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  • This is one of the amazing comebacks of TV history. After the arrival of Worf and the start of the Cardassian war, DS9 became the most action-packed Star Trek ever, and definitely benefited from season-spanning storylines.

    This is one of the amazing comebacks of TV history. After the arrival of Worf and the start of the Cardassian war, DS9 became the most action-packed Star Trek ever, and definitely benefited from season-spanning storylines.

    I have to say, there were some great episodes even right from the beginning (a Quark casino alternate reality in season 1 stands out) and some episodes that got too caught up in the mystical side plots that didn't really do much for suspense, action, or character development.

    The absolute best episode is the one where Sisko does a monologue reflecting on a recent mission gone awry (season 6 I think). This--much like the Piccard torture episide in TNG season 6--went a huge way to define the mature stage of his character. Excellent stuff.
  • Deep Space Nine is simply the best Star Trek show ever made!

    The premise for Star Trek DS9 sounded like a really bad idea yet it worked and it worked great.

    Before DS9 Star Trek was all about endless episodes of space exploration where enterprise would encounter everything from alien space bugs of the week to klingons and romulans. But DS9 is about a basically stationary space station and the people inhabiting it.

    This seemed like a really stupid idea to me but the show works superbly and that thanks to the best characters, actors and stories of any Star Trek show.
  • Deep Space Nine is one of the greatest TV shows of all time.

    Deep Space Nine is easily one of the best shows ever to grace the small screen. Its continuous intertwining arcs and pure character driven plots embody the entire seven season run. DS9 was also one of the most popular and successful in its day (from '93 to '99). See it, live it, and experience it all over again.
  • One of the best star trek series around and's not set on a starship.

    Star Trek Deep Space Nine was a great show to watch, it had exploration in it (i.e. exploration of the gamma quadrant) but it also centred around character interaction, and gave emphasis to the religion of the Bajorans. This is what sets Deep Space Nine apart from other star trek shows, in the fact that it is a character driven show and has alot of character development in it. Being set on a space station it gives more of a chance for conflict between charaters of different races, not only just starfleet personnel but civilians as well.

    It was intersting to see how the bajoran faith and their prophets, were worked into the storylines throughout all seven seasons.

    The show was set on a cardassian station called Deep Space Nine, in the Bajoran System. The Bajoran Provisional Government called in the Federation to help administrate the station, after the withdrawl of the cardassians. The cardassians had previously occupied Bajor for over 50 years, it was only through the efforts of the Bajoran Resistance that the Cardassians were forced to leave. I found the occupation of Bajor to be an interesting backstory for the show; and quite a few episodes refer to it or events that occured during the occupation. During the occupation of bajor the cardassians comitted countless atrocities against the bajorans; and they attempted to extract valuable resources from Bajor before they left.

    We are introduced to a new adversary at the end of season 2, which we had heard about since the beginning of season 2: The Dominion. We learn in season 3 that Security Chief Odo is from a race of beings known as the Founders (or Changelings), who are the leaders of the Dominion.

    Sisko, although initially uncomfortable with his role as the Emissary to the Bajoran Prophets in the end embraces this role.

    The Dominion make alliances with the Cardassians and later the Breen (in Seasons 5 and 7) and start a war with the Federation that lasts almost two years. This war although won by the Federation and its allies, they incur heavy casualties and Cardassia is decimated with the deaths of many civilians. This is a result of the female changeling ordering extermination of the Cardassian population (on Cardassia Prime).

    After the conclusion of the war, sisko goes to the fire caves of Bajor representing the prophets, for a final confrontation with Dukat posessed by the Pah Wraith Kosst Amojen. Sisko survives and Dukat is trapped with the pah wraiths for eternity in the fire caves. Sisko is rescued by the prophets, and is taken to the celestial temple. Here Sisko tells his wife Kassidy Yates that he must remain, as he has so much to learn from the prophets -- but he will return, whether it is days, months, years or yesterday.

    The conclusion to the series is satisfying and Sisko's story has come full circle. The emergence of the dominion as a threat early on was great to watch; and the dominion war years of the show were some of the best.

    Given this is an abbreviated review, other characters of note are: Jadzia Dax, Ezri Dax, Quark, Rom, Nog, Jake Sisko, Chief Miles O'Brien, Colonel Kira Nerys, Security Chief Odo, Dr. Julian Bashir, Lt. Commander Worf and the simple tailor Elim Garak.
  • probably one of the best shows ever to be devised

    A wonderful deposition of the secret service (section 31),was one of the elements that was discussed very briefly, the existence of a secret society in paradise, paradise on earth that is, just one of the ideas thats basically is saying we are all human end of the day, humans can exist with out old structures and rules weather it be god or capitalism, but going forward the old guard might be down but it will be replaced with some other forms of social and political structures. But ultimaly its saying we dont need any type opium for the people we are perfectly capabable at looking after ourselves without any form of primitive belief systems
  • There are only two words that can truly describe Deep Space Nine ... absolutely brilliant!

    I am ashamed to admit now that I am one of the many Star Trek fans out there that voiced their skepticism when the premise of DS9 was announced several years back. Thankfully though, I was proven wrong, not to mention hooked by the very first episode.

    With a strong cast, and interestingly vivid storylines (It's also a serial!! Which is a major bonus in my book.) has possibly made Deep Space 9 the greatest show of the entire Star Trek franchise.

    Nothing can compare to the indepth view into the Star Trek Universe that Deep Space Nine offers it's fans. Religion, politics, culture ... it's all here. It is near impossible to verbalize how captivating this show is. All I can do is suggest that you check it out for yourself, and enjoy!

  • The darker side of Trek.

    I liked this view of the universe. Things weren't as neat and clean on DS9 as they sometimes seemed on the Enterprise. I liked the intrigue. I liked the grey areas of characters like Garak. Where the characters of the earlier series were more clearly "good" or "bad", the characters on DS9 were neither and both. Some of the politics got to be overwhelming, but otherwise, this was another spectacular incarnation of Star Trek.
  • Best of the Star Trek series

    I never was much of a fan of the original series, i never cared much about those old movies where the hero beats the bad guy and gets the girl, the original series is pretty much a science fiction version of those movies.

    Then The Next Generation came along, that was the Star Trek that the original series should of been.
    Voyager and Enterprise followed the same style that the first 2 series did. (even though in Voyager they did try to get home, but that was just the main storyline, the rest was the same as the other ones)
    Deep Space Nine brought something new, a space station, and the best part is that it's not a Federation space station, because that would of been half as interesting.

    Like most Star Trek series the first few seasons were weak, season 1 and 2 wasn't that great, season 3 became alot more interesting with the Defiant, and with Michael Dorn as Worf joining the cast and the whole Dominion war made things just great.
    Some people never really liked the Dominion war, still i think no one can deny that without the Dominion war it wouldn't of been even half as good, it gave the show a backbone, something that was always there, even if the episode wasn't about it you still knew it was going on, and understood the way things were.

    Also 1 of the strong points were the amount of regulars, you can't have a cast of like 15-20 people, but by having many regular cast members you can really make things alot better, and that's what characters like Rom, Nog, Weyoun, Brunt, Dukat, Gowron and many more did.

    But besides the great storylines the most important thing was the quality of the actors, Star Trek isn't exactly known for having the best actors, sure there have been quite alot of good ones in all the years, but in most series you only had about 3-4 from the main cast and regulars that were really good, in DS9 there have been many great actors, actors like Armin Shimerman, Colm Meaney, Avery Brooks, Andrew Robinson, Jeffrey Combs and many more did excellent work on DS9, and with all that it simply made the best Star Trek out there, and i think it's impossible to beat that.
  • I'm torn between this and TNG, but when it comes down to it, I find that DS9 had more of a storyline that followed from one episode to the next with more character development in second string characters.

    The war...that is how I would best describe this series as the build up to it was great and suspensful. From taking all the races that we've come to know from TNG (Feringi and Cardassin's) and expanding on them not only as a race, but what they were capable of. For instance, in TNG we knew that Ferengi were motivated by "profit", but by having a character as Quark helped dig that in as we saw his plots succeed and failed over and over. With the introduction of Gul-Dukat we saw how the Cardassins were revered by many and how he tried to justify things during "The Ocupation." Great series with memorable characters, highly recommended to long time fans of Trek and new comers as well.
  • The Only Star Trek Series Left That Can Have A Come Back Is Its Best!

    The series Ending was the perfect way to make a 2nd series or a Movie.

    There has to be plans in the works for a come back of some sort for this series.

    I mean a Star Trek Series that stayed on one place. On the surface this must have seemed stuiped even I was unsure at first then I saw this series and I was AMAZED!

    It was by far the best Star Trek Series of all time.

    This one above all the others deserves a new series.
  • Show for Show, hour for hour, the best Star Trek ever. This is space soap opera at its best.

    This Star Trek broke the mold. The commander/captain/emissary was African American. There was no starship. (Well, at least until the Defiant) There were no new worlds and new civilizations, (Unless you count the Breen, the Vorta, and the Founders.) There was no boldly going. (Unless you count the aforementioned Defiant, the war, trips to the gamma quadrant, etc.) Oh, there were Klingons to be sure. Many credit Worf's arrival with "saving" the series. But how often does a series fulfill its promises in season one in season seven? There was great acting by the principal characters. (Avery Brooks is exceptional) There was a great multi-show and multi-season storyline. War and romance. Betrayal and heartbreak. Section 31 and Romulans. This show had it all.
  • Star Trek Deep Space Nine was on the whole an entertaining and enjoyable show.

    Star Trek Deep Space Nine was on the whole an entertaining and enjoyable show. Patrick Stewart and Jonathan Frakes guest starred.It was set on a space station commanded by Commander Benjamin Sisko who was also the emissary of the Bajoran people, ex-resistance fighter Major Kira Nerys was his first officer ,Chief of Operations was Miles O’Brien from the Enterprise, Trill And Dax symbiont host Jadzia Dax was the science officer and the doctor was Julian Bashir. Ferengi bartender Quark provided some great comedy moments.

    The first two seasons were overall quite tedious, bland and repetitive, but it did establish characters who would be pivotal roles later on, like Jake, Nog, Garek and Gul Dukat, so in season three they were given an enemy “The Dominion”, who were security officer Odo’s species, and a battle ship called The Defiant. In the last episode of season three Sisko was promoted to Captain and the Founders of “The Dominion” unofficially declared war on The Federation after Odo killed one.

    In season Four there were a few changes;
    The theme tune was at a faster pace,
    The Defiant was on the opening titles,
    Lieutenant Commander Worf joined Deep Space Nine as the first officer of The Defiant and wore red instead of yellow,
    Sisko was bald,
    The Klingons became enemies of The Federation and Worf became a traitor.
    General Martok was introduced,
    Dax became a Lt Cmdr and Bashir was promoted to a senior grade Lt.
    And his people turned Odo into a permanent solid.

    In Season Five Worf and Dax fell in love and got engaged and the Klingons ended their feud after Martok was exposed as a Founder, the real Martok was found with the real Doctor Bashir, who later found out he was genetically engineered. New grey and black uniforms were issued to the crew. Odo began to shapeshift again. Quarks nephew Cadet Nog became an officer on the Defiant and his brother Rom married Bajoran dabo girl Leeta. Vortar Weyoun was introduced.
    The Cardassians joined the Dominion and, led by Dukat, they took over DS9 after an evacuation.

    In Season Six Gul Dukat turned to insanity after his daughter’s death at the hands of his peer Damar, so he summoned the evil gods the Pah Wraith’s. DS9 was once again under Starfleets command after the Dominion evacuated but the war continued.
    Nog became an Ensign. Kira and Odo became a couple and Worf married a very sexy Jadzia.
    When actress Terry Farrell sadly asked to leave the show it was decided that Jadzia would be killed by a Pah Wraiths possessed Dukat in the final episode and the symbiont would be passed on to another host, leaving Worf distraught.

    The Final season saw Ensign Ezri Dax arrived as a counsellor and was given a junior grade lieutenant rank, she befriended Worf after a few harsh words and became intimate with him once before moving to a relationship with Julian. Sisko found out he was the son of a prophet hence his status as Emissary he married Kassidy Yates and got her pregnant. Worf killed the Klingon chancellor Gowron and gave the title to Martok. Kira became a Colonal and a Starfleet Commander. Rom became Grand Negus.The Defiant was destroyed but the crew was issued with a brand new Defiant in time for the final battle. After a Cardassion rebellion the Dominion surrendered. Worf became an Ambassador and left, The Chief went to Earth to be a professor, Odo returned to The Great Link to cure their disease, Nog became a Lieutenant, Damar and Weyoun were killed, Sisko ascended to the prophets after a battle with Dukat and the Pah Wraiths.
  • DS9

    I luv Star Trek! Not in a way that I'll go to a convention and dress up as a Starfleet! But as a TV show it rules all! DS9 was the best to me because of its on going storyline dealing with the Dominion War and the quest of the Emmisary, Captain Benjaman Sisko. From start to finish its compelling. Sometimes the overacting can get to you(really Sisko's) its not that bad. So if you don't even like Star Trek at all I suggest you look at this series because I think you will like it and be surprised about how good it really is.
  • The best Star Trek incarnation - I never thought I would ever say that about any Star Trek series other than Next Generation, but... IT IS!

    Absolutely compelling; Deep Space Nine got off to a shaky start but soon became one of the best shows on TV. The Dominion contributed to the shows greatness, they were an astonishingly good idea and the intricate details of their organisation made them the best trek-baddie since The Borg. The Special effects were ahead of their time, the story of Sisko and the prophets was marvellous (especially the conclusion), the Cardassian/Federation relationship was brillient - going from distrustful allies, to friends, to outright enemies, the Klingon presense in the last few seasons added depth to the show (Worf in particular, I thought the show got serious credibility when he showed up), the standalone episodes (e.g. Far Beyond The Stars, Trials And Tribble-ations, Shattered Mirror, Past Tense, etc, etc) were excellent, and the overall 5 year story arc with the Dominion was simply inspired. I love this show, I might go and watch it now :)
  • Deep Space Nine a review

    Star trek Deep Space Nine was not taken in as well by the viewers as the next generation or the original series but DS9 shows the essence of Star Trek as none of the others ever have. The series showed the darker side of the future and humanity itself. The Dominion war showed the human suffering that is involved in war. Sisko raising his on alone, the death of Jadzia, Odo\'s struggle between his friends and his people, and the occupation of Bajor all showed the darker, more real side of human nature.
  • Still the best Trek

    I'll admit it, I rarely watched Deep Space Nine in it's original run. I watched the first and last episodes on their original air dates, but rarely in between. I simply couldn't 'get into' the show. It seemed darker and more 'serious' than than The Next Generation and I wasn't ready for that yet.

    It wasn't until a few years later that I started watching repeats almost every evening. Problem was they were constantly out of order. One night it was a season 3 ep, followed by a season 7 ep. I was finally 'into' the show, but was clueless as to the scope of the saga

    Now, thanks to the marvel of DVDs, I have watched the series in order partway into the 6th season and hope finish it and season 7 in the coming months.

    I freely state now that this is my favorite Trek. I grew up on TNG, liked Voyager in passing, and and never really watched much of the original series. I'm of no currect opinion on Enterprise sewing as I only watched the 1st ep and the last ep with handful in between (the same as I did for DS9, interestingly.....)

    DS9 was something special and I'm glad it got a full, healthy 7 seasons to run its course. Now I can only hope that if they continue with Trek movies, they'll pick DS9 since it's rightfully next in line.
  • One of the best Star Treks made only falling short in the first season and some of the secound season.

    I really liked DS9. It was a new breath of air when it came to Star Trek. Lets face it every Star Trek until now has been on a star ship or some type of vessal anyway. But DS9 was located on a star base. Meaning a better plot and story then other Star Trek series.

    But my favourite episodes came when the Jem Hadar where facing the federation. Learning about that facinating warrior species and there dependency on the white liquid Ketracel white. Which is used to control these warriors because they have no need for other human activites like eating or sleeping. The Captain of DS9 was one of the first black captains having a major role. So this caused so much diversity that i enjoyed the show a lot.

    But a lot of the show focused on the Bajor. A planet close to DS9 that was invaded by the cardassians. The occupation of bajor in many ways is similar to the occupation of many jewish staes in world war 2 by the Nazi`s. There is striking similarities. The Bajorians where sent to labor camps and concentration camps. Many of them where operated on while alive and no pain killer given.

    In a way the Cardassians embodied many of the evils that we have seen in are time. So because of this the story of DS9 is much more interesting.In later seasons the Dominion war was focused on. Unfortunatly for The Federation. The Dominion made many alies like The Cardassians, Breen and much smaller allies the karemma. The Breen played a vital role as they had weapons that the Federation had no defence of. But defeat after defeat. The federation found itself in a good position to end the war with one last battle to the main Dominion planet.But i wont give away all the stroy. Lets just say the good guys won in the end.
  • I have heard many say that DS9 is the worst Star Trek or mocking the fact that DS9 is about a space station, not about a spaceship like all the Enterprise series and Voyager. Do not let that confuse you, DS9 is no doubt the best Star Trek.

    Deep Space 9 is a space station close to a wormhole that leads to the Gamma quadrant. The Gamma quadrant contains many interesting species and some of them will be major enemies of the Federation.

    What I appreciate most about DS9 is the long arcs. Some arcs range from the first season to the last, although the major war arcs begin when Worf joins the series in the 4th season. Then the show really starts to shine.

    DS9 is good from the beginning, but in the later seasons it's excellent. There are many long arcs that are unfamiliar territory for Star Trek. That said, the long arcs of DS9 work perfectly.

    The characters and the cast of different Star Trek series is always an important part of the whole. Deep Space 9 doesn't disappoint in that regard, the characters and the cast is magnificent. The commander of the station, Sisko, is very nicely played by Avery Brooks. Although I love the captains of all other Star Trek series, I must say that Sisko is my favorite. He's just incredible.

    The magnificence of the characters doesn't end there, not by a long shot. There is Odo, intriguing shape-shifting creature. Of course there is our favorite Ferengi, Quark. Also some of the best smaller roles ever, the cardassian Garak for instance. I could go on with this list forever, but it's safe to say that the characters and the cast of DS9 are brilliant.

    Deep Space 9 is all the things that are good about Star Trek. It has adventure and exploration (provided by Gamma quadrant), excellent drama and the characters have good chemistry. DS9 also includes long arcs with excellent plotlines and battles that are the boldest and biggest of any Star Trek series. Humor is also not forgotten, there's a decent amount of that too.

    Also if you miss the "exploring and fighting in space with a huge spaceship" feeling, then you will not be disappointed. When the huge war arcs of DS9 begin, the station will also get a ship which is commanded by Captain Sisko. The ship is Defiant class and the name is also Defiant.

    I recommend this show to anyone and everyone who likes Star Trek and SciFi in general. This is an excellent series, something no SciFi fan should miss.
  • Started out slow but ended great.

    This series of Star Trek didn't interest me at first. It started off very slow and the story line didn't seem to really be going anywhere. As the seasons progressed I saw the story start to form and make sense. The shows all started to come together. The first two seasons were somewhat a bore, but you need to get through them to get to the rest of the seasons and the finally. If you didn't watch it because the first episodes and seasons weren't good give it a chance and you will love the show by the end.
  • This was my favorite Star Trek series.

    I think that this show produced some of the finest hours TV has ever seen. I love this show. It was a different take on the Star Trek world and had a continuous story line in the later seasons with the Dominion.

    As is normal with Star Trek, it had great acting. It is a shame today that networks just have new shows every season just to get some ratings not even caring about the quality of the actors. That is why Star Trek is always a good bet because it has good actors. (Let's ignore Enterprise though.)

    The stories were always great and I'm glad to see that Star Trek will be one show that will never lose its charm. I tip my hats to the people who helped make Star Trek such a great series.
  • D.S.9 what a wonderful and colourful show. It had it's ups it's downs and everything in betweeen!

    Star Trek D.S.9 was brilliantly written, directed and the actors did a magnificent job of playing their parts.
    Where else can you find romanc, war and every emotion placed into one science fiction show. Sure previous Star Trek shows were great but this show really took the cake as far as I was concerned.
    I wish they hadn't ended it but where else would the or could they have taken the crew?
    Just thinking back to watching the show makes me smile and remember things that never really happened but were wonderful to imagine that they did.
    Fab show for sure. Really worth a watch if you ever happen to catch it on T.V
  • A thought out show, but it has a hard-to-get-into plot.

    DS9 is a great show, because of the characters, esp. Quark. The Dominion makes a good enemy, while the Cardassians are somewhat threatening. Personally I can't get into the whole "spiritualness" of the show involving the Bajoran culture. It seems to take away from the Star Trek environment. Otherwise, it is a great show, too bad it was canceled.
  • Saying goodbye to DS9 was bittersweet.

    I didn't watch the first few seasons. I did start to watch it a lot when Voyager died off.

    The Dominion War lasted forever and it was the best thing that ever happened on DS9. I liked how they took characters from Enterprise and put them on there...Warf and O'Brian. I don't like how that Dax person decided she didn't want to be on the show and quit a year before it was actually over.

    Odo and Quark(sp?) what a pair...and that episode they had by themselves..hahaha.

    The last episode of DS9 is one of my favorites (besides the wonderful episode with the tribbles) because it tied everything up. There were no questions about what occurred and there sure was not a dry eye when watching Odo say goodbye.

    Star Trek is the only show that actually makes me sad when they leave the TV. I don't know what it is. I guess it has something to do with comfort...I've had a Star Trek show to watch every single year I started watching TV.

    Star Trek shows are wrapped in so much hope that when I watch it, it was never depressing no matter how much trouble the characters were in...there was always hope of a good ending. Star Trek is just magical and it's disappointing it isn't on the air in some form.
  • The best startek series

    I thought this was the best startrek series. It had the best action, espically toward the end of the series. Unlike the other startrek series, this had more action. Even though they took it to far with all the bajoran mumbo jumbo crap. And how sisko had to be the damn chosen one. But other than that it was great. The other startrek series, it was to happy go lucky crap and not enough action. So, when they bring back the series it needs more action, darker. They need to take ques from BSG.
  • Space, the deep space 9 station. greatest story line of any star trek to date

    This was a great series. mind it had its moments of just bad concepts of episodes. but overall, who cannot like this series?
    Deep space Nine had the best long running story line of any star trek to date. Voyager was ok, but i feel that voyager isn't up to par.

    each season the story unfolds for the emisary. who ends up saving the universe, at least a planet, from destruction. Whlst a short series. also an impactful one at that. it even delt with every day issues of dealing with family, tradidions, friends, co-workers, and races you dont like really.

    its been a while since its been shown or seen, but is now being offered in dvd box sets. its the series that will captivate people, not just the episodes themselves.
  • startrek space station

    one of my favcourate scifi shows of all time. it is definately a classic. i wish it lasted longer. a very original show. darker than previous star trek shows. i felt the stories were very touching. made me wish i was there. i give this show at least two thumbs up.
  • I LOVED ST:DS9, kinda' got away from it, but then fell back in LOVE, LOVE, LOVE with it in re-runs.

    I became too impatient to see where DS9's storylines were heading, so I got out of it a season or two after Worf (Michael Dorn) joined the cast.

    In syndication, I rearranged my work schedule last year, or the year before, just so I could watch the series from Episode One to Series Finale... after I had caught the tail-end of the last four episodes on Spike TV. I LOVE it when shows are played in proper sequence. I LOVE IT! In fact, there should be a law against playing shows out of sequence... ST:DS9 FOREVER!!!
  • A gem among gems.

    The best serialized sci-fi show, ever. The most human, the most realistic, the most analogous to US. No other trek series dealt so deftly with the complexities of eking out existence with those who are (gasp!) different than us - or for that matter, the complexities of finding peace within ourselves. This is the reason it never found a wide fan base. It's too real, too like Vonnegut or Bradbury or Alan Moore.

    Star Trek:TOS started the journey and TNG continued the voyage, but both lacked any long-term effects on either the characters or the universe. Voyager, on the other hand, was a dismal reaction against the grit of DS9.

    DS9 is the gem among gems.

  • No Enterprise here. Just a bycycle tire in the sky.

    In many ways DS9 was the best of the all series. The humans (Sisko, O'Brien maybe not Bashir) were not the ultra perfectionists that graduated at the top of their class. This crew didn't have an air about them and were more down to earth (pardon the pun). Sisko's "Saints in Paradise"** was the most profound thing I had ever heard "Star Trek" program. This show is deeper grittier and relatable then the other shows.

    DS9 had episodes that were so prophetic it is almost scary. Subjects like war, terrorism, internal security were all dealt with continually. Hard to believe that this was a show was written pre 9/11 (off the air in 1999). Truly was ahead of it's time.

    ** "On Earth there is no poverty, no crime, no war. You look out the window of Starfleet Headquarters and you see Paradise. Well, it's easy to be a saint in Paradise, but the Maquis do not live in Paradise. Out there in the demilitarized zone, all the problems haven't been solved yet. Out there, there are no saints — just people. Angry, scared, determined people who are going to do whatever it takes to survive, whether it meets with Federation approval or not!"
    - Commander Sisko, on Nechayev's suggestion that he "establish a dialogue" with the Maquis
  • Still my all-time favorite, next to the original series

    Even years after it ended, I'm still amazed at how few people "get" Deep Space Nine. I was there when it all started, and I admit, it took me awhile to warm up to the characters and situation. But DS9, much like Babylon 5, is a show that rewards viewers for sticking around. Whether it was intentional or not, it certainly plays as the most well thought-out of the Trek series. Events from the first episode resonate throughout its seven-season run. Characters sometimes change sides. They fall in love (just imagine Geordi or Capt. Picard or any of the TNG crew falling in love for more than a single episode). They make sacrifices, and even die.

    DS9 was also easily the most unpretentious Trek show. The awesomely overrated TNG started the lazy trend of "technobabble", in which major plot contrivances would be explained by some questionable (and boring) scientific explanation. This unfortunately spilled over into Voyager and Enterprise. But Deep Space Nine felt more REAL than any of those starships. It was often funny, very human, and peopled with interesting characters.

    The show currently airs twice a day, 5 days a week on Spike. I hope that viewers who dismissed the show in the past, or lost interest, will give it another try.
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