going at each other like a old couple, It was great. The captain in this series is my favorite. Sysco was a combination of Kirks willing to fight and Picards negotiation skills. The other crew members had the most variety from all the others with 3 aliens and a biologically enhanced man. Also, the first Indian joined star treks major crew members roster. The ending to the show was not all that good though. Chief goes off with his wife to earth and teaches at the academy, Bashire and Dax hook up and stay on the station, Quark stays, Keria ( my least favorite of the group) becomes Captian, and Sysco has to spend the rest of his life with an alien out in space. Odo gets the same ending too. He has to spend time with his own kind. He earleir was going on about being the last shapeshifter. now their a whole planet out of them. Over all, this is a must watch for all fans of star trek and sci fi.
  • Not everyones cup of tea, that's for sure, but In my personal opinion Deep Space Nine stands as the finest foray into the Star Trek universe, and is excellent SciFi television in it's own right.

    Deep Space Nine caused a bit of controversy and criticism during it's run, some long-time Star Trek fans claiming it to be 'Anti-Roddenberry', and whilst I wouldn't go that far, I can certainly see their point. Gone is the utopian future established within The Original Series and, to an extent, The Next Generation. Previous Trek Taboo's, such as religion, racism,sexuality and the horrors of war are acknowledged here and dealt with directly, as opposed to being ignored or pushed to the background. The fact is, Gene Roddenberry would probably never fully approved of Deep Space Nine, especially during the show's later seasons, had he been alive during it's run.

    And yet this seemingly detrimental statement is why, I think, Deep Space Nine is the best Star Trek ever to grace our screens. Over the course of it's seven season run, The writers of DS9 were never afraid to push the boundaries on what it means to be a Star Trek show, taking risks with storytelling, character and plot. The story primarily focused on the lives of a group of characters living aboard a star-fleet owned station that guarded an ancient, stable wormhole to another sector of the galaxy. It had an excellent cast of characters, each with there own centric-episodes that explored characters and the universe that the show had been established. With Deep Space Nine you never knew what you were going to get - one week you would be treated to an excellent episode that deals with Time Travel in a unique and interesting way, and the next you're dealing with racism in 1960's New York. The show was wonderfully diverse in its storytelling; moments of action, dark brutality and war are complimented by tales of romance, farce and comedy. How about the tongue-in-cheek episode, 'Little Green Men', in which the capitalist-obsessed Ferengi accidently crash-land on earth in Roswell, in the year 1947? Of course, as is the case with any show in which you are tasked to write 25 episodes a season, Deep Space Nine has it's fair share of stinkers. Some of the stand alone episodes are undeniably bad, especially those found in the early seasons. However, the darker turn that the show takes during the Dominion War, and the storytelling that that turn brings - more than makes up for it later down the line.

    Ever since it's inception, the show strived to be a different kind of star trek - here we had a space station as opposed to a starship, stationary as opposed to moving. Character's and story-points couldn't simply 'reset' week after week due to the very nature of the show, and this is naturally lead to over-arching plot threads, season-long character development arcs, and a serialized nature of storytelling that had never before been explored in Star Trek.

    Ultimately, this is one of the main stand-out factors of Deep Space Nine - the relatively serialized drama made for more compelling watching, at least in my opinion. I use the 'relatively' because although the show did a great job of building up a large amount of continuing plot and story-arcs, and executed them well, as a show it never really strayed away from the tried and tested, 'individual story of the week' structure, which I feel is a shame. Aside from a couple of excellent, 6 + episode story-arcs in the later seasons, the show was still being written primarily as a show that anybody could tune in to having missed a couple of episodes and not feel lost. I feel that if the writers had managed to convince the studio to allow Deep Space Nine to evolve into a fully episodic show, in the vain of Battlestar or Lost, then it would have been even better. I honestly feel this is a missed opportunity, and it is my biggest gripe with the show... Alas, Deep Space Nine is the closest we are probably ever going to get to a serialized drama set within the Star Trek universe.
  • This was a good solid show...

    You know why I liked this show??? Because unlike the other Star Trek series, DS9 showed alot of what everyday life was like. It was not always a new mission or a new planet or a new alien species to communicate with. This show had evryday routine repairs. It had everyday routine convesations between characters. There was even a "Constable" (Odo). Whom I liked as a charater and have to agree with him that Major Kyra was pretty hot. (Laugh)
    I did not always like the commander but did like O'Brien he was a good character. I also like the ship based there later the "Defiant". It was a pretty cool little ship. Overall this was a solid show. Not Great, but good. Good enough to say I liked it.
  • A great addition to the star trek universe.

    The premise for this incarnation of star trek differs from the previous two - particularly in earlier episodes (before they introduce the USS Defiant) because it is set on an orbital space station and follows not only star fleet personel but also the many civilians from the planet below.

    The premise works surprisingly well and is stagnant than one would imagine. This show is also the grittiest of the franchise and that really helps to keep you interested throughout but in particular during the dominion war.

    It does however have it's drawbacks one of which being that most of the characters are just reworkings of familiar stereotypes and its not that we don't like them it is just that we have seen it before. that said the cast is good and the acting solid.

    All in all a great star trek show and well worth a look.
  • The worst (In My Opinion) of the Star Trek shows. Set in the future and on a space station called Deep Space Nine.

    The worst (In My Opinion) of the Star Trek shows. Set in the future and on a space station called Deep Space Nine. I just never really cared about any of the characters and I think being limited to the space station took away from much of the excitement of the other shows. Not seeing the home planets of many of the great looking characters just was kind of disapointing. The cast was pretty decent however as far as their acting skills. The cast included Armin Shimerman as Quark, Terry Farrell as Lt./Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax, Michael Dorn (From Next Generation) as Lt. Commander Worf, Rene Auberjonois as Constable Odo,
    Nana Visitor as Major/Colonel/Commander Kira Nerys, Avery Brooks as Commander/Captain Benjamin Sisko, Alexander Siddig
    as Dr. Julian Bashir, Cirroc Lofton as Jake Sisko, Colm Meaney as Chief Miles O'Brien and Nicole de Boer as Ensign/Lt. Ezri Dax.
  • Interesting show.

    I watched Star Trek Deep Space Nine directly after Babylon 5, just to compare these 2 shows. There is no comparison, personally I prefer Babylon 5. It may be cheesier, but it fares way better with the characterisation and tight plots.

    But ST DS9 has its high points. I prefer the first 3 seasons, it got too dark to my liking later on, although I loved the addition of Worf to the show. He is of much better use here than he ever was on TNG. And he and Jadzia Dax made a cute couple.

    I liked that the show differed greatly from what we usually see on Star Trek. I think, this is the only Trek show that has its emphasis on its supporting characters. Garak and Quark are my favorite characters.
  • After a slow start, the 3rd 'Star Trek' series picks up speed with the introduction of the Dominion in Season 2 and concludes with the best and longest arc in 'Star Trek,' the Dominion Wars.

    I was introduced to 'Star Trek' by my dad when 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' was still airing. Then, when I was in 3rd grade, I remember watching the "special" premiere of 'Deep Space Nine.' At this time, I was too young to follow most of the more complex ideas it presented to me but I was able to enjoy it nonetheless.

    During the run of the series I would randomly watch episodes but never get much continuity, especially once it moved to late nights. I also didn't really understand the idea of a series that would build on previous episodes (watched more stand-alone, episodic TV). Towards the end of the series I manged to catch many of the episodes and I was drawn into the on-going Dominion War plot.

    During college, I was finally able to sit down and watch the series, beginning to end. I loved how they allowed characters to be "imperfect" and the challenging ideas that some of the episodes presented. A lot of 'Star Trek' fans didn't like this series because it was slow and boring; it took place on a space station! And while I agree in the beginning, they are missing out on the depth that the later seasons offered.

    I recommend this series to those that are willing to invest time in a great sci-fi series. While you could skip over the 1st season if necessary, you would be missing some of the background/introduction of many elements that are important later in the series. BTW, I'm still waiting for some closure on the end of the series. If you've seen it, you know what I mean.
  • Deeper Trek

    Arguably the best of the Star Trek series, Deep Space Nine was a groundbreaking science-fiction show that changed television. On the forefront of serial storytelling, the show was able to develop continuing stories throughout multiple episodes and seasons as never before, and to create deep, rich characters in both the primary and supporting cast. Free of Gene Roddenberry's creative control, Deep Space Nine was able to explore the dark and gritty side of humanity, delivering provocative and challenging television about the sociopolitical issues of the day. It presented a bold vision of Star Trek that was full of colorful and compelling characters that produced the most dramatic and action packed Trek of the franchise.
  • Holocaust Trek

    DS9 entailed a "serious" approach for the franchise. After TOS and TNG light-hearted, sometimes childish, plot, the producers decided to expand on the Bajoran side of the series. Bajor,a former Cardassian Empire annexed and occupied planet, is now free thanks to its resistance and the Federation. During the Cardassian occupation, Bajorans were submitted to painful torture methods, biogenetic experimentation and slave labouring -sounds familiar? As in Poland during WWI?-. Comparisons can't be avoided; it is what it is. It must be highlighted that the show never mocks nor parodies the events of WWII. All episodes have been written with respect and the main characters are the most likeable of any of the franchise's iteration until now, including the new film.

    However, the first three seasons were slow, really slow but they served to bring about the Bajoran world, culture and myth that, in the end of the series, became the core of the plot. The Bajorans faith has been built upon the Prophets -as in Jewish Prophets?-, entities from an extradimensional realm [separated from the space time continuum] that communicate through Orbs, light-emmiting bubbles of energy of different colours. These orbs are quite powerful since they can be used to predict the future, among other things. That is why the Bajorans, the Cardassians and the Federation keep fighting each-other, to possess and control those orbs. the story takes place on an abandoned Cardassian station that, coincidentally, happens to be close the only stable wormhole to the Gamma Quadrant. This wormhole becomes active after the arrival of commander Benjamin Sisko, the new federation station commander. Curiously, when the wormhole opens, he gets swallowed by it and inside he finds the Prophets; they tell him he is the new emissary -as in Mosses or Enoch-. So, after all the trouble that Bajor has gone through, the new Federation ambassador to Bajor and the emissary of the Prophets is a human, A HUMAN! Bajorans are very superstitious people and, as a consequence, their clergy becomes over zealous about this "celestial happening" since their followers will likely do as the Emissary says instead of their bidding: this is the main plot of DS9, control over the population by religious means. Later after season 3, things change due to the discovery of a new galactic superpower from the Gamma quadrant, The Dominion. To put it simply, it is a sort of huge guild comprised of several other guilds [warriors, traders, scientists and spies] controlled by a small group of "anamorphic" aliens that pose as gods to all this minor guilds -yes, gods... oh, the irony!-

    It is a shame that this show had to compete against Babylon 5, a nice show though ridiculous: after season 4 the Prophets became entities capable of possessing humanoid bodies and giving them godlike super powers -sad-. By the end of the show the Federation, the Cardassians, The Dominion, the Bajorans, the Prophets and the Romulans [?] were mixed together to bring about a conceptual mess that came from poorly mixing together fantasy and science-fiction genres just for the sake of ratings.

    Note: DS9 FX hadn't been nice until season 4, when the producers decided to go full 3D CGFX to compete against Babylon 5 [again] since B5 was built around this FX standard from the beginning, which awarded it an Emmy for Outstanding Visual Effects, an accolade that Star Trek lacks.
  • the best Star Trek, in my opinion...

    Deep Space Nine is my favorite Star Trek. It has great characters and pretty good actors. Sisco is an amazing character and he is so interesting and the actor did a great job playing him. Otto, O'Brian, and Quark are great characters also. The whole story line is very interesting also. I especially liked the last season when they were battling the Dominion. The villian changlings were a very sofisticated, interesting bad guys. Also, the bajourins (excuse my spelling) were interesting people and the whole prophet story line was great. Overall, Deep Space Nine has the best character, best story lines, and the best execution of any of the Star Treks.
  • DS9 in one word? Overrated. Oh, it’s a good series… but the overacting at times is more than I can deal with. Bojarans?! Who cares about Bojarans!? Anyway… check it out… this show will make you care… but in my case… it may be caring in the hatred way.

    DS9 in one word? Overrated. Oh, it’s a good series… but the overacting at times is more than I can deal with. Bojarans?! Who cares about Bojarans!? Anyway… check it out… this show will make you care… but in my case… it may be caring in the hatred way.

    Ben Sisko… how I love your overacting! I mean my god…. I really appreciated the African American lead… but isn’t there some stereotyping when Q shows up, and he’s the only captain that gets into a fist fight with the omnipotent being?! I don't want the only brother Captain to be the Tyson of captains :'( It's all good though. Anyway, this show is very good.. but there are things that hold it from being the best Trek.
    1. Ferengi- Yuck. Worthless.
    2. Sisko kissing grown azz Jake…. Jake was like 28 years old and still getting kissed on by his pops like he was an infant.
    3. The Defiant. How “convienant they give Sisko the baddest ship in the fleet even though he works at a stationary slave base. Luckily other captains didn’t need it… like those who actually traversed the galaxy in exploration!
    4. Deseree Dax… personally they should have just let Dax die… that new chick was cute…. So cute it made me sick.

    The show had a good plot with the war and all but Odo didn’t cause me to attach any sympathy to his whiny sniveling angry self. Quark… my god… I didn’t care for the Ferengi one bit…. Or ROM! I hate his guts... I mean what was rom other than a goofy excuse to show quarks shallowness? This show was pretty good… but not the best of the treks… If you like a soap opera type shows… that are slow and lets you get attached to the characters then this is the show for you. They kill a lot of people!!! A lot of people die! A lot of the federation is massacred… you have to like that outcome. For while I love trek.. I hate the federation mightily… Just look at what Janeway is!(Preposition!) Self righteous, piece of crap. DS9 is definitely worth the watch.
  • a different idea

    this show is one of my favorites of the star trek chain. it was a bit of a change to what the other shows were. instead of a ship wandering the universe, it was a space station sitting at the edge of a wormhole. i really did not get into it until the second season. i was glad it had a good run.
  • Better Than TNG

    Deep Space Nine was closer to Star Trek: The Original Series than Next Generation. The characters were better cause they were flawed and more realistic. Granted the first few seasons were mediocre but with the Dominion War it got much better. The two best characters was of course Odo and Quark. You had to know that the actors who played them loved them. The conflict was like Spock and McCoy but up a notch. Avery Brooks as Captain Sisko was in my opinion the best Captain cause he truly felt the weight of command.
  • Some of the Best Trek

    When this series first started, many doubted that the space station setting and other factors could ever equal a great Star Trek show. I have to say, though, that DS9 is the best overall Trek series. TNG and the Original Series might have had some of the best (or best loved) characters, but DS9 has the best chemistry, the best plots, and more great episodes than the other Treks. This show is still under-appreciated, and it doesn't get REALLY good until the second season. But seasons 4-6 are some of the most satisfying sci-fi I have ever seen.
  • Relations between the bajorans and cardassians are worse than ever and the federation has agreed to step in,in an effort to quell the infighting .To make matters worse a worm hole was recently discovered which both sides wish to make claim to.

    This show has taken a chance and steped out of star treks usual tried and true format of a lone ship thyme which although it worked well was getting mondane.My only problem was that it took too long getting into it but ill admit it made for a great story.The crew seemed alot closer and much more like a family.I also loved the various colourful characters that pass through the base and how they would influence operations.
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